Rings- The Fellowship Continues – Chapter 13

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Enjoying all the updates. Well I am bored so I am just posting and posting. I hope you don’t mind.


Legolas and Davia were sitting on a fallen tree looking out at a lake when a scream pierced the night. They stood up quickly at the sound. Legolas turned to Davia and put his hands on her shoulders. “Stay here. I don’t want you to get hurt.” Davia nodded as he turned and ran off. When he ran around a tree he saw Isidien lying on the ground with a figure standing over her. She had blood on her arm and she was covered in bruises. Legolas ran and jumped on the figure. Before Legolas could pin him the figure shoved him backwards and ran off into the woods. Legolas was about to follow him when Isidien gave a soft moan. He knelt beside her. “Isidien. Are you alright?” “I think so.” She murmured and laid her hand on his chest. “I should get you to your room.” “I can manage by myself.” She whispered as she stood slowly. Isidien collapsed against Legolas weakly. Legolas stooped and picked her up gently. “Legolas?” “Hm?” “Thank you” she mumbled as she laid her head on his shoulder. Legolas gently walked to where she told him her room was.

When Legolas laid her down on the bed she reached up and gently kissed him. Legolas was surprised at first but soon began kissing her back. He did not know why he was doing that. Guilt ran up inside of him when he heard a movement by the door. He turned and saw Davia standing there. Legolas walked up to her slowly, “Davia, I…” “Stay away from me!” she ran down the hall and out the door. He turned back to Isidien who had pushed herself up on one elbow. “I am sorry.” She apologized. “No, it is as much my fault if not more.” He sighed. “Get some sleep, I shall have to go speak with her.” Isidien nodded and laid her head on the pillow.

Davia felt sadness engulf her. She ran through the trees, not caring when she stopped or where she was going. Tree branches pulled at her dress but she kept on running. She finally collapsed on the ground in tears. Davia heard footsteps behind her but assumed it was an animal. “Davia?” “Boromir.” She smiled thinly at the man standing beside her. “What’s wrong?” he brushed tears from her face. “I caught Legolas kissing Isidien.” She collapsed on him in tears. “I’ll kill him!” Boromir swore. “No, we still need him in the Fellowship.” “After this is all over I swear he will pay.” “You don’t have to protect me.” “I know. But Frodo and I want to.” He laughed. “Could you leave me alone for a while?” “Sure.” Boromir smiled. She heard his footsteps fading and began to cry harder.

Legolas followed her footprints until he heard her crying. He followed the sound until he saw her lying on the ground. “Davia please listen to me.” He begged as he knelt beside her. “Stay away from me.” She tried to run away from him again but he caught her arm. “Please listen to me.” He pleaded. “No.” her hand swept across his face. Legolas stared at her for a minute before she ran off. He turned and saw Boromir standing behind him, sword drawn. “You are going to pay for what do did to her.” He growled. He saw the red welt on Legolas’s face and stopped. “She did that to you?” “Yes. Boromir I love her. Isidien kissed me.” “If you love her go after her.” He smiled as Legolas turned and ran after Davia.

She heard footsteps behind her but paid them no heed. Davia felt something ram into her back. Before she could do anything a figure had pinned her to the ground. “Are you going to listen to me or do I have to hold you like this all night?” “Legolas, get away from me!” she screamed and tried to push him off her. Clouds pulled away from the full moon and light shone down on then. Davia looked at his face and saw the huge welt on his cheek. Her face softened, “Go ahead.” “Davia, she kissed me, not me kiss her.” “You kissed her back.” “I don’t know why I did that. I am sorry. Please, I love you. Can you for give me?” he whispered. A teardrop landed on Davia’s cheek and she knew it was his. “I forgive you.” Davia whispered. Legolas smiled and climbed off Davia’s stomach. “I am sorry I wouldn’t listen to you.” “That is alright.” Legolas kissed her. “Legolas?” “Hm?” “How are we going to do this?” “What do you mean?” “How are we going to get through Mordor? Yes, I know the way but I seriously doubt Frodo is going to make it through all this again. He is already pale.” “We will survive. Don’t worry.” “Hard not to.” Davia smiled thinly. She laid her head on his chest wearily. “Tired?” “Yes.” Davia yawned. She felt arms around her as she was scooped off her feet. “Let’s get you back to bed.” Legolas smiled and walked back to the palace.

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