Rings: The Fellowship Continues – Chapter 2

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The group traveled for two days before exiting the Gray Havens. Since they were not able to start out with provisions they decided to stop by Bagend. Frodo was glad to see the old place again but Sam was worried about what his daughter might say. Merry and Pippin described everything about the Shire to Boromir. Davia was sure that by the time they arrived there Boromir would be trying to shut them up any way he could.

Sam walked up to the door hesitantly and knocked. “Yes?” A young boy came to the door and stared up at them. “Eleanor! Eleanor! Papa’s Back! Papa’s Back!” “Robin, Robin, calm down! Now ya say Papa’s back? That is a lot of nonsense he went to the Gray Havens many months ago.” A voice called from another room. “Eleanor are you sure it is a bunch of nonsense?” Sam called through the doorway. “Papa!” She screamed and ran around a corner and threw herself at her father. “Ho! Well, watch it! Don’t nock me down!” he laughed and hugged her in return.

The company sat and talked with Sam’s family for several hours before saying they had to move on. Eleanor made Sam promise to keep all of them alive. Sam’s children were crying when he left but they had the promise that he would come back. Davia was standing by the gate with Legolas when a little hand was stretched into hers. She looked down into the dark brown eyes of a young girl. “Excuse me, ma’am.” Davia knelt down and smiled, she was still taller than the hobbit. “You can call me Davia.” “Ok! Will you promise to keep my father alive?” She asked innocently. Davia new she could never keep that promise even if she tried. “There is no telling if I will be able to or not. Where we are going is very dangerous. We are not sure if even any of us will come back. But, I promise you I will do every thing I can to keep your father alive.” “As will I.” Legolas put in as he ruffled the young hobbit’s curls. “Thank you! Are you going to come back?” “I might, I might not.” Davia answered. “Well, then take this.” The girl handed Davia a gold chain. The chain was long so Davia guess it would fit around her neck. On the end of the chain dangled a very small ruby. It was cut and polished into a perfect circle. “It is my good luck charm. I want you to have it.” Davia smiled and hugged the little girl. “Thank you!” The little girl smiled and ran off to say good-bye to her father. Davia stood and smiled, “Sam is lucky to have children like that.” Davia thought as she watched Sam hug the child.

Davia felt the necklace being taken out of her hand. Legolas clasped it around her neck. She laid it under her shirt so it would not get damaged. “Come on lets go, team!” Aragorn called to the Fellowship. They walked out the gate. As Davia passed the fence the little girl ran up with two of her brothers and waved. The princess took out the necklace and let the light shine on it for the girl to see. She smiled as she saw the lady her father was traveling with was wearing the necklace.

Her brothers turned to her and frowned. The tallest put his hand on her shoulder, “Ruby, she is wearing your necklace.” “I know, Tom. I gave it to her.” The second boy smiled and gave Tom a shove. “Bilbo what was that for?” “I dunno! I guess because I am older!” the three of them ran off giggling.

Sam walked up beside Davia and sighed. “I didn’t want to leave them.” “I know.” Davia smiled and put an arm around his shoulder. “Hey Aragorn! Where to now?” Legolas called up from behind. “Bree.” “You two Elves are not going to have any fun there!” Laughed Boromir. “We’ll survive!” Davia retorted. “Hey! No fighting!” “Yes sir!” everyone answered Aragorn in unison.

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