Rings-The Fellowship Continues – Chapter 14

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Here comes some more!!!!!

Davia awoke and saw Legolas asleep in a chair by her bed. “Sleepy head!” She laughed softly. The princess stood slowly. She walked over to the chair and kissed Legolas’s forehead. Legolas opened his eyes slowly and smiled up at Davia. “Good morning.” He chuckled and drew her into his lap. “I love you.” He whispered in her ear. “And I you.” Davia laid her head on his shoulder. “You never showed me what you wanted me to see.” “Then follow me.” He laughed and pulled her out the door. “Where are we going?” “You shall see.” “You said that last night.” “So? Just trust me.” “Always.” Davia smiled and jogged to keep up with him.

“Close your eyes.” Legolas smiled. “Again?” “Yes.” He led her through a group of trees before stopping. “Ok, open your eyes.” Standing before them was a stone gazebo. On the inside on the floor was a marble plaque. Davia bent to read the inscription. “In Memory Of Celebrian, Princess of Laurelindorinan and Queen of Imladris, Daughter of Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn. Wife of Lord Elrond Peredhil. Mother of Arwen Undomiel, Elladen and Elrohir Khelekgil, and Arien Kaleniel.” Davia stood up and looked at Legolas. Tears spilled down her face. “Oh Davia! I am sorry, I should never have brought you here.” He drew her into his arms. “No, I am glad you did. I never knew about this.” She mumbled into his shoulder. “So, that is your name. Arien Kaleniel.” “Yes.” “I don’t understand the last part.” “It is old Quenya. It means Sunlight Morningstar.” “Suits you.” He smiled and lifted her head to face him. “Why don’t you use it any more?” “My mother named me and I don’t think I could have used it after she died.” “What about this memorial. Why didn’t you know about this?” “My father probably didn’t bother to tell me.” “Why?” “It’s a long story.” “We have the time.” Legolas walked over to a bench and sat down. He motioned for her to sit next to him. Davia shook her head slowly. She didn’t know if she could trust him. “What’s wrong?” Legolas started to get up when she motioned for him to stop. “Why?” he put on the saddest face he could muster. Davia smiled. “Stop, you are going to make me give in.” “That is what I want.” “But I don’t!” her voice was almost a scream. “Davia?” he walked towards her but she backed away. “What is wrong?” “Just stay away.” She whimpered. Legolas stopped and looked at her. His eyes told all the pain he was feeling in that moment. “Davia. I don’t know what is wrong but please can’t you trust me?” “Oh Legolas.” She cried and ran into his arms. Davia cried frantically for a long time before pulling away. “What’s wrong?” Legolas looked at her worriedly. Davia took a deep breath before speaking. “I can’t do this.” “Yes you can. Trust me.” “I love you but I am not sure I can tell even you.” “Davia you are my love. I will never betray you.” “I know.” Davia started to shake. “I think we had better sit down.” Legolas suggested. She consented and Legolas helped Davia walk to the bench. “Now, tell me every thing.” He pushed gently. Davia nodded.

The next chapter will be her story.


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