Rina’s Heart 3- Matters of the Heart and Books

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Ok…so the last chapter was pretty short too…but, if anyone is reading this, they will get longer! I promise!

Rina lay quiet and content under the soft silk of her sheets, the sun doing dances on her face and over her closed eyelids, warming her soft skin and lulling her gently towards sleep. It was a beautiful feeling and a beautiful day, and for those moments, Rina felt quite content, even considering the mild burn in her side.

Rina eventually peeled her eyes open and turned them suddenly to the chair besides her bed where Arwen had spread the gowns, three beautiful gowns just for her. Rina calculatedly eyed the distance between them and her; a pale green, filmy silk summer gown catching her feminine eye. That gown held her eye firmly, it was exactly the gown she wanted to wear and she couldn’t get the thoughts of how lovely it would look on her out of her head.

‘I’ll just touch it…maybe hold it up to see how it looks…very carefully…’ She carefully slid her legs from between the sheets…carefully, carefully over the side of the bed…slowly turned her hips toward the edge of the bed and very carefully sat up and reached…not far enough! Her toes were barely touching the stone floor, she pulled herself further to the edge of the bed and reached again, leaning out…her fingers touched the soft silk…and off she slipped, landing on the floor with a soft thud.

“Oooow! Oh dear, ow!” Rina curled slightly on the stone floor, rubbing her burning side, “Oh, ow! I should have known a bit better” Rina glared at the offending gown, after all, if it hadn’t been for it, she wouldn’t be on the floor with a burning wound just now!

Hurried footsteps in the corridor let Rina know that her fall hadn’t gone unnoticed, and she stifled the desire to moan in embarrassment. The desire overcame her, though, and she curled into a tighter ball when she saw who was coming to her rescue: Elrohir. Why couldn’t those twins simply let her alone?

“Lady Rina! Are you alright?” Rina felt color creeping into her face; ‘lady’ Rina, no, it was not Elrohir.
“I am quite alright my lord, really…” Rina assured Elladan as he carefully and gently lifted her against his chest and softly lay her onto her bed, “I assure you Lord Elladan, I am quite alright!” Elladan gave Rina a curious smile.

“Ah, Lady Rina, so you can already tell the twin sons of Elrond apart? I would greatly wonder how!” amused curiosity sparkled in his grey eyes.
“Indeed no! But I do know that you are indeed Elladan, for your brother would not call me ‘lady'” Rina smirked.
Elladan laughed, “I suppose that is so; if we wish our identities to remain secret, we must not utter a word!” Rina smiled brightly. A brief silence passed between them.

“Are you sure you are alright?” Elladan inquired once more.
“Yes, quite!”

As she spoke, a lovely, older woman with long brown hair entered the room with a kind smile, “Hello, Lady Elerrina, I am Elanna; you are in my charge for a time.”
“Hello Elanna, most pleased am I to meet you.” Rina smiled and nodded slightly. Elanna smiled brightly in return, and Rina decided that she would like the older woman.

“Well, seeing as I am no longer needed here, I will take my leave…Elrohir wished for me to go to the practice ring with him today” Elladan smiled ever so slightly, yet Rina thought that he had a strangely serious smile.
“Thank you for helping me, my lord” Rina blushed, what little comfort she’d had with him a moment ago vanished at the remembrance of who he was. Elladan nodded to both of the women and his footsteps vanished down the hall.

“Seeing as I am to ‘take care’ of you for a time, and be sure that you settle here properly, I believe that it is only right that we should be friends, don’t you think?” Elanna sat down on the edge of the bed.

“I agree! I do hope to stay here for a time, and a friend would be appreciated” Rina tried to smile as she spoke, but it was difficult; she didn’t come here for friends, indeed, she hardly wanted friends. Yet perhaps she needed one, a small voice in the back of her head seemed to say, but Rina didn’t listen to it, now, she wanted her solitude. “Are you married?” She didn’t need to ask, but she did to fill the silence.

