Rianarwen’s Tale – Chapter 1: To Middle Earth

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Chapter 1- To Middle Earth!

The costume was beautiful she had to admit, but heavy, very heavy. A set hand had ushered her to another car. She slowly maneuvered herself in and next thing she knew she was off to a set. Which one? She didn’t know. After about a half an hour she arrived at the set. The driver, Joe again, helped her get out of the vehicle.
” Have a good time miss!” he said with a “toothy” grin. She smiled and waved good-bye not wanting to say anything. The door to the set opened and she entered; for the second time that day her mouth opened in shock. The set was beautiful; there were huge trees, which had golden leave. She gazed around herself in wonder.
A loud booming voice over a speaker suddenly announced, ” Will Elena report to the stairs immediately!” breaking her from her reverie. Gradually she made her way over to the stairs, wherever they were. She wished with all her heart she wouldn’t make a fool of herself. She could see Elijah and a really cute person who must have been Orlando, the person Liv was talking about. She just wished she could go to the actual Middle Earth Tolkien had described in his brilliant books, and sighed realizing that could never happen. Suddenly she tripped and fell over a cord, only she didn’t hit the ground she kept falling and falling in an endless downward spiral.
” Whoa, help!” she cried uselessly.


She hit the ground with a thud, only it wasn’t wood it was dirt. ” Hugh!” she muttered, spitting dirt out of her mouth. She had fallen wrong on her wrist, which was now throbbing. Then, she realized that she needed to get to the set right away. ” Great just what I need to fall and embarrass myself in front of Elijah! To make it even worse I probably have a broken wrist.” She muttered to herself. Slowly she rose and looked up. There were no fake trees around her. She was in the middle of a field looking at a creature. What ever it was it was grotesque. The creature had the build and body of a human; but was covered in slime and had an ugly piggish nose. She automatically took a couple steps back in horror. Ii]Don’t remember learning about this animal in biology! She thought. It took a couple steps toward her, and to her terror started speaking some evil sounding language. She took it for a bad sign, turned on her heal and ran toward the forest. Time for all those climbing lessons to come to use!” she thought bitterly. The beast was catching up remarkably fast considering its size; she did think that it looked like a description of an orc. Suddenly she halted and said aloud,” I’m in middle earth.” The orc crashed into her and she fell to the ground. ” Ouch, get off me!” she screamed. Then orc became even heavier as she heard a sickening thump; the creature was rolled of her.
A mans voice in a strange sounding language then said, ” Le pan tir?” She looked up and saw an elf. But it didn’t look like Orlando’s character; what was happening? Frightened she tried to leave but the elf reached down and stopped her.
“Aphad nin” he said.
” I have no idea what your saying.” She said. She saw the shock on his face, and realized that he had no clue what she had just spoken.


Tórion had no idea what this beautiful woman had just said. He did see however that she was terrified. Her wrist appeared to be broken and her dress was torn on the side from the fall. He slowly gestured for her to follow him. He was going to talk her to the Lady of Light. She had mentioned I would meet a maiden soon I had now idea she wouldn’t speak my language. She looks as much like any elf maiden I have seen if not fairer. He helped her up off the ground and then pointed to himself and said, “Tórion”.
” Elena”. Said the maiden in the prettiest voice he had heard.
He reached down took her hand and slowly led her out of the clearing into the Realm of Lothlorien.


This elf, Tórion, was being extremely nice to her, why? Then she remembered she was dressed in her elf costume from the set. ” Crap!” she muttered silently.
” Man”? He asked questionly.
`Yes I know you’re a man!” she responded annoyed, and then realized he was asking her what she had said and was looking very confused. She had to admit he looked very funny with is fair features all scrunched up. Next thin she knew she was laughing.

“Le pan tir?”- You all right?
” Man”? – What?
“Aphad nin” – follow me

** This is my first time writing a story like this. The format is a little weird going from Elena’s thoughts to Torion’s thoughts. I will promise to make them better next time!


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