Rings- The Fellowship Continues – Chapter 19

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“If we both get through this will you consider being my wife?” Legolas managed to choke out. “I will not need to consider it. I can give you my answer now.” She smiled. Legolas face lit up with joy as she reached her hand behind his head. Davia drew his head down to hers and placed a kiss on his lips. “My answer is yes.” Legolas whooped for joy and lifted her off her feet in a hug. He spun her around before setting her down. “I guess that means you are happy.” Davia teased and hugged him back. “More than happy!” he laughed. Davia became somber and looked him the eye. “There is a great chance that one of us might not be coming back.” “Davia please. Do not say that.” “Legolas I am stating the truth.” “I know. It would kill me to loose you.” “Don’t worry I don’t plan on dying any time soon.” She smiled halfheartedly. “We should be heading back.” Legolas nodded. “I love you.” He whispered as they walked back to the palace. Davia turned and smiled. Legolas wrapped his arm around her waist and held her tight as they walked.

The next morning they gathered on the bank of the Anduin. “Do we walk?” Aragorn turned to the rest of the group. “I’m game!” Boromir yelled. “Same here!” smiled Frodo. “Count us in!” yelled the three hobbits in unison. “I guess it won’t kill me!” grumbled Gimli. “Fine with me.” Legolas laughed. They turned to Davia and she smiled. “Why not!” Boromir enclosed his arms around her neck. “I am surprised you said that.” “Why?” Davia turned and smiled at him. “You never agree with me.” “I’m not agreeing with you, I’m agreeing with everybody else. You are irrelevant.” She laughed. Boromir wrapped his hands around her throat, “You will pay for that!” “Terrified!” she mocked and ran behind Legolas. As Boromir approached Legolas strung his bow and aimed for his head. “Back off.” He tried to keep from smiling. Boromir raised his hands in surrender and walked over to talk to Frodo.

As the hours passed so did the miles. Legolas felt a dread in his heart. They had lost her near here before. He prayed that wouldn’t happen again. Davia turned her head to look at him and smiled “Don’t worry, Legolas. I will not leave.” She whispered. Legolas wrapped his arm around her waist and continued walking. “I can’t help but worry.” “I will be fine.” “I know.” Davia looked at him and smiled. She stopped suddenly when an arrow sailed through the air and embedded in a tree not even inches from her head. “Davia!” Legolas grabbed her hand. “Oh, I’m ok.” She laughed and ripped the arrow out of the trunk. “Glad they missed!” she frowned when she looked at the tip. “This poison could have killed me in minutes.” “Are you sure?” “Positive.” Aragorn looked at the trees around them. “Let’s keep moving. Maybe we can make it to Rohan before they attack. It’s a long shot but I hope it works.” Everyone agreed and they continued on.

I hope you like this!!!!


PS the next couple chapters I admit are gonna be kinda cheesy but I needed to do that to work up to some stuff!!


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