Rings- The Fellowship Continues – Chapter 15 (Davia’s Story)

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Here it is!!! Her story. Get ready to hate Elrond more than you hate Agent Smith!!!!!!! Its Long!!!

“When I was born my parents were so happy for another girl that I immediately became their favorite. My first word was Daddy. I got a lot of attention. They named me Arien because I was the only blonde. Kaleniel means Morningstar so I was just opposite of Arwen.
I was three years old when my mother died. We were sitting on a bench in the woods of Rivendel when Celebrian sensed orcs were close. She carefully hid me in some bushes. When she turned around fifteen orcs were staring at her. Celebrian fought them off well but was soon overtaken. They pinned her to the ground. The largest raised his sword and brought it down upon her stomach. She didn’t scream she just faded out of life. I slammed my fist down on the ground. I looked down and saw and old rusted knife under my hand. I picked it up slowly. For a long time I had watched Celoril throw his knife and I had always admired him. So, I figured I could do that. The knife sailed through the air and met its mark. It hit the orc in the throat. The rest of them retreated into the woods. I waited in the bushes for a few minutes before dashing to Celebrian’s side. She was dead when I got there but I called to her anyway. I felt a sharp pain in my hand. When I looked down I realized I had laid
my hand on the orc’s blade. My palm was gushing blood.

Later on that day Celoril was walking in the forest when he found us. He didn’t even bother with Celebrian. He just scooped me up and held me tight. Celoril called for Elladen and Elrohir. The twins, who at that time were only six years old, came running. They saw our mother and went racing back to the palace. A few minutes later they came running back with Father and Arwen. Of course, my sister faints on the spot. Elrond knelt beside Celebrian and, for the first time I had ever seen, cried. After a while he looked up and saw the blood on my hand and arm. It was all over my dress and face. My father looked at Celoril and told him to go inside and get me cleaned up, he would take care of Celebrian.

It was days before I saw him again. I was walking the halls about a week after the funeral when I heard weeping in the throne room. Quietly I opened the door and saw my father sitting there, his head in his hands, weeping. He didn’t hear me walk up and started when I touched his arm. I only said a few words but it was the last informal thing I ever said to him. `Momma’s gone isn’t she, Daddy.’ He stared at me with a fury I didn’t even know he possessed. He screamed at me in anger. `Get out of here you worthless child. Stay out of my sight.’ The boys heard him yelling and walked through the door as I was running out. They stared at Elrond in disbelief before Elladen led me out of the room.

Years went by before I was even in his presence. I was twelve years old when a scream awoke me. My room was only a few yards away from my fathers because I was the youngest so I was supposed to be near my parents. I went running to my father’s room. When I opened the door. My father was sitting up in bed, breathing hard. From where I was standing I could tell he was crying. I ran to the bed and wrapped my arms around him. I think he thought I was Arwen because he didn’t push me away. I held him for several minutes before he composed himself. When he looked at me his hand swung around and smacked my face so hard I fell to the ground. He screamed at me to get out. That is exactly what I did.

Later on that night Elladen found me crying in one of the gardens. We decided to go riding. We had been gone for about an hour before I saw something shining on the ground. I dismounted and bent to see what that was. Suddenly I heard Elladen’s horse whinny. My reflexes kicked in too late. The horse kicked me in the back of the head. From what I heard from Elrohir, Elladen picked me up and mounted my horse, his had been bitten by a rattler. When he got back to the palace he awoke everyone with is screams. Elrond took me from him and carried me to my room and left. He just left me lying there. Arwen asked him why he wasn’t going to help me and he said that there was no point. Arwen finally sent all the hawks out to find Gandalf and bring him back to Rivendel.

When he arrived it was touch and go for a long time but, as you can tell with me sitting here today, he was successful. I awoke a few days after that with Gandalf bending over me and Elladen, Elrohir, Arwen, Galadriel, Celeborn, and Celoril sitting in chairs. I looked around the room before asking where my father was. They answered he was in his room. I responded that I never thought he cared. Galadriel wrapped her arms around me and said she as sorry about my father. I told her I didn’t care, that he had always treated me like this.

Weeks went by and I was finally able to walk around my room unassisted. One day I had gotten dressed and felt strangely weak. I collapsed a couple seconds later. I was still awake but couldn’t move. The door opened and I heard someone walk in. It was my father. He rushed to my side and gently lifted me onto the bed. He asked me what was wrong and I told him that I had just felt dizzy. Elrond wanted to get Gandalf but I told him it wasn’t necessary. That was the last time we spoke until he told me I was to marry Delerion.” Davia finished her tale in Legolas’s arms. “I had no idea your father was so cruel.” “Neither did I.” Davia sighed and snuggled closer to Legolas. The prince held her close for a few minutes longer. “Davia?” “Hm?” “We should be getting back.” “Ok.” Davia stood up with Legolas right behind her. His arm was wrapped around her shoulders the whole way back to the palace.

What did you think of Davia’s child hood. Nice, huh!


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