Rings- The Fellowship Continues – Chapter 10

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The walls were dark and foreboding. Gimli did not smile as he had the last time. Now he wept for he knew what they were going into. “Mellon.” Aragorn recited the words at the doors. They were surprised that the doors had been rebuilt. A grinding sound met their ears as the door opened. “Into the belly of the beast.” “You mean Hell” Gimli laughed. “Both of you have a point.” Davia smiled and looked at Boromir and Gimli. “I wish we were not here.” Legolas sighed as he stepped over what was left of a dwarf. “So do I.” Davia sighed. When they started to climb the stairs they crumbled under the Fellowships feet. Davia held onto Legolas’s arm for support. “This place is worse than last time.” Davia stumbled but was kept from falling by Legolas. “I agree.” He murmured. “I hope nothing happens.” “I do too, Boromir. Aragorn! Keep a hold on the dwarf. Don’t want him running off again!” Smiled Davia. “Not nice!” Gimli snarled and brushed past her. “Well, he has an attitude.” “He always…” Legolas stopped and looked up at the ceiling. Goblins were pouring out like water. “Run!” yelled Aragorn. The Fellowship ran at full speed to one of the rooms. Boromir bolted the door after them. When they turned around a huge troll skeleton lay in the middle of the floor. “Oh no!” Davia groaned. “Well at least we know the way out from here.” Boromir grumbled.

Goblins pounded on the doors trying to get in. “I guess we are going to have to fight.” Davia frowned and drew her sword. Legolas shot arrows out the holes in the door. A roar alerted them that they were going to have to fight another cave troll. “Someone shoot me!” Frodo groaned and drew his sword. “That could happen, remember!” Davia laughed. The goblins were almost through the door. Davia looked down at Sam. He stood almost behind her and was shaking. “Don’t worry, Sam. Everything is going to be fine.” Sam looked up at her and smiled.

The door came crashing through the door and goblins came dashing in. Davia plunged her sword into a goblin’s belly before cutting off an orc’s head. Legolas came up behind her and shot another. “Doing alright so far?” he asked as he drew his dirk. “Aye. What about you?” “Surviving.” Davia turned and saw blood running down his arm. Before Davia could say anything and orc came behind them. He aimed for Legolas’s head but Davia’s sword cut him short and his head fell to the floor. “Thanks.” “Welcome.” Legolas ran off to stop Gimli from loosing his head.

Aragorn had been backed into a corner. He was surrounded by several dozen orcs and goblins. Davia slashed three in the back before cutting one’s head off. The princess hacked her way toward Aragorn. When she got to him he almost collapsed on her. “Davia I can’t go on much longer.” He whispered as he warded off another orc. “I agree with you.” Aragorn looked at her. She was pale and trembling. “Go over to Legolas.” He commanded when he saw the elf being overrun by goblins. Davia ran to her love’s aid immediately. “How you holding up?” he asked her when they finished off those couple of goblins. “I’m alive and that is about it.” “You should never have left Rivendel.” “I wasn’t going to leave you.” Davia cried as she ran an orc through.

The troll crashed through the door. “Here we go again!” Davia groaned as Legolas filled it full of arrows. “My arrows are gone.” He whispered to her. “Take mine.” She handed him her quiver. “Shoot him in the mouth.” Davia commanded. Legolas took aim and fired. The arrow hit its mark. The cave troll came crashing to the ground. Everyone stood there in silence for a few minutes before they even breathed. Legolas fell against Davia weakly. “Legolas?” she held him up. “I’m fine. I can’t put any weight on my ankle.” “Come on we need to get out of here.” Aragorn called. “I will support you.” “But…” ” No buts come on.” Davia helped him out the door.

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