Rings: The Truth is Revealed – Chapter 10

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I am glad I am getting comments from people I really appreciate it!!! Sorry if it takes me a long time to get chapters up but I am juggling two other stories. One of them I will be posting when I am done with this one. Please, tell me what you think of a slave elf story, that is the next one. Thanks for reading!!!

Davia could tell that hours had passed since she had fainted. No matter how hard she tried she could not wake up. She heard Legolas’s voice in the distance but could not reach it. The princess heard Legolas and Gimli talking. They were talking about her. Then she heard another voice, one that was dark and wicked. Orcs had found their way into the caves. Davia felt herself being picked up and carried off. She knew that the others had been taken too.

Screams, screams all around her. Davia tried to escape from them but found it impossible. She felt a cold hand on her brow. The long, slender fingers stroked her hair over and over. Davia could tell it was Legolas. “Davia, you have to wake up.” He muttered. “Oh, Legolas! If only you knew that I wanted to answer you.” She thought. Soon Davia fell into a silent sleep.

Davia awoke with a start. When she tried to move she felt shackles on her wrists. “Chained to a wall like an animal.” Davia muttered as her eyes adjusted to the pitch black. “Davia?” a voice called out from beside her. “Legolas?” “Oh Davia thank Varda you are awake!” He cried from the darkness. Davia reached her hand out as far as she could. Her hand came to rest upon his shoulder. She felt him reach down and take her hand softly. “Davia what happened?” “It is very difficult to explain.” “Try.” Legolas said tenderly “Since I can read minds, people who can also read minds, can read mine freely.” “So?” Legolas interrupted. “Sauron was in my head.” “But what about Arwen and the twins?” “They are the same as me. I am a witch, Legolas. All my siblings are too.” “How?” Legolas asked, astounded. “I have a ring on my left hand which gives me the powers to do what ever I want. Like the fireball in the caves, or healing myself. I can even bring people back from the dead, like I did for Fearoh.” “Then why didn’t you do it for my sister.” He cried. “I tried. There are just some people I cannot bring back or believe me I would bring my mother back in an instant.” Davia whispered. She heard Legolas move. Davia felt his hand on her cheek. “I’m sorry I yelled.” He apologized.

Legolas groaned in pain. “Legolas are you alright?” “Yes.” Davia heard chains rattle then were still. She could hear Legolas’s uneven breathing next to her. Slowly his head slipped onto her shoulder. “Poor Legolas. I wish I could tell what was wrong with him.” Davia thought sadly.

Movement from the other side of the room caught her attention. “Davia?” “Pippin?” “Yes ma’am. Merry, Sam, and Aragorn are with me. Aragorn’s unconscious, though.” “Where are we?” asked Davia. “You don’t want to know.” “Yes I do.” “No you don’t” cried Sam. “Just tell me.” “Well, we’re still in the Gay Havens for sure. We might be in Angbad, I think.” Related Merry. Davia shuddered. “Angbad, the halls of torture. That is impossible. It is probably a place like it.” “Davia?” “Yes, Merry?” “Elves have good voices. Sing something.” Davia smiled. “All right. What do you want me to sing?” “Something we can understand and then something in Elvish.” “Ok. What kind of music to you like” “Any thing will go to make us laugh.” Muttered Pippin. “Hm, something to make you laugh? That will be hard.” Davia joked. “Not really.” Muttered Legolas as he awoke from his sleep. “Would you mind if it was fast? `Cause I know one that is fast but is also hilarious.” “Fast is good.” “Is any one going to ask me?” asked Aragorn. “We thought you were asleep.” Davia laughed. “Well I’m not. I agree with the hobbits, though. Fast and funny is good. Might cheer us up a little.” “Ok here we go. Don’t make fun of me when I sing this. I haven’t sung it in a long time.” “If we do, it will be at the song. Ok?” “Ok.” Davia giggled. She felt Legolas’s hand on hers. “Please be funny.” He joked. Davia thought for a minute and than began her song.

Don’t say that you’re in love with me listen to what I say
You’re too young to come with me, I must be on me way
Stop your silly crying now how can I make you see
That I’m a gypsy rover and you’ll not come with me

Go home girl, go home, go home!

Well I met you at the market when your mam was not with you
You liked me long brown ringlets and me handkerchief of blue
And although I’m very fond of you, you asked me home for tea
But I’m a gypsy rover love and you’ll not come with me

Go hone girl, go home, go home!

And your brother is a peeler and would lock me up in the jail
If he knew I was a poacher and I hunt your lord’s best quail
Well your daddy is a gentleman, your mammy just as grand
But I’m a gypsy rover love and I’ll not be your man

Go home girl, go home, go home

Well the hours drawing on my love your mam’s expecting thee
Don’t tell her that you met me here or I’m a gypsy free
Let’s get off me jacket now, your love will have to wait
For I am twenty-two years old and you, you’re only eight!

Go home girl, go home, go home.

When Davia finished her song everyone in the room was laughing. “Where did you learn that?” asked Aragorn on the verge of tears. “Bilbo, who else?” giggled Davia. “Of course. We should’ve guessed.” Laughed Pippin, hysterically. “What is the elvish one?” asked Sam. “It is called The Missing. I wrote this one myself so don’t laugh.” Davia replied.

Heo nadfre wacode daegred
To bisig mid daegeweormcum
Ac oft heo wacode sunnanwanung
Thonne nihtciele creap geond moras
Asan on thaere hwile
Heo dreag tha losinga
Ealra thinga the heo forleas
Heo swa oft dreag hire sawle sincende
Heo ne cuthe hire heortan lust

“Whoa! That was wonderful!” cried Aragorn. “Thanks” Davia replied modestly. “What does it mean?” asked Pippin with much curiosity and enthusiasm. “In the Common Tongue it goes:

She never watched
The morning rising,
Too busy with the
Day’s first chores
But oft she would watch
The suns fading
As the cold of night crept
Across the moors
And in that moment
She felt the loss
Of everything that
Had been missed
So used to feeling
The spirit sink
She had not felt
Her own hearts wish.

Davia heard sniffing from the other side of the room “Beautiful” commented Sam. “Thanks.” Davia laughed. “Voice of an angel.” Muttered Merry.” Davia laughed at the compliment, “Voice of one maybe but not the behavior.” Aragorn snickered at Davia’s remark, “Very true… Ouch!” Davia kicked a rock at him.

A key turned in a lock and the heavy iron door was shoved open. In stepped a tall, black haired, evil looking elf. Legolas lunged on his chains as he tried to reach him. “I see you remember me.” He laughed wickedly. “Legolas, who is he?” asked a very worried Aragorn. “My fiancée.” Davia answered maliciously. “Fiancée?” squeaked Pippin. “Regretfully, yes.” “Now, now, be nice.” Joked the elf. “Didn’t I kill you!” raged Legolas. “Almost. But, thanks to Saruman, I survived.” “I curse the day we met!” Davia screamed. “Why did you call me your fiancée? We are married.” “Not quite.” The elf, seething with rage, grabbed Davia’s shoulder. “You will love me yet!” he cried. Delerion stormed out of the room and slammed the door with a bang.

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