Rings- Life goes on – Chapter 3

by Feb 20, 2004Stories

As the years passed Erestor tried to get his grandfather’s attention but to no avail. Whenever he tried to talk to Elrond the Lord of Rivendel would turn his head and busy himself with something or other. Erestor would finally give up but would try again every day. The one-day he wouldn’t give up was the day he found out that he was going to a big brother. “Grandpa!” when Elrond heard the five-year-old child yell he immediately tried to look very busy. “Grandpa! Grandpa! Guess what!” “I am busy right now and how many times have I told you that it is Elrond and not Grandpa!” he yelled irritated. “Sorry, sir, but guess what!” the child sighed. “If I ask will you leave me alone?” “Yes sir.” Erestor’s eyes showed the pain but Elrond didn’t even notice. “Ok, what?” “I’m gonna be a big brother!” “Oh that’s… Wait a minute! You’re gonna what!?” he screamed in shock. Erestor looked up at Elrond and smiled happily. “I’m gonna be big brother. Mamma and Daddy told me this morning, but they said it would take seven more months before they would have the baby.” “Oh really.” “Yup! I gotta go tell Rion! Buh bye!” “Hold on a sec! Who is Rion?” “Uncle Aragorn and Aunt Arwen’s son. I can’t say his name so I call him Rion.” “Ah! You mean Eldarion.” “Uhuh! Bye!” he laughed and ran out of the door.

The months went quickly and Erestor got more and more excited as his mother’s time drew near. He was especially excited when he felt his little sibling kick. They were having trouble deciding on names for the baby so Davia decided to ask Erestor his opinion “Erestor.” “Yeah, Mamma?” “Come here.” “Ok, just a minute.” He called. Davia had to smile when Erestor came swaggering into the room with chocolate on his face. “And just where have you been you young Elfling?” “Um… in the kitchen.” “Was someone in there with you?” “Yup!” “Who?” “Rion.” “Ah, yes I should have guessed. Well, lets go get that chocolate washed off of your face.” Davia hoisted herself out of the chair and walked with him to the kitchen. “You are a mess!” “I’m sorry.” “It’s ok, I did the same thing when I was your age. Just ask Aunt Arwen.” Davia smiled and washed his face and hands in the sink.

When he was clean Davia sat down in a chair and had him stand beside her, because she was too big to have him sit on her lap. “What did you want Mamma?” “What do you think we should name the baby?” “I dunno! I guess it depends if it is a girl or boy.” “What do you want?” “I want a little sister.” “What would you name her?” “Um… What is Daddy’s name?” “Legolas.” “Ok, what is your name?” “Davia.” “No, I have heard from Rion that that is a sort of nickname. What is your real name?” “Arien.” Davia smiled at the child standing there leaning from foot to foot desperately trying to look very smart. “Well, I believe since Daddy’s name is Legolas and yours is Arien. It should be… oh I know! Larien!” “Larien?” “Yup! It is a cross between your names!” “I like that name.” “If it is a girl will you name it that?” “If Daddy likes it then yes.” “If Daddy likes what?” a voice from the door way startled Davia and Erestor. “Oh hi Sweetheart! Erestor has found a name if it is a girl.” “What is it?” Legolas bent down and started to tickle Erestor. “Larien. He said it was a cross between both our names.” “Hey it is isn’t it? Larien it shall be if it is a girl!” he smiled as he lifted Erestor over his head with one arm.

I hope you like this. It is almost over!!!


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