Rina’s Heart 2

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Hello again! This part is a bit longer, hopefully I’ll be able to keep them a bit longer for you! ; -)

Elladan wandered almost aimlessly down the Imladris halls, only barely sure where he was going, eventually ending up in the library.
‘It’s a fine thing a week out of a bed and sleep will do to you!’ he thought ruefully as he rubbed his eyes. He dropped into the large chair behind his desk and bent over his work; transcribing ‘The Lay of Leithian’ to be sent to library at Minas Tirith. It was his favorite piece of literature and reading and writing it out calmed him like nothing else did:

‘His voice such love and longing filled
One moment stood she, fear was stilled;
One moment only; like a flame
He leapt towards her as she stayed
And caught and kissed that elven maid.’

Elladan sighed and lay his pen down and rubbed his tired eyes again, finally he just lay his head down on his folded arms and dozed off, ‘Only a moment……’

“There you are Little Brother!” Elrohir sauntered into the library and patted his twin on the shoulder, “I had a feeling you might be here, don’t ask me how” Elrohir grinned at his brother’s sleepy face.
“Of course you did” Elladan slurred and frowned at his twin, “You could have let me rest” he brushed a strand of his long, black hair out of his face.
“Not slumped over on that desk, you should at least make it to the couch”
“Well, my rest was still quite nice despite your interrupting it” Elladan grinned and straightened his back, “Was there a reason that you searched me out?”
“Of course there was! The Lady Arwen wishes to bid her dear brothers farewell before taking her leave to the wood of Lothlorien” Elrohir said with a flourishing bow.
“Well then, lead me to the good Lady” Elladan stood up and straightened his outer robe.

“There you are Good Sister!” Elladan cried as he ran down the hall, “You cannot leave without saying farewell to your dear brothers.”
“Never indeed, you cannot escape us!” Elrohir ran behind his brother.
“So I see!” Arwen gasped as her brothers embraced her on either side, crushing her between their strong warrior bodies, “Oh goodness! I can’t breathe” Arwen laughed and gasped again as the twins released her, “I would love to believe that my brothers should come and visit me there!”
“Of course!” the twins exclaimed at the same time. Elladan grinned and squeezed his little sister’s shoulder, “I will never forget to visit my baby sister!”
“I’m very glad! I’ll be leaving in an hour…I’ll be expecting to see you with Father at the gates when I leave!” Arwen smiled brightly at her brothers.
“We shall be there!”

Arwen took a last look around her chambers to be sure she didn’t forget anything. She was torn between her excitement to be in Lothlorien with her grandparents and being home with her father and brothers…yes, those crazy brothers, she smiled at the thought of the two of them standing side by side with their hands behind their back and demon dimples on their face, yes, she would miss them terribly. Suddenly she remembered one last thing to take care of.

“How is our guest this fine morning?” Arwen entered Rina’s room with a smile, glad to find her awake, “I trust you rested well last night; is your wound troubling much this morning?”
“Morning? Has it really been a whole night since I arrived?” Rina ran a hand through her hair and rubbed her sleepy eyes and then proceeded to stretch, “Ooo! Perhaps too early for that” She laughed forcedly and winced as she touched her side.
“Be careful on the stretching!” Arwen exclaimed, “I just wished to come and officially greet you as the lady of this house” Arwen smiled, “And bring you a few gowns of mine that I believe will flatter you and that I cannot bring along.”
“Are you leaving?” Rina asked.
“Yes, to Lothlorien for a time, sadly just as a female companion arrived, yes, the twins informed me that you intend to stay for a while, so I figured that you may need a few a gowns.”
“Really I don’t, you far too kind…”
“I do insist! I do not need them, and I believe that you can find a use for them, do take them” Arwen lay the gowns out on a chair next to Rina’s bed.
“Thank you, you are truly too kind” Rina conceded, far too tired to argue. She smiled wearily.
“I must say farewell Elerrina, you must rest” She rested her hand on Rina’s shoulder briefly before walking out of the room. Rina simply closed her eyes; she couldn’t understand how she could be so tired.

“Namarie, Atar, Elladan, Elrohir, I shall miss you all desperately” Arwen fought back her tears.
“It is for the best dear child, though I shall miss you in return” Elrond kissed his daughter’s forehead in farewell. The twins crushed her in one last two way embrace. Finally Arwen mounted her horse and rode out of Imladris and onto the road to Lorien.
“I believe we should travel to Lorien soon little brother- I know of a few friends there who may wish to see us” Elladan slapped his twin on the shoulder.
“I wholeheartedly agree! When do we leave?” Elrohir grinned. Elrond smiled at both of his sons,
“I believe you can live without your sister for a time” he chuckled slightly at the mock panic at the twins’ faces, “But, if I do recall, there is a young lady of Mirkwood resting up in her room who may remain here for a time…I suggest you take her as a sister for a time!”
“Of course Atar!” Elladan exclaimed.
“Quite willingly!” Elrohir chorused, the twins grinned at each other and at their father, “How much of a sister?”
“I suggest you do not leave any living, crawling creatures in her bed just yet…let her adjust” Elrond advised his excited boys.
Elladan smiled in the general direction of Rina’s room, it would be a good to have a new companion in Imladris.

Things of note:

The lines from the Lay of Leithian were taken from the ‘Lays of Beleriand’ by Tolkien


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