“Yes! With two children; Earos, and Melilot.”
“Ah! Earos is such a lovely name, are you from the sea to name him such?”
“Nay, I am not, but my husband, Nillosse, lived by the sea as a child, he often speaks of traveling back with us someday.” Silence reigned.

“How long till I can walk about?” Rina asked suddenly.
“Only a day or two, it will not be long” Elanna smiled reassuringly, but was looking less and less at ease. She could feel Rina’s wall. “Well,” she finally said, “You ought to rest, I’ll leave alone for a bit” she smiled brightly at Rina one last time before whisking out of the room.

Rina moaned, she didn’t want to be that way, but friends, especially female friends, were dangerous! They meant talking about painful things, her parents and brother, her long-dead sister, love…all the things that Rina never wanted to talk about as long as she lived! Rina felt a tinge of envy for Elanna; she was married with children, she was not alone, she had people who needed her.

‘Perhaps that is all I want, all I need to be complete: to be wanted and needed’ just after the thought came, a burst of defensiveness drove it off. She had been needed in her family! No one could take that place. No one could take the place of her sister; Lasseriel had been Rina’s best friend, she was the only person Rina ever talked to about her pains and her loves.

‘That’s just it isn’t it. You’re afraid that someone will try and take Lasseriel’s place, aren’t you?’ Rina hung her head, she knew that was true. ‘If I tell anyone else the things I told Lasseriel, it would be as though I never told them to Lasseriel!’ Rina knew just how ridiculous that was, but it was the first argument she had. Rina couldn’t talk to anyone who wasn’t Lasseriel, and she most certainly couldn’t talk to anyone about Lasseriel, and so she couldn’t talk to anyone.

Rina simply stared at her sheets, tears blurring her vision. It had been so many years ago, so many years had she lived without her sister, why must it still be this hard to bear?
Rina’s thoughts were ended with a shard rap on her door frame.
“Who is it?” Rina frantically rubbed the tears off her face as a smiling son of Elrond entered her room.

“It is Elrohir, friend to Elerrina of Mirkwood, bringer of means to pass time!” Elrohir grinned a huge, dancing grin as he dumped an armload of books into Rina’s lap. “My brother, the good scholar of all books told me of the very best ones, and told me of the ones that you should like, and I decided which of those would be best to read, and brought them to you!”

Rina laughed Elrohir’s grand tone and deep bow, and turned to the lovely books in her lap. She saw a recount of the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, the tale of Turin son of Hurin and a telling of the fall of Gondolin.

“Thank you so very, very much Elrohir, it was so kind of you; thank your brother as well!” Rina stacked the books carefully on a small table that Elrohir carried to her bedside.

“Ah yes, I almost forgot, Elladan was most adamant that you read this in particular” Elrohir lay a beautiful book bound in deep green and silver. ‘The Lay of Leithian’, the tale of Beren and Luthien.

“Thank you again Elrohir, I am so glad to have a way to pass the time!” Rina smiled, a true, genuine smile. Elrohir made a grand, deep bow with a smirk on his way out of the girl’s room.

“The Lay of Leithian…a tale of romance” an odd smirk came upon Rina’s face as she opened the cover to the ancient book. She stroked the rough and slightly gritty pages affectionately, taking in every feeling. Then ran her fingers over the green leather and the silver binding. She loved books, every bit of them, every page, paragraph, sentence and word of them. They were perfect creations, someone’s heart, someone’s spirit, poured out onto the eternal pages of an ancient volume, never to be forgotten.

“Beren and Luthien and their love was never forgotten” the murmur had barely left her lips before she was swallowed into the first couplets of the mesmerizing rhyme.

Okay…….I’ll put up name translations:

Earos- Sea Foam
Elerrina- Star Crowned
Elrohir- Elf Knight
Elladan- Elf Man
Elanna- Star Gift
Lasseriel- Maiden of Greenery
Melilot- Love Flower
Nillosse- I’m not entirely sure on the exact translation at this time, but I will put it here when I know 😉

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