Rings- Life Goes On – Chapter 4

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It was a few weeks later that Legolas awoke to Davia nudging him in the ribs. “Legolas. Legolas, wake up!” “What is it?” he murmured groggily. “You need to get Arwen. I think its time.” Davia whispered urgently. Instantly Legolas was sitting up in bed and staring at Davia. “Are you sure?” “Augh!” Davia cried in pain. “Yes, I’m sure. Hurry!” “I’m going.” Legolas dashed into the next room grabbed Erestor and carried him to Aragorn and Arwen’s room.
Aragorn sleepily opened the door. “Hey, Aragorn! You wanna wake Arwen up for me please?” Legolas whispered as he laid Erestor down on the couch. “It’s time!” Aragorn dashed to his bed and gently shook her awake. “Ok, tell Eowyn I might need her help this time.” “I’ll have Eldarion do that you go to Davia.” Aragorn ordered as he ran across the hall to ask Fearoh, who was now Elladen’s wife, to watch Erestor. Fearoh had had a son two weeks after Erestor so he and Valandil are best friends.

Half an hour later everyone, except Elrond, was sitting in the main room listening to the muffled cries of Davia. Erestor and Valandil were quietly playing with toy swords that Aragorn had made them in the corner. “How long do you think it will take this time?” complained Gimli. “Oh shut up!” Boromir growled and whacked him on the head. “Elrond should be here.” Aragorn sighed. “I agree, but he is too pigheaded to realize that she is his daughter.” “What I want to know is why he hates her so much.” Nildur reclined against the wall. “I think we all do!” Fearoh laid her head on her husband’s shoulder. They continued discussing this for the next hour.

Legolas stepped out of the room with a large smile on his face. “Hey, Erestor, come here!” he laughed as he son, the only one in the room awake, came rushing over. “It’s a girl! You have a little sister!” Legolas lifted his son onto his shoulders. “Ok Erestor wake `em up!” “It’s a girl!” He shouted. Everyone jerked awake at the young boys screams. “So, Legolas, now you got a boy and girl. Have fun!” Gimli grumbled before trudging back to his room. “What’s his problem?” “Who knows!” Aragorn laughed. “What did you name her?” Sam asked. “Larien. Erestor, actually, named her.” “Great! Now, I don’t wanna sound disrespectful but can we go back to bed?” Pippin yawned. “Yeah, go ya guys!” Everyone filed out of the room and left father and son together. “Daddy, can I see Larien?” “Of course, son.” Legolas led him into their room.
Davia was propped up by pillows and was holding a small bundle. “Mamma?” “Hello, Erestor. Come here.” She motioned for him to come sit beside her. “Is this my sister?” “Yes.” “But she is so small.” “True, but you were this small once. She will grow.” “I can’t wait! Can I hold her?” “Sure, just be very careful.” Davia laid the baby girl in her brother’s arms. “Hey, Larien, I’m Erestor, your big brother.” They family sat together talking for several hours until Davia fell asleep.

Seven and a half years later

Larien cringed as her older brother and cousin pelted her with small pebbles and pinecones. “Stop, leave me alone!” she whimpered. “Listen to the baby cry!” Valandil sneered and threw a handful more. This was the first year they had been allowed outside so they had found many things to torment Larien with. Orcs were still prominent but attacks were rare. Guards were posted around but none could hear Larien’s cries of pain. “Please stop!” she pleaded again. “Hey, Erestor, should we stop?” “Naw!” he laughed and threw a pebble at her head. He was rewarded with a yelp and a few drops of blood. He repeated this several times before she had large cuts on her face. “What would happen if we threw larger ones?” Valandil mocked an innocent voice and threw a rock the size of his fist at her ankle. Larien screamed in pain as the rock came in contact with the bone.
Suddenly both boys felt a hand on the back of their neck. “And just what do you think you are doing?” “Grandpa!” Valandil screeched in surprise. “Go on get outta here!” he commanded. Immediately the boys took off at dead run. Elrond walked over to where Larien was lying on the ground. He bent down and ran his hand over her ankle. She whimpered and pulled away. “Your ankle is broken; I am going to have to touch it to make it feel better.” He kindly spoke to the frightened girl. Larien nodded her black head. Elrond gently picked up the little girl and carried her to a nearby river.
Elrond tore off a piece of his robe and wetted it in the river. As he carefully wiped the blood from her face Larien held on to his other hand. “Scared, Tittamine?” Elrond asked. “No. It hurts.” She whimpered. Elrond looked at the little girl and noticed for the first time that she looked just like him. True, her brother had the same hair and eyes but she had that and the facial features. “It will be over in a few minutes.” He smiled reassuringly as he gently laid the rag on her ankle. Elrond carefully wrapped it with strips of cloth from his robe. “There, that should hold until we get home.” He lifted the child into his arms.

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