Revenge – Chapter Two ~ Off To Revenge

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Chapter Two – Off to Revenge

Elladan walked out onto a balcony that overlooked a beautiful roaring waterfall. His father and brother were already there discussing the coming days ahead as he approached them.

“Hello, Elladan,” his father greeted him, “Do you think you are ready for this quest?”
“Yes, father, I am,” he said, but Elrond noticed a tone of uncertainty in his voice. He stared at his son for a moment, but then let it pass.
“Elrohir and yourself will be the heads of this mission. You will be journeying to two small villages: Tirhand and Rohur,” Elrond told him. Elladan nodded. Elrond spoke again,
“There has been a change, though, in your time of departure.”
“You’ll be leaving tonight instead of tomorrow.”
“But why?”
“You must get to these cities that are in need of help faster. They are in great despair and I want you to get there as soon as you can.”
“Will I have time to say goodbye to anyone?”
“Yes, you aren’t leaving until dusk.”

Elladan nodded and smiled; acknowledging that it was okay with him and then listened to the rest of what Elrond had to tell him about his upcoming duties.


Liri slowly rode back through the field, a small smile still stuck on her face.

“Wow,” she whispered to herself, her mind still stuck on the event that had just occurred. She couldn’t believe it. He loved her! But as she continued on with her wonderful memory, she remembered what Elladan had said just before that. The smile wore away from her face.

“He can’t go,” she said aloud to herself, “I couldn’t stand it if he got…”

She shook the thought out of her head. She didn’t want to think of it. But then another thought entered her mind. ‘What if…no that’s a stupid idea. Well, maybe not…what if I went with him? I could make sure nothing happens to him. I would have weapons to help protect him. I know how to use a bow and a sword. It might work,’ she pondered to herself. Then she remembered the orc. The terrible, blood-thirsty orc. Another idea slid into her mind; one fuelled by her hatred. An evil smile graced her soft lips. ‘Revenge.’


As Liri entered her room, Arwen was sitting on her bed.

“Did you hear about my brothers?” she asked sadly.
“I don’t want them to go. I’m always worried when they’re gone. Worried about their safety.”
“I’m worried, too,” said Liri as she sat down on the bed beside her friend, “I hope they come back okay.” Arwen smiled at her and nodded.
“Me too.”

She then changed the subject.
“So what happened on your horse ride?” she asked smiling evily.
“Oh, not much,” said Liri walking away with a dazed, but happy look in her eye.
“Something must have happened, then!” Arwen exclaimed as she got up off the bed, “Tell me!”
“Well, he – he kissed me. Just a little kiss on the cheek, nothing else.”
“I knew it!” Arwen cried, “I always knew he felt for you. Ever since he laid eyes on you!”
“Oh, Arwen!” Liri cried as her cheeks started to turn red. Arwen gave a little chuckle. But then Liri turned serious.

“Arwen, I’m going with them, to Mordor.”
“What!?” Arwen replied surprised.
“I have to. You know about my past. I can’t let the orcs do what they did to my parents. They can’t take him away from me!”

Arwen stood staring at her amazed. With every word, Liri seemed to grow angrier and there seemed to be much hate emanating from her slender frame.

“But that’s not the only reason I’m going,” Liri continued, “I go because I seek revenge. I hate that orc that murdered my parents and my hate will never be quenched until I have my revenge.”

Arwen stood in wonder and awe of Liri. Liri seemed always the quiet, shy type, but now all the hate and anger that had been locked up deep inside her was starting to come out. Arwen was very surprised, but understood. Somehow she really did. She would do the same thing if she were in Liri’s shoes.

“I understand,” said Arwen.
“Thanks,” Liri said and hugged her best friend, “At least they aren’t leaving until tomorrow. That will grant me enough time to get a disguise. I will have to go as a man, you know. I know for sure Elrond would never approve of me going.”
“Oh, didn’t you hear?” Arwen asked, “There was a change. They are leaving at dusk today.”
“What?!” Liri said surprised, “Oh, what will I do Arwen? I need that disguise!”
“Don’t worry,” said Arwen, “I’ll take care of it.”


Just as Arwen said, she pulled through. She was able to sneak a man’s uniform, an extra pair of clothes, bow and arrows, and two daggers to Liri.

“You’ll have to cut you hair,” Arwen stated.
“I know,” said Liri. She cut it down to shoulder length and tied it in a ponytail. By dusk, Liri was ready with her disguise and step one of her plan was in action. About five minutes before she had to leave, she was told by a messenger that Elladan requested her presence. She told the messenger to tell him that she was busy and to send him her best regards. She really wished she could go to him, but she knew that if he found out, he would never let her go.
Before she left she hugged Arwen.

“Thank you so much. For everything,” Liri said, tears in her crystal blue eyes.
“Of course, my friend. I am always glad to aid you. But promise me one thing,” Arwen said.
“You, Elladan, and Elrohir. Come back,” she said as tears started to form in her dark eyes.
“We will.”

And with that Liri mounted the same white horse she had ridden earlier that day and rode off with Arwen’s brothers and the other men. Off to danger. Off to hardship. Off to revenge.

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