Rings- The Fellowship Continues – Chapter 12

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Here comes the big surprises!!!!

Legolas awoke early in the morning. Davia’s arm as draped over his chest and her head was tilted back against the tree. “I don’t want to wake her.” He worried as he moved her arm. Davia’s eyes flickered open, “Legolas, your awake.” She smiled and helped him sit up beside her. “I didn’t want to wake you.” He sighed. “It’s alright.” She smiled. “I’m glad.” Legolas stood slowly and rubbed the back of his neck. “Darn, am I stiff!” he laughed. “Better than being dead.” A mutter came from around a tree. “Isidien!” “Well, I haven’t seen you in years!” an Elf laughed. “Sorry!” Legolas looked at the two girls smiling and hugging each other. “Who is he?” Isidien stopped and looked Legolas over several times. “This is Legolas, prince of Mirkwood.” Davia pointed to Legolas. “And, this is Isidien, Haldir’s older sister.” Davia pointed to the tall black haired elf. “She looks a lot like Celoril.” Legolas commented. “He’s my twin. Though, we only look alike. He has a nasty temper.” “Yeah, Isidien is very mild mannered. Except when she is fighting with her brothers!” Davia laughed. Legolas smiled at the two of them. Isidien was about a head taller than Davia but wasn’t as husky. Davia was covered in muscles yet Isidien was thin and petite. “Unless you told them people would guess that you came from different blood lines.” Legolas smiled. “Many people say that.” Isidien laughed. “I’ll go wake the others.” Legolas remarked and walked off.

When the others met Isidien the liked her immediately. She told them that she was the only one left in Lorien. “The place is totally run down.” She sighed. Davia told her of their mission. Isidien’s face went white with fear, “I can’t believe the ring is back!” she cried. “Yes. We hate it too!” Frodo groaned. “Follow me. I shall take you to your rooms.” The Fellowship nodded. They were glad for a place of safety to sleep even for a few nights.

A knock on the door awoke Davia out of a deep sleep. “Who is it?” she asked groggily. “It’s Legolas. Open the door.” She heard a voice whisper. Davia got up out of bed and unlocked the door. “It’s the middle of the night what…” Legolas enveloped her in a passionate kiss. “What was that for?” Davia breathed when he pulled away. “Because I felt like it. Come on, get dressed.” “Why?” Davia looked at him bewilderedly. “Just get dressed please.” Legolas pleaded and he pulled on her hand. “Ok, ok. Give me a sec!” Davia laughed and shut the door on him.

She walked out the door a few minutes later dressed in a white silk dress that fell to her ankles. It had no sleeves but just had two thick straps that ran over her shoulders. “You look beautiful.” He caressed her arm gently and led her to a flight of stairs. “May I ask where we are going?” Davia asked. “You shall see when we get there.” Legolas smiled. “Now, close your eyes.” “Why?” Davia looked at him like he had gone insane. “Just trust me. Close your eyes.” Legolas brushed his hand over her eyes gently. Davia smiled but said nothing.

“They are in love, are they not?” Isidien asked the Human beside her. “Deeply.” “He is very attractive. I shall have to steal him from her.” She laughed. The Human turned to her and frowned. “How are you going to do that?” “Oh, Isondil! Don’t be so stupid. I will manipulate him. It shouldn’t be too hard.” She laughed. “How?” “I can be irresistible when I want to be.” “Do you need me to do anything?” “Attack me.” “What?” “Attack me! You know beat me a little.” “Why?” “I will scream and he shall come running.” “What about the girl.” “If I guess right he will make her stay there.” “What if some one else comes?” “Then I will say I’m fine.” “Ok you ready to get hurt a little.” “Anything to hurt my cousin.” She smiled as he advanced on her.

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