Rings- Life goes on – Chapter 2

by Feb 16, 2004Stories

Ten years later

Legolas knelt next to the bed. “It’s ok, Davia. It’s almost over.” He wiped sweat from her face. He had been called in from guard duty four hours ago. “Arwen, what is going on?” “I don’t know the child should have been born by now.” Legolas cradled Davia’s head in his arms. “I can’t do this.” “Yes you can.” Legolas soothed. The girl let out one more scream before the cries of a baby could be heard. “Legolas.” Arwen stood at the end of the bed and smiled. “It’s a boy.” Legolas looked at his wife and smiled “Davia, we’ve a son.” Davia weakly opened her eyes and looked at Arwen holding a small bundle. “Here.” Arwen laid the child in Davia’s arms. “I’ll go tell the others.” She quietly shut the door.
Aragorn jumped up when he saw Arwen. “Well?” Everyone, except Elrond, crowded around Arwen; bursting with questions. “It’s a boy.” She smiled. “What’s his name?” “They haven’t decided yet.” “Whom does he look like?” “Here’s the funny thing, he looks a lot like my father.” “What?” Elrond stood up from where he had been sitting. “Yes, same color hair and eyes. But, except for that, he looks just like his daddy.” “That’s wonderful.” Aragorn laughed. Everyone agreed and started asking even more questions.

Inside the room Davia was gently holding her son. “He’s beautiful.” Legolas sighed. “Erestor. That is what we shall call him.” Davia smiled as the baby looked up at her with wide eyes. “Perfect.” Legolas agreed and gently kissed his wife. “Where’d he get that black hair?” Legolas joked as he fingered his wife’s blonde curls. “My father.” Davia sighed. “You need to get some sleep. I will take him.” “Alright.” “Davia.” “Hm?” “I love you.” Legolas placed a gentle kiss on her lips before taking the baby and stepping out the door.

Legolas cradled the baby in his arms. “How is she?” Legolas turned and Celeborn was standing behind him. “She is sleeping.” “Good, let me see my great grandson.” The king of Lorien took the baby in his arms and cradled it gently. “What is his name?” “Erestor.” “Perfect. Go show him to his grandfather.” “Will Elrond actually care? He wasn’t too thrilled when he found out about her pregnancy or our marriage for that matter.” “You might be surprised.” “Ok, ok. I will take him to him.” Legolas took his son and went to find his father-in-law.

It took a while but Legolas found Elrond sitting in a remote storage room. “Sir?” he meekly walked up behind him. “What do you want Legolas?” “I thought you might want to see your grandson.” Elrond turned and looked at Legolas standing there holding a newborn baby. “Not really.” Elrond snarled and turned back to the book he was reading. “He is your first immortal grandchild, incase you have forgotten.” “Oh, I’m sorry, did you just say he was MY grandchild. I only have two married children, Elladen and Arwen, and only one of them has a child.” “Davia is your daughter.” “No she is not.” “You may not want her to be but that does not change that she is!” Legolas turned on his heel and walked back to the room he shared with Davia.

Davia awoke when she heard the door slam. “What happened?” “You must have done something terrible to tick him off like that; he wasn’t even interested in Erestor.” “I never did anything to him, that I know of.” “I easily guessed that, but what in the name of Manwe is wrong with him!?” “Don’t ask me!” Davia sighed. Legolas gently laid the baby in his crib and wrapped his arms around her. “I’m sorry.” “How bad was he?” “I don’t wanna say.” “Legolas please tell me.” Davia begged and looked up into his eyes. “Well, he said that you weren’t his daughter and that Erestor isn’t his grandson.” “Blast him!” Davia growled. “Now, Honey, he still is your father.” “Don’t remind me!” Davia laughed. “You should get some sleep.” “Yeah, I’m pretty tired.” “You’ve gotta reason to be and he’s laying in that crib over there.” He laughed and gently kissed her lips. “Yeah, I guess I do.” She smiled wearily and relaxed under the blankets.

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