Rings- The Fellowship Continues – Chapter 6

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The ? things are very annoying. I just does that and I am mad. I do not do that. Torc does. Sorry if it makes it hard to read!

“Morgul blade.” She strained to say. “No.” Aragorn muttered. “Aragorn?” “Boromir there is nothing I can do for her. Her father is the only one who could heal her.” Davia shook her head slowly. “My cousin is still in Rivendel, my father taught him. He knows how.” “We’re a week from Rivendel.” “I can make it.” Davia smiled weakly. Aragorn bent and lifted Davia into his arms. “Get every one ready and then catch up with me!” “Right!” Boromir walked into the next room and gathered all the stuff together. When everything was packed he walked down the stairs and came back a few minutes later with a bucket of warm water. Boromir walked over to Legolas and pored it over his head. Legolas sat up in surprise and sputtered, “What the…! Davia!” he cried when he saw her sword lying on the floor. “She was stabbed, Aragorn is taking her to Rivendel. She says that her cousin can heal her. Hurry we must catch up with Aragorn.” Frodo walked into the room at that moment and smiled. “That will be quite hard.” “Why?” “He borrowed a horse from Butterbur so he can get there faster.” Boromir tossed the packs to Gimli and the Hobbits. He gently pulled Legolas to his feet and supported him there. A look of pain crossed Legolas face and he would have fallen to the ground if Boromir had not been there. “Legolas, I shall carry you if I have to but we are going to move on. Davia needs you, she wants you.” Legolas smiled faintly at Boromir’s comment. With much effort he pulled his face next to Boromir’s ear. “Get me there.” He whispered in a strained voice full of pain. Boromir laughed and supported Legolas out the door.

“Davia can you hear me?” Aragorn had stopped for a minute to rest his horse and he looked down at the girl in his arms. “Barely.” Davia whispered. “What is your cousin’s name?” “Celoril.” Davia murmured and drifted unconscious. Aragorn rode on for many hours before he saw the borders of Rivendel come into view. “Only a few more hours Davia, hold on.” He cried as Davia’s hand slipped from his arm. She was deathly white. Aragorn noticed that her breathing was becoming more and more uneven. A word escaped her lips though Aragorn could not understand it. Yet, he did not need to, he knew who she was calling for. “Davia hold on! Legolas will be here shortly!” he cried as he rode across the border.

Aragorn was about to give up hope of reaching Rivendel in time when an Elf stepped out from behind a ruined column of stone. “Halt.” “Is your name Celoril?” “Yes. Who are…?” “Your cousin needs help. She was stabbed by the Witch King almost a week ago.” “Give her to me!” he cried as he pulled Davia from Aragorn’s grasp. “If you have other companions wait here for them then come on.” “Of course.” Aragorn bowed and sat down to await his friends.

Davia looked up through mists and saw Celoril bending over her shoulder. “It is good to see you again, cousin.” He smiled. Davia did not respond she just stared blankly at him before dropping unconscious. “No! Davia hold on! I’m not going to loose you!” he cried and hurried back to his work on her shoulder.

Aragorn awoke to the sound of travelers coming towards him. “Ho Aragorn!” “Boromir!” He cried and jumped up to meet them. Legolas grabbed his arms. “Davia?” “He told me to wait for you here. I have not heard anything for hours.” “She lives and that is about all, I am afraid. Though, she calls for someone in her sleep. Do you know who Legolas is?” Celoril stepped around a pillar. “That is I.” Legolas stepped forward uneasily and clung to Aragorn’s arm for support. “Then come with me, I have a feeling only you can bring her back.” Legolas stepped forward slowly. Celoril held his hand out to him. Grateful for the support Legolas grabbed it. They slowly walked away into the dark of night.

The palace loomed up in front of Legolas. “This way.” Celoril led him through a maze of hallways into a small room. Davia lay on a small bed in the corner. Her face was covered in sweat and she shivered slightly when the cold air from outside brushed her body with its cooling breath. She was covered only with an old bearskin. There was no light except for a dying fire. “I have had no time to get more fire wood. You stay with her and I shall show your companions to their rooms.” “Thank you.” Legolas slowly walked to the other side of the room. Legolas blushed when he saw her shoulder exposed but knew she still had a shirt on. He practically collapsed on the bed beside her in tears. “Davia! Davia, answer me!” he cried into her neck. She stirred slightly at the sound of his voice but never awoke. “Davia, I love you! Please answer me! I would have been by your side sooner save for my blasted weakness. Don’t surrender to the Dark Lord! Do not let him conquer!” he whispered in her ear. Her eyes fluttered open and came to rest on Legolas sitting beside her. She tried to speak but no words would come out. “Sh, my love. Do not try to talk. Just rest.” Davia laid a hand on the bandage. “How do you feel?” he asked gently taking her hand in his. Davia found strength enough to utter a few words. “Better now that you are here.” Legolas brushed her forehead with his lips. “Do not ever leave me, Legolas.” “I won’t.” “Do you remember what you told me in Bree?” “Yes, and that shall always hold. I love you, Davia.” The princess pulled his head closer to hers. “And I love you.” She muttered before falling back into a fevered sleep.

Legolas sat in a chair by her bed all night. Celoril came in every few hours to check the bandage. One time the door opened only an hour after Celoril left. “It is alright, Celoril, she is doing fine.” “Legolas?” “Oh Boromir come in!” he smiled thinly and turned his attention back to Davia. “You love her.” Legolas nodded. “Don’t ever give up hope on her Legolas. She is stronger than you think.” “I am not giving up hope Boromir, I just feel like she is going to leave me.” “If she does it will not be by her own will.” Frodo remarked as he walked in the door with some food. “This is for her when she awakes,” he pointed to the broth, “and this is for you.” He pointed to the wine and small piece of meat. Legolas thanked Frodo for the food but ignored it completely. “Legolas, please you must eat. If you think you are going to help Davia you must keep your strength up.” Legolas sighed and shook his head. “Legolas, before Aragorn and Boromir came into the room after she was stabbed she told me some thing with her mind. Do you know what she said to me? She said `Frodo, keep him alive. No matter what you have to do to him, keep him alive. Even if I survive this my life will mean nothing if he is not with me.’ See! She would want you to keep going. This isn’t going to kill her. It didn’t kill me and it certainly won’t kill her!” Frodo stated stoutly. Legolas did not see the look that went between Boromir and Frodo.
Suddenly Davia awoke and sat bolt upright in bed. “Legolas!”

Oh another cliffhanger!!! I love doing this to you!!! HEEHEE!!!! Hope you enjoy this story! It is far from over!!!



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