Rings: The Fellowship Continues – Chapter 9

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They had finally left Rivendell. Aragorn was at the lead with the rest following. “Next stop, Caradhras.” He laughed. Davia tired quickly but Boromir helped her along. She wished she could be with Legolas but with the bruised ribs he could not support her with out much pain. “Davia?” “Yes Boromir?” “Why does Celoril not like Legolas?” “I’m not sure.” “It’s strange how when we first arrived in Rivendel he helped Legolas but now only wants to cause him harm.” “I agree.” Davia sighed. “Celoril has always taken care of me. He was always more of a brother than a cousin. I can’t believe he is acting like this.” Boromir squeezed her shoulders in sympathy.

When they stopped for the night Legolas sat off from the rest. He had just fallen asleep leaning against a tree when he felt something being draped over him. He opened his eyes to see Davia covering him with a blanket. “Sit down here with me.” he whispered drowsily. She sat down carefully. “I don’t want to hurt you.” “You wont.” Legolas laughed. Davia laid her head on his shoulder. “How do you feel?” “I am tired and my shoulder is stiff but I shall be fine.” “Good.” Legolas kissed her forehead before he drifted off to sleep.

In the morning when Davia awoke Legolas was still asleep beside her but the rest of the camp was up. “Good morning.” Davia smiled as she walked over to them. “We thought you’d never wake up!” Growled Gimli. “Don’t tell me that! Tell Legolas he fell asleep before I did.” “Really?” Gimli looked at Aragorn and grinned. “Then shouldn’t we be waking him up?” Gimli walked up to the sleeping Elf. He drew his axe and swung it expertly above his head. It crashed into the tree not even an inch above Legolas’s head. The Elf prince let out a cry and jumped to his feet. Legolas grabbed Gimli’s neck and pretended to strangle him. “You shall die if you ever do that again.” He laughed and shoved the dwarf to the ground. Legolas walked over and sat next to Davia. “What are we going to do with you two? You’ll be fighting in Mordor and get us all killed!” Davia laughed. “Well, sorry!” Legolas laughed and put his arm around her shoulders.

A screech slashed through the air. “Nazgul!” Legolas screamed. “Get into the trees!” Aragorn shouted. Frodo stood rooted to the spot and looked up into the sky. Legolas grabbed his arm and hauled him into the trees. “I hate this.” Whimpered Frodo. “So do we.” Legolas wrapped his arm around Davia’s waist. They hunkered down in the grass and watched The Nine ride by. The last one stopped and turned toward their hiding place. “They know where we are!” Davia thought as he rode toward them. Suddenly water came up over the Fellowships’ heads and came crashing down upon the Nazgul. The Ringwraiths dashed away on their horses, screeching and swearing. “Glad I showed up?” a voice from behind the Fellowship made them jump. “Ulmo!” Davia laughed. “Life saver!” chuckled Boromir. “I thought you might need me!” he laughed and hugged Davia. “You must move on. They will be back.” “We are moving out now.” Replied Aragorn as he gathered up his pack.

They trudged on for hours before seeing the snow capped tops of the mountains. Legolas was walking beside Davia; he hadn’t let go of her hand since the incident with the Nazgul. “Legolas I wish you didn’t worry about me so much! I’m fine!” “I love you. It would kill me to loose you.” “Well, you aren’t going to loose me. I plan on staying alive for a long time!” Davia laughed and kissed his cheek. “I love you too!” Aragorn stopped and called back to Davia. “Come up here, please.” “Sure, Aragorn.” When Davia got up there he looked at her worriedly. “I sense something. Like we have to do the same thing all over again.” “You mean going through Moria?” “Yes.” “Oh no. I wish we didn’t have to do that.” “So do I.” “Should we head there now and avoid Caradhras?” “I was thinking about that. But now I am not so sure.” “I have a feeling that if we journey onto Caradhras we will never come down.” “Then we shall go to Moria. Tell the others.” Aragorn watched her stop and close her eyes. “We are going through Moria. Be prepared.” Davia’s voice was heard in their heads except Legolas. She wanted to tell him herself. The group grumbled a little but accepted it. “Davia what is it?” Legolas asked. “We are going through Moria again.” “No.” Legolas sighed. Davia smiled and laid her hand on his cheek. “It will be ok.” “I hope so.” He embraced her lovingly. He did not want to lose her again.


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