Rings- The Fellowship Continues – Chapter 7

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Suddenly Davia awoke and sat bolt upright in bed. “Legolas!” she screamed. She collapsed when she felt his strong arms around her. “It’s all right. Sh, it’s all right.” Davia wrapped her good arm around his neck and held on tightly to his hair. Legolas heard Frodo and Boromir exit the room to give them some privacy. “Legolas, I saw you wounded again, like in the dungeon, but worse. Your hair was red with blood and your arm covered your face but you were soaked in blood. You were still alive but your life faded with the dream.” “As I told you before, don’t worry. I’m fine.” Davia looked up at him and her head lolled weakly back. “Davia?” Legolas laid her back down on the bed. She smiled up at him feebly. “Sorry. I guess I have no more energy.” “Do not be sorry. You are wounded.” Davia smiled. “Could you sit up a little more?” Legolas asked as he reached behind her. “I think so.” Davia grinned as Legolas gently pulled her into a reclined sitting position. He sat down in the chair and reached for the bowl of broth. “It’s time for you to eat something.” Davia accepted a few spoonfuls of broth but soon turned her head away. “Davia you must eat something.” “I am too weak.” “But this will make you stronger. Davia please!” Legolas bent and kissed her gently on the lips. “I hate it when you do that.” Legolas frowned. “Why?” “Because it makes me feel like agreeing to anything.” Legolas smiled and held out another spoonful of broth.

When Davia was done eating he laid her back down on the bed, being careful not to touch the wound. Davia gently moved to the side and motioned for him to sit beside her. “Legolas, you are weak yourself. Please.” Davia smiled. Legolas reclined beside her on the bed and toyed with her hair until she reached up and took his hand. “How long has it been since I was stabbed?” “Eight days of pure torture.” Legolas kissed her hand. He looked down at the wound on her shoulder and frowned. “I thought I’d lost you back there.” “For a moment there you did. But there is nothing to worry about any more.” “That I am glad for.” Legolas smiled and lay there until Davia fell asleep. Then he got up and moved to the chair. He eyed the food hungrily. “Frodo is right. I do have to keep up my strength. Though I would rather stay with her.” Legolas reached over and tore off a small piece of the roll.

Davia slept for several more hours before waking up to see Legolas slumped in the chair beside the bed. “I’m glad he is sleeping.” Davia smiled. She carefully pushed herself up on the pillow. Under the bandage Davia felt the wound tear slightly. A cry escaped her lips as she fell back down clutching her shoulder. Legolas jerked from his sleep and rushed to her side. “I’m alright.” Davia smiled. “Are you certain?” “I’m fine! Trust me!” Legolas looked at her and ran his hand down her chin. “Don’t scare me like that.” “Sorry.” Davia reached up with her good arm and pulled herself higher on the bed. She squinted her eyes as the sunlight poured onto her face. Legolas lifted his hand and blocked the light from her eyes. The voices of birds from all over Rivendel met their ears. “They are rejoicing for their princess is back.” Legolas’s smile faded when he saw her frown. “I am not their princess.” Legolas stood up slowly. “We shall see about that.” He gently lifted her into his arms. Legolas looked down at her and smiled. Celoril had changed her into a plain blue silk dress. It was slightly wrinkled but was still beautiful. He walked onto the balcony with Davia in his arms. It was surprisingly warm for November but Rivendel was always warm. They looked down at the courtyard below and saw the Hobbits relaxing in the sun. “Do you always lay around like this?” Legolas called down. They looked up and cheered when they saw Davia awake in his arms.

Aragorn, Boromir, Gimli, and Celoril rushed outside to see what the noise was about. “Sh! What are you trying to do wake the dead!” shouted Gimli. “You aren’t any quieter, Master Dwarf!” Legolas called down. They turned their heads up and saw Legolas standing there with Davia. “It’s about time!” yelled Boromir and then cowered away as Aragorn smacked the back of his head. “Be nice, Brother!” Davia called. Her voice was still shaky but strong. “Aren’t I always?” He joked. “Well, don’t just stand there! If she feels up to it bring her down!” Called Celoril. Legolas looked at Davia who smiled and nodded. “Be right down.” Legolas turned from the balcony and walked toward the door. “Legolas let me walk.” “You’re not ready!” “Legolas please! I’m not a baby.” Her voice cracked. “If you wish.” Legolas sighed as he went against his better judgment. When her feet touched the floor she swayed a little but recovered quickly. Legolas removed his arms from around her shoulders. Davia took a step and fell to the ground. “Davia!” Legolas whispered as he lifted her into his arms again. “I’m unhurt.” “Are you sure?” Davia lay her head on his shoulder, “Let’s just get downstairs.” “I don’t think we should. Are you sure you are up to it?” “Yes.” Davia sighed. Legolas opened the door with is foot before heading down to the rest of the Fellowship.
Davia smiled when they made it into the courtyard below. Merry and Pippin rushed forward but stopped before they reached the two Elves. “What? Don’t worry I’m not a ghost!” Davia laughed. That broke the spell and everyone walked up to where Legolas was standing. “Lay her over there.” Celoril pointed to a light blue divan. When she had been settled Aragorn asked Legolas to follow him. Legolas was loath to leave Davia’s side but after a little persuasion on Davia’s part he left.
Strong arms wrapped around the Princess’s neck; she felt someone press their lips to her temple. “We almost lost you there. Scared me half to death!” “Sorry about that, Boromir, if I had known how much you all missed me I would have gotten better sooner.” “Don’t worry about it.” Frodo laughed as he sat down at the foot of the divan.

