Rings- the Fellowship Continues – Chapter 17

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She looked up and the last thing she saw before darkness

engulfed her was Isidien wrapping her arms around Legolas’s neck.

Davia opened her eyes and saw a bright light all around

her. “Awake, Daughter.” “Manwe.” “Yes, it is I.” “Why am I

here?” Davia questioned. She stopped and looked at a black

shape. “Mandos.” “He brought you here.” “The Halls?” She

stood quickly. “Manwe, I cannot be here when my love is still

there.” She cried. “We only brought you here to ask you if

you really love him. He did kiss her.” “She has put a spell on

him. Please send me back!” she grabbed Manwe and begged

him. “Alright go back my daughter. But. But if you can’t bring

him back to you, I shall take you in the next battle.” “Yes,

Milord.” She slipped back into a dream.

When she awoke Aragorn was bending over

her. “Davia?” “I’m alright.” “You’re sure?” “Trust me. Manwe

just wanted to have a little talk with me. He isn’t a big

traveler so he always brings us to him. And I am pretty sure

Mandos gets quite sick of it.” Aragorn stared at her

dumbfounded. “You have seen Manwe?” “Seen him? We’re

great friends.” Davia smiled. “Ok. I am surprised Legolas

wasn’t with you.” “I was going to look for him when I

fainted.” Davia lied. “I saw him on the garden about half an

hour ago!” “Thanks, Pippin.” Davia smiled and ran out the door.

Davia ran to the garden they had been at before and saw

Isidien and Legolas sitting on a bench. His arms were around

her waist and he was whispering things in her ear. “Legolas.”

Davia stepped from around a bush. They looked up and saw

her standing there. “Oh, cousin, don’t you know not to spy

on people?” “Only when they aren’t doing any thing

wrong.” “But we’re not doing any thing wrong.” Legolas

growled. Isidien flung her hand towards him and he passed

out on the ground. “How dare you interrupt us!” Screamed

Isidien. “How dare I? It seems you are the one that has

stolen my love.” “So? I want him.” “Well then if you want him

you shall have to kill me for him.” She screamed and a

flame burst from her palm. Flames engulfed Isidien. “I shall

avenge myself!” she screamed before she vanished.

Davia rushed to where Legolas lay. “Legolas.” She

whispered in his ear. A shadow grew over his face. “No!

Mandos, you shall not take him.” She vowed and blocked his

life with her mind. “Davia let him go.” A voice from behind

the princess startled her. “No, Varda. I cannot. My life is

worthless if he dies.” “Then so be it.” Varda walked up to

Legolas and knelt beside him. “Awake prince of Mirkwood.

Fight for him Davia. Bring him back. Once he is almost

awake have him drink this.” She handed Davia a small clear

vial. “Yes ma’am.” Davia nodded and returned her thoughts

to Legolas. “Awake my love please.” She cried. Legolas

stirred slightly but fell back into darkness. Davia lifted his

head and rested it on her shoulder as she knelt beside him.

She pulled the stopper out of the vial and poured the red

liquid down his throat. Legolas’s eyes fluttered

open. “Legolas?” Davia called to him. He looked up at her

and frowned. “Where is Isidien?” Legolas tried to sit up but

fell back weakly onto Davia’s shoulder. “I am not sure but I

believe she is going to have a long talk with Manwe.” Davia

sighed. “What?” Legolas stared at her in horror. “You killed

her.” He sobbed and pulled away from her. “Legolas.” Davia

cried. Legolas backed away from her. “Murderer.” He

screamed. Tears streamed down her face. “Legolas, please.

I love you.” She sobbed. Davia collapsed on the ground

crying as Legolas ran away. She felt arms wrapped around

her. When Davia looked up Frodo was holding her gently. “I

saw everything. Can I help at all?” he let her cry on his

shoulder. “Bring him back here. I don’t care how but just do

it.” “I’ll get Merry, Pippin, and Sam to help me.” “Thank

you.” Davia smiled as Frodo went to get Legolas.

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