Rina’s Heart 1- A Callling

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Hello all! Well, seeing as I haven’t had much success with my other fanfic, I decided to try another kind of thing, so this is an Elladan fic, since he’s probably my favorite Third Age Elf, so tell me how this goes! And naturally, I do not own The Lord of the Rings or any other of Tolkien’s works.

A raindrop fell from its grey home, a little drop of silver from an imposing scowl. It fell a happy little course, avoiding leaves and twigs as it fell through a dauntingly thick canopy of trees and continued on its course until it ended with a soft splash on the upturned face of a young she-elf. Elerrina loved the rain; she loved to watch the silver drops as they fell through the blanket of leaves, some splashing onto the leaves, others making it to the ground. She giggled softly as droplet trickled down her cheek.
“Tis a good thing to see you smile” The other Elf smiled at his friend’s surprise.
“Legolas! You shouldn’t sneak upon your friends”
“Oh come Rina, how could I help it?” Legolas grinned and chuckled. Rina smiled ever so slightly. Little indeed had she smiled in the last years; little had she smiled since her family’s decision to sail away. She understood, they were weary and her father and brother had been oft wounded in the constant battle that Mirkwood faced against Necromancer, but much hope did she have in Middle Earth. Too much to leave it behind her forever.
“There is much I can do” Rina whispered, speaking more to herself than to Legolas, in fact, she had forgotten he was there.
“There is always much to be done” Legolas’ words pulled Rina out of her reverie, “Do you still intend to leave in the morn?” he asked tentatively, she had spoken of leaving for many days, leaving to Rivendell, but none were sure if she would.
“Of course. I leave before the light” Her words were resolute as was her face.
“What do you seek there in Imladris?”
“I seek wisdom and seek the will of the Valar…” her words were soft, and Legolas knew that she didn’t truly understand the desire to go herself, “I have been called there, many dreams and thoughts I have had of Imladris this fortnight.”
“If you are called by the Valar for some purpose to the house of Lord Elrond, do their will” The Elven prince forced a smile, many years had Rina been his friend and it would sadden him to see her go, but go she must.
“So I intend to do…this is why I leave tomorrow” a tiny smile threatened the corners of her lips, she wondered if his words were meant for her or for himself.
With kind words the friends departed that evening, they knew not how long it would be before they met again.

The Mirkwood morning was pale, thick clouds from the previous day’s storm still lingered over head and the eaves of the forest still dripped silver drops of rain from their leaves. Only the trees watched as a golden haired young she-elf walked softly from the forest’s protection and out into the grey, unprotected against the angry sky.
Rina turned her green eyes towards the sky, and with a frown pulled the hood of her cloak onto her head in anticipation of a day with rain. How long would it take reach Imladris? A week perhaps? Rina couldn’t be sure. Little did she know of the lands of Middle Earth.

Rina walked determinedly down the well trodden mountain path. It had been a week since her departure from Mirkwood, and she had only just reached Redhorn Pass. She wiped her sweaty palms on her leggings, she was being followed, she knew it. She instinctively grasped the hilt of her brother’s sword dangling at her waist; she had taken it for protection, but she barely knew how to use it, Legolas had taught her some, but even then, little did she know. Rina’s keen Silvan senses were prickling, the slight sound of steps in the distance, heavy breathing not far off, a shadow out of the corner of her eye.
Rina whipped out her sword, as she rounded a bend in the trail, all her suspicions confirmed with a goblin running towards her with a scimitar, Rina looked about her and saw six more of the foul creatures approaching her. She could not say exactly how, but somehow she avoided the blade of the first goblin, but not the blade of the second, and as they both lay on the ground dead, Rina felt blood oozing down her leg, but she tried to ignore the pain as two more rushed at her.
Zing! An arrow flew from seemingly nowhere and pierced one goblin through the throat, and then the other. A dark haired Elf on horseback rushed around the bend from the opposite direction that Rina had come from, and the two remaining goblins fled before him. A second Elf, exactly like the first rushed to her side.
“My Lady, you are wounded” He exclaimed, and for the first time Rina looked at the wound.
“It is quite small…” Rina’s words cut short as she saw the gaping wound in her side, and she grew quite pale.
“Do not worry, Imladris is not far” He swept her up to carry her, despite her protests, “What is your name?” he asked kindly.
“Rina, Elerrina daughter of Narod of Mirkwood.”
“Elladan of Rivendell” he replied kindly, still keeping a strong hold on her as he mounted his horse, his brother returning to his side.
“Elladan? Son of Elrond?” Rina gasped in despair, “I really can walk!”
“Nonsense, you have no business walking with such a wound!” and despite all Rina’s protests, the prince of Imladris carried Rina on his horse.
Two hours later, Rina sulked as Elladan held her against his chest on his horse. The whole situation was really quite ridiculous! She got a minor cut from a couple of goblins and Prince Elladan and Elrohir had to come to her rescue and now the eldest son of Elrond was carrying her like a child in front of him on his horse. Could there possibly be a worse way for her to enter Imladris? All she could do was hang her head and hope no one would see her face.

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