Revenge – Prologue

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This story involves an orphaned elf. Her past is a horrid thing, but plays a key role in this story. In this prologue, I will tell you all about it.

It all started on a dark, rainy summer night. A horrible thunderstorm sent bolts of lightning streaking across the sky followed by giant claps of thunder. In the house of Elrond of Rivendell, a young elf maiden was expecting her first child.

Soon she felt it was time and was rushed to a room and put in a big bed. A midwife was called and in an hour, a baby was resting in the young maiden’s arms. The woman’s husband came in to see her and his newly born child. It was a girl with dark hair and blue eyes. She was a very beautiful child and her parents decided to name her Lirimaer (lovely one), but would often shorten it to Liri.

*15 years later*

It was a sunny afternoon the day of Liri’s 15th birthday. Liri’s parents had taken her out to a sunny field for a day of playing, fun, and family time. It started out that way, but ended anything but.

At first they ran around amongst the flowers, smiling and chasing one another. Then they lay down on the lush, green grass and looked at the clouds.

“That one looks like a frog!” Liri exclaimed.
“No, much more like a flower,” her mother said.
“I think it’s a flower, too,” her father stated.
“No, definitely a frog,” Liri said.
“How can that be a frog!” her mother exclaimed, “Look at the shape. Did the frog grow a petal and a stem?”

Liri laughed.

“Oh, mother,” she cried as she continued to laugh, “You’re crazy.”
“I’m the crazy one?! I think not!”

But suddenly their chiming laughter was cut short for they heard behind them a twig snapping. Liri’s father jumped up and spun around. He found himself staring an ugly orc in the face. Liri’s father quickly pulled out his dagger, and faster than the orc could blink, it was dead. Liri’s father sighed with relief, but that sigh was cut short, for as if out of no where a whole band of orc sprung! Liri let out a scream. Her mother stepped in front of her, trying to protect her. They watched helplessly as Liri’s father was attacked. Blow after blow was sent at him, but somehow he seemed to avoid all of them. Except one. A tall, slimy orc which seemed to be the leader of the horrid band, delivered the fateful blow. The elf fell to the ground with a dagger through his heart.

“NO!” Liri and her mother screamed at the same time as tears raced down their faces. This brought the horrid band’s attention on them.

“Run,” was the only word that escaped Liri’s mother’s lips as the orcs ran toward them. Liri and her mother raced across the field as fast as their feet would take them; each saying a silent prayer.

They kept running and running, but the murderous orcs would not give up. They started to shoot arrows at them. Vicious black arrows which on every tip held a vile venom. Venom to kill. One after another was shot at the two maidens. Liri and her mother swerved and dodged to avoid them, but this slowed them down; an advantage to the orcs. They were now drawing closer. As they did, the same orc that had slain Liri’s father, shot a dark arrow which found itself in Liri’s mother’s arm. She let out a scream of pain and fell to the ground.

As the orcs approached, Liri ran to her mother’s side and tried to help her up, but the venom was taking it’s horrible toll already.

“No,” Liri whispered. With her last breath Liri’s mother spoke these words:

“Go my daughter, save your self. It is to late for me. Remember, I have always loved you. Tell Elrond that I wish him to care for you now. Go.”

And with that a light seemed to go out of her eyes and she spoke no more. Liri looked up at the quickly approaching orcs. She stood up slowly, her face in a hardened expression. Hot rage flowed through every vein in her body.

“Amin delotha lle!* You’ve ruined everything I had. Everything!!” she screamed. The orcs stopped in their tracks. There seemed to be so much anger and hatred emanating from her small body that for a moment, it actually scared the orcs. They looked at her in strange wonder, but then their killing instincts overpowered their fear and they advanced toward her. She took off like the very lightning bolts that had streaked across the sky the day she had been born. Her anger fuelled her and she ran on and on. She felt like she would never stop. She didn’t know where she was going. Which way to go to reach Elrond. But right then she didn’t care. All her thought was bent on revenge. Revenge mostly on that tall, horrible orc that had killed the only family she knew.

She kept running and running until she realized the orcs had given up and dropped to the ground with exhaustion. It was now dusk, she realized.
Her breathing was hard and didn’t come easy. Hot tears raced down her face and onto her dress.

“Why, why, why?!” she cried out as she put her face in her hands. She stayed in that same spot until night fell and she had cried herself to sleep.

The next morning she found herself on a horse and could feel the presence of a being sitting right behind her. Startled, she spun around, but by doing so, she fell off the horse and on to the ground. A young elf leapt off the horse and to her side.

“Are you alright?” he asked worried. She nodded her head.
“Who are you?” she asked.
“I am Elladan, of Rivendell, son of Elrond,” he replied.
“I am of Rivendell, too,” she told him as she slowly got up off of the ground.
“Why were you way out her all by yourself? When I found you, you were passed out,” he said.
“I do not wish to speak of it,” she said as a small sob caught in her throat. He eyed her strangely, but didn’t ask her anymore. To him she looked very traumatized and he didn’t think now was the time to ask about it again.

He helped her up onto the horse again and then climbed on behind her, and they rode the rest of the way to Rivendell.

Later that day after they had arrived, Elladan took her to his father.

“I would like to speak to Elrond in private,” she stated, eyeing Elladan. Feeling a bit not wanted, he left the room to be respectful to the lady’s request. He just wished he knew more about her. It’s not every day you find an elf maiden alone in a field passed out.

Liri then told Elrond, between tears, all that had happened to her the day before. Elrond knew her father, a very respectable elf, and her lovely mother. Feeling deeply for the young girl, he told her that he would watch out for her and care for her. She thanked him and then gave him a hug, something he wasn’t expecting, but he hugged her back. From that day on she was a part of Elrond’s family. She was well cared for and had friends. Elrond’s sons even took a liking to her, especially Elladan. Arwen also befriended her and the two became almost inseparable. Even though she had a happy home and people who cared about her, deep down inside she still felt the same hate that she did the day her parents were killed. And that hate would never be quenched until she had revenge.

Elvish Translation:

* I hate you


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