Rina’s Heart 7- An Unnecessary Party

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"Good Morning Rina!" Elanna smiled as she slid back the drapes in Rina’s chambers, allowing the light to pour in. "I trust you slept well?" Rina fiercely bit back the urge to grumble as the bright sunlight of an Imladris morning burned her eyes.

"I slept well enough" she managed to mumble.

"Good! because today is a very special day!"

"What day is that, Elanna?"

"Today celebrates a week that you have been with us here in Imladris, and the princes, bless their hearts, wish to commemorate!" Elanna beamed.

"Commemorate? a week?" Rina sat up and banished sleep from her mind once and for all, "They wish to celebrate my being here for one short week…..Valar save us all….." Rina fell heavily back onto her pillow in exasperation.

"Come now! you can’t just lay here sleeping while they are waiting for you downstairs, come on now, let’s get you ready" Elanna grabbed Rina’s hand and proceeded to pull her out from the santcuary of her warm covers and on to cool stone floor. Rina moaned in protest but followed Elanna across the room to her wardrobe. Elanna pulled out a long, red gown that was one of Arwen’s gifts to Rina, "You have not worn this one yet, have you not?"

"No, I was saving it for something special…"

"Like today! Today is very special indeed!" Elanna pushed the gown into Rina’s arms guided her towards her washroom. Rina was far too tired at this early in the morning to argue, so she simply slipped inside the washroom and proceeded to wash her face and hair. As she was drying out her long and curly locks, she peered into the mirror. Imladris seemed to have brought a change to her face; and glow to her cheeks and keenness to her eyes that she did not believe had been there before.

"This place is making me stronger I believe…" Rina whispered. Her wounded side had completely healed already, leaving an only softly noticiable scar on her pale, Elvish skin. Elrond was the best physician a wounded Elf could ask for, and Elanna the best nurse.

Rina’s friendship with older girl deepened with every day, and Rina found herself more and more able to open herself up to her new friend. Why, just yesterday she had found herself telling Elanna all about Lasseriel and what a wonderful best friend she had been, and showing her the lovely blade of her older brother’s sword, and telling her the stories of her father’s heroism….a true friend Rina was finding in Elanna.

Rina’s mind turned to the twins, particularly Elrohir, and she smiled and shook her head with a laugh as she remembered his antics and supper last night; tricking his poor brother into eating the salt icing Rina had so carefully helped him craft for the occasion. And then there was Elladan. Still as quiet and princely as the day they met, though as kind as any prince could be. Rina truly did love to talk with him, especially in matters of Elvish literature.

Rina finished the laces of her gown and swept back into her chambers for Elanna to do magic with her unruly hair.

Elrohir sat on a step of a balcony looking out over the gardens of Imladris, his eyes wide open for his twin. Elladan had left for a walk nearly half an hour ago, and Elrohir was expecting him to walk down this here path in just a moment, where Elrohir would have soaked pillow wating to fall on the elder prince’s head. Elrohir could barely suppress his glee…

"HAHA!!!!!!!!!" Elrohir fell forward, his heart leaping in his chest, as an icy cold set of hands grabbed the back of his neck!

"AAAiiii" What is your problem, brother!" Elrohir pouted and tried to warm his poor neck as his twin stood and the balcony step laughing.

"Do you really think your ability to know what I am up to is really one way?" Elladan asked through his laughter.

"Perhaps not…." Elrohir blushed a little, mostly angry at the failure of his trick. "Come now, Rina must be ready now, or will be soon, and we promised to meet her at the stairs…" he mumbled as he led the way.

"Sore loser" Elladan shot back as he followed his brother with a grin.

"Lady Elerrina, you look lovely" Elladan bowed elegantly and kissed Rina’s hand. Rina dipped her head in acknowledgement, and fought back the urge the smile in amusement at his perfect manners.

"Happy one week!" Elrohir cried jubilantly and kissed Rina’s cheek. Rina laughed at them both as they each took one of her arms and proceeded to lead her down to the banquet hall for special breakfast, though Rina had to admit, she was a little suspicous. As they walked, Rina inspected her escorts, and at this moment they were identical, having cleverly matched their robes for the occasion. They both held the same tightly suppressed grin, and overjoyed, conspiratory glitter in their eyes.

After breakfast, the brothers came on either side of her once more.

"What are you two up to?" She finally burst out.

"Absolutely nothing!" they said in unison with a mischievous laugh. They led her to a lone seat, a short distance away from the table and sat her down.

Elladan turned to the filled hall and cleared his throat, "Lords and ladies, today is a very important day, important in the lives of the people of Imladris, and important in the life of this young lady." He gestured to Rina.

"Today is the one week anniversary of Lady Elerrina’s coming to Imladris" Elrohir continued.

"And so," Elladan picked up, "To commemorate, my good brother, the good Prince Elrohir, and myself have devised something special." The mischievous grin broke out unreservedly on both faces and the identical princes bowed deeply. Suddenly, the two brothers darted back into the corridor, and then Elladan……no, it was Elladan….no….it was….one of them….jumped back out and began a quite ridiculous dance as a violinist in the corner began a lively tune. He clapped and flung his arms and one leg out repeatedly, dancing in a steady circle, and then darted back to the corridor, as the other brother came kicking and clapping to the center of the room.

Rina was doubled over in her chair with tears streaming down her face with laughter at the utter ridiculousness of the situation. Just as she thought she could not laugh harder, a trickle of freezing water ran down her back…."OH!" Rina jumped up with a squeal, "Who did that?" she demanded laughingly. To her surprise, the twins stood side by side in front of her with identical grins.

"Guess!" they cried in unison, "It is simple, who was dancing when you felt the water!"

Rina closely examined the twin faces for several moments before she finally cried, "How can I know?"

The grins grew wider, "Again!" they cried, and it began all over again…..and again…..and again. The hall was roaring with laughter as the dances grew more and more ridiculous and Rina though her insides would burst from it!

"Oh! it has been both of you by now!" she cried as she felt the back of her now soaked gown, "Admit it!" she laughed.

"Oh alright…" they conceeded, "You are most certainly correct…it was the both of us" Elrohir laughingly confessed, the difference now becoming more evident between the brothers.

"Not fair!" Rina laughed again, "Now I must change….you shall pay you know…." She tried to look angry, but the twins just grinned.

"We look forward to it!" They took either arm again, and escorted her to her chambers.

"I’m sure you shall." Rina shook her head.

Rina remained in her chambers for the afternoon, after an after-breakfast -till-lunch romp through the hills with twins left her exhausted. She still had bits of leaves clinging to her from Elrohir’s ill came by short-cut….but Rina had loved every minute of it. It was now after dinner, and Rina sat on the window ledge, staring out at the darkening sky after having a long laugh with Elanna about the events of the day. Her hair was down all around her shoulders and she was robed in white and silver.

On the balcony below, just out of sight, Elladan smiled up at the picture perfect image of the lovely girl in the window. He only observed for a moment, however, before a an idea came into his head that he couldn’t ignore, and he darted inside.

Rina sat mesmerised by the twinkle of the faint young stars, perfectly content in the glow of their beauty when she heard a strong knock on the door.

"Who is it?" she called.

"It is Elladan…I wondered if you would join me in the garden for a while…"

"What for?"

"There is something I was wondering."

Rina opened the door, "and what is that my lord?"

"How would you like to walk with me…just me and you?"


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