As soon as Aragorn and Legolas were out of hearing range the King grabbed Legolas’s arm and spun him around. “Orcs are in Rivendel.” “What?” “Yes. We must leave as soon as we can. I will give Davia another two days to recover. If she is still weak we will support her the whole way. But I want to get to at least Caradhras before they sense we are gone.” “There is no way Davia will be up to speed within two days.” “Well then I guess you shall have to help her.” Aragorn smiled mysteriously. “Aragorn, I do not feel that we should be going on quite yet.” “Legolas, I am in charge.” “True, but when we reach Mordor you have orders to turn the command over to Davia! If she is too weak to take it then we are at a standstill.” “I know, Legolas. But they are Mordor orcs. If they get the Ring here all is lost.” “We will be ready in two days.” Legolas and Aragorn kept walking and devising plans for the journey.

Legolas laid a hand on Aragorn’s arm. “What is it my friend?” “I love her but I know she will never stop fighting. I want to protect her but I know Frodo must come first.” “No, Legolas. Protect her with your life. If we loose her, making our way through Mordor will be impossible. But, if you have to make a choice between Davia and Frodo, you must choose the Ring bearer.” “I know.” Legolas sighed. Aragorn put his arm about Legolas shoulder and gave him a friendly squeeze. “I doubt that will happen.” Legolas nodded but was still worried. There was still a chance that it could happen and he did not want to have to choose.

When Legolas and Aragorn walked back onto the balcony Frodo and Boromir were conversing in a corner and Davia was sound asleep on the divan. “Take her back to her room, Legolas.” The prince nodded and lifted her into his arms. Davia stirred but stayed asleep. He carefully, as not to wake her, walked up the stairs to her room. As he laid her on the bed her eyes opened and she smiled at him. “Go back to sleep.” “Stay with me.” Legolas nodded and lay down beside her. “Davia, orcs are in Rivendel. We must move on it two days. I begged Aragorn to stay longer but we cannot.” “I don’t think I will be able to do that.” “Then I will carry you.” “I cannot trouble you with that.” “I will help you. Sleep. You will need it.” Davia snuggled against his chest. She felt safe there, safer than she had ever felt before.

The two days past quickly, Davia was able to walk the length of her room before the help of Legolas was needed. Celoril fussed over her like she was a baby, but she did not mind. He had always done that. Aragorn was getting anxious. He wanted to move out as fast as he could.

The night before they were supposed to leave Legolas walked up to Davia’s door. He was about to open it but heard voices. “Davia no! You are not going!” “Of course I am, Celoril.” “Davia you are still weak.” “So, I will get stronger.” “Not the way you will be traveling.” “Cel, I will be fine! Legolas will take care of me.” “You rely on him too much and he will break your heart.” “Why do you say that?” “Are you sure he loves you?” “Yes.” “Don’t trust him, Ar (sounds like air). He is now the king of the Greenwood. If he marries you he will be ruler of all Elvendom except Mithlond which he could easily acquire.” “Celoril, Legolas would never do that. What would it matter, though? There are very few Elves in Mithlond. Lorien is practically deserted. We are the only ones here in Rivendel and Mirkwood will soon be empty.” “True but that a ruler is in Rivendel would bring some out of Valinor.” “There are none left to come out. We have been over run with orcs. My house is the only one left standing. The rest are in dungeons or dead! By destroying the Ring we will win that battle.” Davia shouted. Celoril grabbed her shoulders. “You are Arien Kaleniel, Queen of Lorien!” “That is not my name any more nor do I want to be queen.” “Do not try to escape from who you are.” “I already did! We have come from Valinor! I am not queen!” “You can be forced.” “By who?” Davia screamed, “I will cut them into shreds.” “Your father.” Davia froze. “My father?” “Yes. He always wished for Arwen to take on that responsibility but since she is married to that Human it was passed on to you.” Celoril spat hatefully “That title should be my mothers!” “She is dead!” “Don’t you think I know that? I watched her die! I was there. Believe me I have always wished it was me instead of her!” Davia turned and raced out the door. Legolas had just enough time to dart into the shadows. When Celoril started to follow her Legolas grabbed his arm. “Don’t you go near her!” he seethed. Celoril looked at him in surprise. “Did you hear all that?” “Yes.” Legolas swung his fist around and bashed Celoril in the left eye. Celoril cried out in pain and Legolas ran to follow Davia.


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