Rings- The Fellowship Continues – Chapter 21

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Ok, I am pretty sure this is gonna suck but, sorry. The rest of the story will make up for it!

They walked up the stairs and threw open the door. “Lord Aragorn and company is here.” Haleth announce proudly. “What?” the man on the thrown cried and threw himself out of the chair and into Aragorn’s arms. “Well, well. Hello Liran! So, your father made you king? I knew Eomer was crazy but I didn’t know he was that bad.” Aragorn joked. “Ouch! That hurt!” retorted Liran. They company broke into peals of laughter as Liran wrapped his arm around Aragorn’s shoulders. “What are you doing here?” “Well, we are on the way to destroy the Ring, again.” “I won’t ask any questions because I probably don’t want to know.” “You’re right there.” Sighed Frodo. “Yes, well. How long will you be staying here?” “Only a night. The sooner we get done with this the better.” Aragorn replied. “Ah. Ered, show these men to their rooms. Ivilina, take this beautiful lady to hers.” He gently kissed Davia’s hand and walked off. Davia turned to look at Legolas; he was fuming and clenching his fists in anger. “Calm down.” She giggled as Ivilina led her to her room.

The Fellowship stayed there for the night but left early in the morning. “See, you worried over nothing.” Legolas reassured her as the gates passed out of sight. “I guess you are right.” Suddenly Boromir, who had been lagging behind, screamed in agony. When the Fellowship turned they saw him bent double in pain. “Boromir! What’s wrong?” Frodo and Davia ran to his side. The man of Gondor collapsed against Davia weakly. Aragorn rushed up to them and looked at Boromir in earnest. “He’s been poisoned Lets get him to those trees up ahead.” Aragorn commanded and grabbed Boromir’s arms. Frodo bent and lifted his feet. Boromir groaned in agony. It felt like a fire was tearing through his stomach. “Boromir, tell me, did you eat anything that we did not?” “Not that I know of.” He gasped as the pain increased. “Um… Aragorn?” “Yes, Pippin.” “Boromir and I were the only ones that ate that candied fruit stuff.” Pippin look worried. “Don’t worry, Pip. You eat so much nothing could hurt you.” Laughed Gimli. “Thanks for the comfort.” He sighed. “Davia, can a talk to you for a minute?” “Sure, Aragorn.” They walked behind a tree. Aragorn grabbed her shoulders and pushed her against the tree. “That is a deadly poison he ingested. Can you do anything about it?” “Aye, I think so. Though, I am not sure.” “Try.” Aragorn’s voice was full of confidence. They walked back around the tree. Davia knelt next Boromir’s prostrate form. She laid her hand on his stomach and closed her eyes. After a few minutes vines made of red light grew around her arm. Legolas almost ran forward but Frodo stood himself in front of him. “Thanks.” Whispered Legolas. Soon Boromir’s pain subsided. Davia’s eyes opened and she smiled down at him. “Thanks, Princess.” Boromir squeezed her hand gently. Davia laughed. Frodo and Boromir had nicknamed her `Princess’. Even though she hated it Davia was glad that they liked her enough to annoy her like that.
As soon as Boromir was able to move on, that took about half an hour, they continued. “Davia, how long would it take to get through Mordor?” “Well, the longest would be…Hm, probably four months. It would only take me about six weeks to get you all through, if things go right and no one gets hurt.” “Good, if you guys don’t mind can we skip Gondor?” he looked hopefully at the company. They agreed and they steered south, to Mordor.

Several weeks later they were three miles away from the black gate. They were camping without a fire and the Hobbits were complaining. Boromir had tried to ignore it all but it was starting to get to him. “I don’t wanna do this!” whined Frodo. “Oh shut it!” grumbled Boromir and shoved him sideways. “We know you don’t want to do this! Neither do we!” Davia smiled at the two of them fighting. “Davia?” she heard a gentle whisper in her ear. “Hm?” “Are we going in the way Frodo talked about?” “‘Fraid so! It’s the only way. Unless you want to go in the black gate.” “Well, lets go the other way.” Legolas wrapped his arms around her tenderly. “Just promise me you will be careful.” “I will.” She smiled slightly. Aragorn walked up to them and cast himself on the ground beside them. “Tired?” “You don’t know the half of it, Davia.” Aragorn moaned. “You miss her don’t you?” Davia smiled. “Very much, I hope we get through this.” “So does every body else.” Davia smiled and looked back at Legolas.

The days past and they carefully wound their way through The Dead Marshes and through Shelob’s Lair. As it happened it was six months before they were at the base of Mount Doom. (Sorry I am not going into detail but I am letting you imagine it for yourselves. I am terrible at writing battles so lets just say they are covered in blood and weak.) Finally they stood over the gigantic crater. “Go on, Frodo.” Aragorn rested his blood stained hand on Frodo’s shoulder. The Hobbit drew the Ring out of his pocket and threw it into the pool of lava. “It is done.” Frodo sighed and wrapped his arm around Sam’s shoulders. “Now let’s head home.” Gimli spoke. “Aye, let’s.” Pippin agreed as they rushed down the side of the Mountain.

Told ya it sucked. Now, before you start throwing things at me, wait for the next couple chapters. I am BEGGING YOU!!!!! Thanks



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