Rings- The Fellowship Continues – Chapter 20

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I hope you guys like this chapter.

It was late at night a week later that they reached the border of Rohan. “Why did this have to happen to me!” Frodo groaned as they stopped for the night. “You are easy to torture, that’s why!” Davia laughed. She fell silent when Frodo threw his pack in her face and dove onto her stomach. They wrestled for a few minutes before Davia pinned him to the ground. “Give up?” “Never.” He cried and kicked her in the ribs. She fell back coughing and laughing. “Touché!” she laughed, her hands up in defeat. Frodo pulled her to her feet and smiled. “That is the first time I have ever beaten you! I like it!” “I never said I was giving up.” Davia held her hand up to show that her fingers were crossed. “Cheater!” Frodo screamed. Davia punched him in the stomach and sat down beside Legolas. “When will he ever learn.” She giggled as Frodo’s face turned red with anger. “I’m just kidding!” She laughed and walked over to where he stood fuming. Davia put her arm around his shoulders and squeezed him gently. “Ya love me and ya know it!” “Sure about that?” Frodo frowned. Davia put on a hurt face and shuffled away. Frodo dashed after her and spun her around. “Oh stop!” he laughed. “Stop what?” she asked innocently. The camp burst into laughter at the two of them fighting about nothing. “Ok you two can stop now! I think it is time for all of us to get some sleep. Legolas take first watch. I’ll relieve you in two hours.” Aragorn commanded. “Right.” Legolas climbed up onto a rock so he could survey the entire camp.

Legolas had been on duty for half an hour when he felt a gentle hand on his shoulder. Without turning around he remarked. “Go to sleep, Davia. I am still on watch.” “I couldn’t sleep.” She sat down next to him. Legolas put his arm around her waist and rested her head on his shoulder. Davia sighed and wrapped her arms around him. “Something is bothering you, Davia. What is it?” Legolas kissed the top of her head and smiled down at her. “I have this dread that if we go into Edoras we will never come out alive.” “I don’t understand.” “Neither do I.” Davia yawned. “Get some sleep” He laid her head in his lap. “Goodnight, my love.” He whispered in her ear but she was already asleep. They were like that until Aragorn came to relieve them. “How sweet!” he laughed as Legolas lifted Davia into his arms. “Oh quit!” he whispered as he jumped down from the boulder. The prince walked over to where he and Davia had laid their stuff. He laid her down on the blanket and then sat beside her. Legolas watched her sleep for a few minutes before resting his head on his arm on the ground.

In the morning the camp awoke to a loud rumble. They looked up at the sky as the clouds burst and they were drenched with rain. “Now this puts a damper on things.” Davia sighed and pulled her hood over her head. The company agreed and they trudged on to Edoras. “I hate rain.” Grumbled Pippin. “But rain makes things grow.” Sam argued. They continued arguing until Boromir stood between them and told them to hush or they were going to be in big trouble.

The city loomed above them. Riders dashed out of the gate. When they reached the company the riders pointed their swords at their throats. “Halt. You may not enter!” “We are friends, we fought with King Theoden in the War of the Ring.” Legolas argued with the man. “Theoden is dead.” “Yes. But we are friends also of Eomer.” “He disappeared almost six months ago.” “Aye! He came to the Gray Havens. He is there with his sister and her husband.” “How can we believe you?” He poked Legolas in the shoulder with his spear. Aragorn stepped forward and drew his sword. “I am Aragorn, son of Arathorn, Kink of Gondor.” The men dropped their swords and backed their horses away. “Aragorn? You left Gondor before he left here.” “Will you believe us?” The men sat on their horses for a minute trying to decide whether to believe them or not. “Believe them! They are friends.” A young man called from the gate. The men nodded to the company and allowed them to pass.

The young man walked up to the Fellowship and smiled. “Lord Aragorn, you probably don’t remember me but we talked for a few minutes before the battle for Helms Deep. My name is Haleth son of Hama.” Aragorn paused for a moment and smiled. “Aye, I remember you. Time has been good to you my boy.” “Thank you sir. You might be pleased to know that my father lives, though he is blind.” “I wish to see him as soon as we are able.” “Then you shall, follow me.” Haleth led them through the streets until they reached a small cottage near the palace. He opened the door and asked them to enter. When everyone was inside he closed the door and went to another room. A minute later he led an old blind man out the door. “Father, there are men here to see you.” Haleth led Hama to a chair and helped him sit. Aragorn walked up to the old man and knelt before him. “It has been a long while since we have seen each other.” “My I ask you name, Milord. I do not remember your voice.” “Aragorn.” The old man slowly reached his hand out and carefully felt Aragorn’s face. “Yes. Yes! It is you! Lord Aragorn! Many have been the years since our last meeting.” “Aye, my old friend. This time, I believe, I do not have to worry about you relieving me of my sword.” Aragorn laughed and embraced the old man. “Milord, I do not see how you can be so hearty when you are older than me.” “I have been to Valinor, the land of the Elves. I am old, yes but I shall never show it.” “That is wonderful. I do wish I could see you. But, alas, I have been blind for almost ten years now.” Hama sighed mournfully.

Davia took pity on the man and also knelt in front of him. “You never met me but I am Aragorn’s wife’s sister. I have the power to restore your sight if you want.” “You can do that?” “Aye.” Davia smiled. “Then if it is no bother please try.” Davia nodded and laid her hand over his eyes. “This might burn a little.” A small glow came from her hand and Hama stiffened slightly. Haleth tried to rush to his father’s side but was stopped by Legolas. “She will not hurt him.” He held the young man back. Gradually the light from Davia’s hand diminished and she pulled it away. Hama covered his eyes as he saw for the first time in ten years. “Father!” Haleth rushed to his father’s side and laid his hand on Hama’s shoulder. Hama looked up and smiled “Haleth! I can see!” he cried. Davia smiled as he looked into her face. “Thank you, Milady. You must be blessed by the Lady of the Wood, for I have seen her once and I know that she has many powers.” Hama kissed her hand. “Nay, sir. She has not her powers any more. But it is not by her I am blessed. It is by the Valar.” Hama stared at her in surprise. “The Valar! Who are you?” “I do not use my given name. Call me Davia.” Davia squeezed his hand gently and stepped back for Aragorn to move in. “Aragorn.” Hama breathed as he stiffly stood. “I am not as old as I seem. It is just I am unable to move about because of my blindness.” “Then come.” Aragorn helped Hama out of the chair and led him to the door. Hama turned away from the sun but turned back once his eyes adjusted to the light. “Do not let me take up more of your time, my friends. You have traveled far. Go now and rest. Haleth!” he called his son to him. “Take them to the palace.” He turned to Aragorn and laid his hand on his shoulder. “What is your errand?” “To destroy the Ring of Power.” “But it was already destroyed.” “‘Fraid not.” “Well, then I pray to the Valar that you all return, safely.” With that he turned and went back into the house while the company followed Haleth.

Long huh! Well, I wanna get done with this one soon so I can get on to matters of the heart, not battles. *Grins evily. “They don’t know who I talks about, precious” Stalks away silently* Sorry, big blonde moment there. Tell me what ya think!!


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