Rings- Life Goes On – Chapter 5

by Mar 3, 2004Stories

After a while Elrond noticed that a storm was moving in quickly. As the light rain that had been falling for a while became a torrent Elrond stepped under a rock ledge. They sat down to wait out the storm. Lightning slashed through the sky followed by a deafening clap of thunder. Larien whimpered and buried her face in Elrond’s robes. “Sh, it’s all right, Tittamine.” Elrond removed his outer robe and wrapped it around the shivering child. “Sir?” “Yes?” “Do you hate me and my family?” this question surprised him. Did he? He wasn’t sure any more. “I don’t know, why do you ask?” “Well, you ignore Mamma, barely talk to Daddy, tell Erestor to go away, and this is the first time you have talked to me.” She stated and looked into his eyes. “I don’t hate you, Tittamine. Never think that.” Elrond hugged the little child. Larien looked into his eyes before wrapping her little arms around his neck and giving him a meek kiss on the cheek. At that moment Elrond realized how much he missed his daughter’s love. “I won’t treat my grandchildren the way I treated Davia. She is my daughter; I should never have hated her.” He screamed in his head. “Since you don’t hate me, can I call you grandpa?” “Of course, Tittamine.” Elrond smiled at the pet name he had given her.

Yes, I know it is short but, it is sweet! Tittamine means littleone just incase anyone is interested!!


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