Rings: The Fellowship Continues – Chapter 8

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I know it has been awhile and I appologize. First my computer got a major virus and I coulding do anything with it. Then my step-grandfather died and my family had to take care of all that crud. So, here it is and I hope you think it was worth waiting for.


“Did you hear all that?” “Yes.” Legolas swung his fist around and bashed Celoril in the left eye. Celoril cried out in pain and Legolas ran to follow Davia.

Legolas saw her running through the trees up ahead of him. “She has strength when she wants it!” he thought. That thought quickly faded from his mind when he saw her collapse on the ground. She was still on the ground when he reached her. “Davia?” He whispered as he lifted her head off the ground. Her eyes were closed but she gasped for breath. “Davia can you hear me?” Legolas looked up at the stars. They were so beautiful. “But her beauty surpasses them.” He thought as he looked into her face. “Legolas. How did you find me?” “I was in the hallway when you ran out. It wasn’t hard to follow you.” Davia laughed and laid her hand on his cheek. “Celoril was wrong to say those things about you.” “Thanks for sticking up for me.” He smiled. “I heard Celoril cry out in pain. What happened?” “I gave him a black eye.” “You didn’t!” Davia laughed. “Now I am sorry I did.” “Don’t be he has needed some discipline for a long time.” Davia’s hand slipped from his face. “Go to sleep. I will carry you back to your room.” Davia was already asleep before he got her off the ground.

Aragorn saw Legolas walk out of the woods with a limp Davia in his arms. He rushed up to them. “Is she alright?” He panted. “She’s fine, only asleep.” “That is good.” “When do we leave in the morning?” “Dawn.” “We will be ready.” Legolas smiled and walked back to Davia’s room.

It was an hour before dawn when Davia felt someone kiss her forehead. She moaned and opened her eyes to see Legolas standing beside the bed. “You need to get up and get ready, we leave in an hour.” Davia sat up slowly. Legolas put his arm around her shoulders and helped her out of bed. She grabbed his hand for support. The prince sighed. She was always weak in the mornings but strengthened fast. “Davia are you going to be able to make it?” Davia smiled. “Yes. I will be fine as long as you are near.” She sighed and kissed his cheek. “Get ready I shall wait outside the door.” Davia nodded.

Davia stepped outside the door ten minutes later. She was dressed in her old clothes but with a different shirt. “Ready?” “Yes.” Legolas pulled her to him and kissed her. Celoril walked around the corner in time to see them kissing. He walked up and pulled them apart. “I never want to see that again!” he fumed as he backed Legolas into a corner. “Cel, please.” “Stay out of this, Ar.” He slammed his fist into Legolas’s stomach. The prince sent Celoril reeling backwards with a blow to the chin. Davia, too weak to help, stood there and watched it all. When the fight was over Legolas was laying on the ground with Celoril standing over him.

Suddenly Aragorn jumped out from nowhere and knocked Celoril to the ground. Before the bewildered elf could react Aragorn had his sword to his throat. “What did you beat him up for?” “I don’t want him breaking my cousin’s heart.” “I would never do that.” Legolas muttered as he pushed himself up off the floor. Davia walked over to him. She gently placed a wet rag to his bleeding lip. “Come on we got to take care of some of these cuts.” Davia and Legolas walked into her room.

Legolas cringed as Davia placed the rag on his lip again. “Davia I can take care of myself.” He muttered and took her hand. “Legolas, you took care of me. It’s my turn to take care of you.” Davia smiled. She ran her hand down his cheek. Legolas pulled away in pain. “Sorry.” “It’s ok.” Davia gently pushed his sleeve up on his arm to reveal a deep cut. “No wonder my arm hurt.” Legolas laughed and then cringed, his ribs were killing him. He wrapped his arm around his stomach and groaned. “Lay down.” Davia commanded and helped him to the bed. She gently unbuttoned his shirt and frowned when she saw the large bruises on his stomach. “I think we had better get Aragorn.” Davia sighed and walked toward the door. She opened it and called him in. When Aragorn saw the bruises he scowled in shock. He carefully ran his hand over Legolas’s ribs. After a few minutes he looked up with a smile. “Well, your ribs aren’t broken, just bruised. You are going to be sore for a while but you’ll live.” He laughed and walked out the door. Davia helped Legolas get up and button his shirt. When he was dressed they walked out the door. Celoril stared daggers at Legolas but said nothing.


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