Rianarwens Tale – Chapter Two- New Beginnings

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Chapter 2- New Beginnings

After she could stop laughing she looked up with tears and her eyes at Torion. He was still looking very confused and frankly very cute. He held out his hand; hesitantly she took it and was lead towards the woods, which she ran at earlier. In the woods she found more elves and drew closer to Torion for comfort.


When they entered the Golden Wood Torion was surprised to find the March warden and his contingent there. He felt the girl next to him stiffen and move closer to him; unconsciously he put his arm around her to comfort her. To his surprise she drew closer and put her arm around his waist. He smiled. He looked at Haldir and saw immediately that he was infuriated.
” You know it’s against the law to bring an alien to the golden wood?” Haldir asked.
” Yes Sir, Haldir.” Torin responded pulling the maiden closer to him for fear of losing her. He noticed she winced, and looked at her and saw a tear rolling down her face. She was holding her wrist that just seemed to be dangling. Torion looked at Haldir who had also noticed.
” Come lets bring her to Galadriel maybe she can heal her.” Slowly he loosened his grip on the girl and pushed her over to Haldir who helped her on a horse.


Elena heard the two men speaking in a beautiful language she thought could only be Elvish. The new elf with long blond hair and a muscular body was said to be Haldir as she had heard Torin say. As the impressive elf moved toward her intimidating she put her arm around Torin and moved closer for comfort. He squeezed her arm and she wince with pain. She had forgotten her broken wrist in the fray. I better do something about that soon she thought. I wish I could just go home and then I would have to deal with this. She thought about the tear on Liv’s flawless face and realized she might never see her family again. As she was being pushed toward the burlesque man she felt a rebellious tear slide down her check. This was going to be really hard, she need to find out what age it was in middle earth and if the war of the ring was happening. She heard Torion say something to Haldir, saw Haldir nod and then Torion climbed up on the horse behind her and put a comforting hand around her. She gratefully leaned back on him and fell asleep fast.


Torion saw the maiden starting to cry and asked Haldir if he could ride with her. He saw him nod and then climbed up on the horse behind her and whispered in her ear, ” Avo nalla en bain gwend”. Then he put his arm around her she immediately leaned back and was asleep with in a minute. He heard Haldir scoffing at him for what he said and just glared at him.
What? Torion said. Haldir didn’t reply he just walked ahead leading them into the heard of the golden forest.


They finally arrived at Lothlorien; leaves of red and gold were drifting slowly down from the trees covering everything with a light blanket. There was music everywhere, whether it was from the elves singing or the wing shuffling through the trees. The air smelled crisp and clean and the bubbling sound of water was soothing to the soul. Torion became so caught up in the magic of Lothlorien as he always did he realized they were at the bottom of the grand steps, leading to Galadrials room. He slowly dismounted, and lightly moved the maiden into his arms and walked up the steps. He notices that not only did she have a broken wrist but also her entire chest seemed to be bruised from the orc’s fall on her. She was still sleeping or maybe she had fainted from the pain since she did look a little pale earlier.
I wish I had noticed earlier so that she would have to have been in so much pain. How could I be so selfish? I should have brought her to Galadriel right away… *** Haldir.
Are you alright Torion?” Haldir rough voice interrupter him.
“Fine” he replied, ” I was just thinking”


When Elena woke up she was in a small room that had a closet and a dressing table with a mirror. She looked to her left and there was a balcony, slowly moving to keep from causing herself to much pain she shuffled over to the balcony. Her jaw dropped in amazement, the view was spectacular there were similar houses situated up and down all the other grand trees. Just then there was a light knock on the door and a women with long golden hair cascading over her shoulders and piercing blue eyes. “How are you today my spirit maiden?” the golden maiden asked.
” I am feeling alright” Elena responded ” Thank you, who are you?”
” My name is Galadriel, Lady of the light, I will be looking after you until you heal. My name for you is Rianarwen or Spirit maiden.
” How come you can understand me but Torion cannot?”
” I have been raise to understand the language of men, Torion is slowly learning it but he was raised where at the time the language of men was banned.”
“What time was that?” Rianarwen asked.
” If I told you, my dear, I would only scare you, know come lets have look at that wrist of yours.

* “Avo nalla en bain gwend”- “Don’t cry my beautiful maiden”

Note from the author:
Sorry I haven’t written in awhile I have been extremely busy with school being the end of my junior year. I have finally had time to finish this chapter and am working on the next installment. The bad news is I may not have access to a computer until August . I will try to publish whenever I can. I love you all for reading my story!


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