Rings: The Fellowship Continues – This is the second part of my Rings Trilogy. The first one is Rings: The Truth is Revealed!

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When they arrived home Elrond called everyone together for a council meeting. “Ok, here we go again.” Elrond began. The group smirked at the thought that they had done that almost twenty-one years before. “Well, the original Fellowship is going to…endure…what they had to twenty-one years ago. Gandalf will not be going. We need him here to talk care of Saruman.” “Um, Lord Elrond, um, didn’t they take care of him?” interrupted Pippin. “They didn’t kill him but they did give him a beating. So, if there are no objections I think everyone should be leaving as soon as possible.” The Fellowship shook their heads. The council was dismissed and they went to get their weapons.

They were standing by the entrance waiting on Aragorn when Elladen and Elrohir walked up trying to control their laughter. “Arwen is crying her eyes out. Aragorn wants you to go on without him and he will catch up when he can.” “Sure.” Davia smiled. The twins walked off muttering to themselves about their sister. “Let’s go, boys.” She laughed as they snuck out the door. “Now where?” “Follow me.” Davia stated and ran to a grove of trees. They traveled for a few hours before they halted to await Aragorn.

Aragorn ran into the camp just as the sun was starting to sink. “What took so long?” Davia giggled. “Well, you know. Arwen was begging me not to go. She wouldn’t stop crying! Argh! I never thought she would stop!” “You sound agitated.” Legolas smiled innocently. “I am not laughing, Legolas.” Aragorn growled and pretended to strangle him. “Boys. Boys, calm down! We can act like this for a while but we will have to stop once we leave the Gray Havens. Remember what happened last time. This time it is going to be twice as bad.” Davia commented. Frodo, who was reclining against a tree, stood up straight, rolled his eyes back into his head, and collapsed on the ground. “Argh! Not again!” he cried. The camp broke into laughter as he curled up and whimpered like a puppy. “I’m serious!” he cried. “You? Serious? Yeah right!” Boromir chortled and swatted Frodo on the shoulder. “Hey, watch it there, big guy!” Frodo punched him back. Soon all four hobbits and Boromir were rolling around on the ground. Davia leaned toward Legolas and giggled, “What are we going to do with them?” “Like I know!” he answered “Maybe we should tie them each to a tree and see how much they like that. We could just leave four of them to the orcs and take Frodo with us. Yes, that is a good idea.” He remarked more to himself than to her. “Frodo wouldn’t go with out them.” Davia pointed out. “True but if we kidnapped him.” Frodo untangled himself out of the fighting mess and walked over to Legolas. “Trust me, you would have a lot on your hands if you tried to kidnap me!” he laughed and plopped down next to Aragorn to nurse his cuts and bruises.



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