Rings- The Fellowship Continues – Chapther 11

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Hope ya liked Moria. Be prepared for a few surprises in the up coming chapters!!! But don’t kill me for them!


They made it to the old bridge. “Wasn’t it destroyed?” “Yes, but it must have been rebuilt.” Aragorn replied and ran across. The rest of the Fellowship followed as fast as they could. “At least there is no Balrog.” Davia sighed as they sighted a door that led to the outside. “Yes.” Agreed Legolas weakly. “Are you going to be able to make it to Lorien?” “I think so.” Legolas smiled. Davia looked at him worriedly, he was stumbling slightly and his words were slurred. Legolas tripped but Davia held him up. “Come on. Just a few more steps.” “I’m trying.” He mumbled and pushed himself on.

Aragorn grabbed Legolas by the arm and dragged him out. The goblins stopped at the door. “We made it!” Davia sighed as she collapsed on a rock. Legolas sat down beside her and wearily laid his head on her shoulder. “I was not ready for that fight.” He sighed. “Neither was I.” Davia remarked. Legolas wrapped his arms around her waist and hugged her tight. Davia looked at him and smiled. Legolas leaned closer and kissed her gently. They drew apart when they heard snickering coming from where the others were sitting. “What’s so funny?” Davia asked as she glared at the onlookers. “Last time we were here Legolas was ready to push you back in the door. But now you two are in love!” smirked Aragorn. “It’s not any funnier than you marrying an elf!” Legolas laughed, “Especially someone like Arwen!” “Are you insulting me?” Aragorn asked. “Maybe.” Legolas smiled. Aragorn stormed over to where they were sitting. “Are you hungering for another fight?” Aragorn fumed as he drew his sword. Legolas looked at Davia pleadingly. The princess nodded and stood up. Davia drew her sword. “You fight him you fight me as well! Are you sure you want to continue?” Davia sneered. “How about we continue this in Lothlorien?” Frodo jumped in between them. “Why?” “Because orcs are coming out of Moria!” yelled Frodo and jumped behind Davia and Aragorn. “Move!” yelled Aragorn. Boromir pulled the Hobbits up and dashed down the hill.

Davia helped Legolas to his feet. “Can you make it?” she asked him worriedly. “If you help me.” He replied and clung to her weakly. “Aragorn!” Davia called to her brother-in-law. “What?” “There is no way Legolas is going to make it.” Davia sighed as Legolas leaned on her more. “Do the best you can. I will stay beside you just in case anything happens.” “Thank you.” Davia remarked as they made their way down the hill. At the bottom the rushed across the plains and made it to the woods of Lorien at nightfall. “How are you doing, Legolas?” Davia whispered in his ear as she helped him to a tree. “Tired.” He murmured. “I can understand that.” Davia smiled. Legolas laid his head in her lap and was soon asleep. “Davia?” Aragorn walked out of the dark. “Hey!” “How’s he doing?” “He’s very tired but he should be alright in the morning.” “That is good.” Aragorn paused and sat beside her. “Davia, what am I going to do when we get to Gondor?” “What do you mean?” “I was their king. What if they ask me to stay?” “Then you shall have to decide to living forever or staying here. If you decide to stay Elladen, Elrohir, and Haldir shall accompany your wife to Gondor.” “No, if I decide to stay. Tell her I have died. I want her to stay in Valinor.” “Aragorn. Arwen and I have never been close but you cannot ask me to do that. If you stay I shall tell her and she will decide what she wants to do.” Aragorn frowned and walked off. He felt drawn to his people but he wanted to be with his wife.

Hope ya liked it!


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