Rings- The Fellowship Continues – Chapter 5

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A few minutes later Aragorn came crashing in the room. “Merry told me. Listen. Frodo and the Hobbits are going to be in here with you two. Gimli will be right outside the door. Boromir and I are going down stairs to watch them. If they get up the stairs Gimli will let ya know. Davia, no matter what you do, keep Frodo away from them!” “Alright. Be careful!” Davia called after him. Aragorn turned and nodded. “Good luck, Princess.” Boromir called as he descended the stairs. Davia turned and walked back in the room. She heard Gimli take his position outside. “Davia, do you think they will make it up here?” “I hope not!” Davia answered hesitantly.

A loud crash echoed from down stairs. “Oh great here we go!” Thought Davia. “Frodo! Get back against the wall!” “I can fight!” “Not with the Ring!” Davia screamed as Gimli burst through the door and slammed it behind him. “They’re down stairs.” Davia smiled wickedly. “Legolas, could you use a bow?” “I think so.” “Good!” Davia laughed. A flame leapt from her open palm into the air and came to rest beside Legolas. “Whoa! Flamin’ arrows!!! Perfect!!!” Legolas cried as Pippin tossed him his bow and arrows.

A black-cloaked figure crashed through the door. “Give us the Halfling!” its menacing voice echoed through the room. Davia’s sword was against his in a second. “If you want him come and claim him!” Davia cried as she blocked a blow aimed for her head.

Downstairs Aragorn and Boromir were battling the other eight. Aragorn was able to light several on fire before being thrown against the wall. Boromir sliced his way toward his friend. “Aragorn! Aragorn wake up!” Boromir slapped Aragorn’s face and ran off to stop another one from getting up the stairs. Some of the other Men at the tavern threw things at the Nazgul but to no avail. Boromir had chased the last one out the door when he noticed Aragorn had still not gotten up off the floor. “Aragorn?” he gently lifted the man’s head and held a cup of strong wine to his lips. “Ugh! Boromir?” “I’m right here.” Boromir replied as he held a rag to the man’s bleeding arm. Aragorn pulled himself into a sitting position. “I can’t see straight.” “You had a nasty blow to the head, that is probably why. Can you walk?” “Not without your help.” By now all the men had crowded around Aragorn. Boromir wrapped his arm around Aragorn and pulled him up. He fell against Boromir but regained his balance quickly. Merry came rushing down the stairs and almost collided with Boromir and Aragorn. “Davia has been hurt!” he informed them. Aragorn sighed. “Boromir I can’t do anything right now.” “I know. Tell me what to do and I shall do it as best I can.” “Get me upstairs.” As they were walking up the stairs Aragorn whispered something in Elvish, “Varda, daer hanon da tin ley.” (Varda give me strength) His vision cleared and he felt strength run into his muscles again.

When they entered the room Davia was lying on the ground with Gimli cradling her head and Frodo holding her hand. Legolas lay exhausted on the bed. “Aragorn, she’s been stabbed.” Gimli murmured as Davia turned her head toward the door. “Morgul blade.” She strained to say.

Like the cliffie? THought you would. This is the third time I have posted and it has never come up. It bugs me! Oh well. Want more? Review first!!!!



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