Revenge – Chapter Three ~ Found Out!

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Chapter Three – Found Out

The company rode on through the long night and settled down for rest at sunrise. Liri still hadn’t been found out and all the other men welcomed her as if she were one of them. Even Elladan and Elrohir had spoken to her a couple of times, not knowing.

They rested until about noon and then rode on again. Liri was eager to talk to Elladan. She still felt bad about not saying good-bye. He and Elrohir led the front of the party. She rode up beside Elladan.

“Hello,” she said mustering the deepest voice she could make.
“Hello,” he said, but he was uncertain about this man. There was something that seemed strange about him.
“What is your name?” he asked politely.
‘Oh, no!’ Liri thought, ‘I forgot to come up with a name!’
“Uh…M-Melcor,” she stuttered. Elladan smiled at her.
“Welcome Melcor, I’m glad you could aid us,” he said. Liri smiled back. Elladan turned to his brother.
“This is Melcor,” he introduced her. Elrohir looked at her and started to smile, but then his eyebrows shot up in surprise. Both Elladan and ‘Melcor’ eyed him strangely.
“What’s wrong, my brother?” Elladan asked worried.
“Oh, nothing…,” Elrohir said still eyeing ‘Melcor’, “Melcor, have we met before?”
“Oh, no, I don’t believe we have!” said Liri quickly. She then turned and looked back at the rest of the men.
“Well, I’ll be going now. Nice speaking with you!” she said slightly nervous and rushed to the back of the company.
“What’s wrong with him?” Elladan asked. Elrohir didn’t answer.


That night, they stopped around midnight and set up camp. They camped on the border of a small forest, across from a small, running stream so they would be sure to have enough firewood and water. They all let their horses get a drink as they laid out their sleeping blankets. They started a big fire and ate their dinner. Liri stayed around some of the men who had welcomed her and tried her best to stay out of the sights of Elladan and Elrohir. She was afraid they might have suspected something. After dinner they all went to sleep, tired of their long day of riding. All of them, except one.

Liri was sleeping soundly when she was awakened by someone clapping a hand over her mouth. She fought at them, but they dragged her along, into the forest. She tried to scream, but her captor had a strong grip on her and wouldn’t let go. Finally, at what seemed quite awhile to Liri, they let go. She spun around and came face to face with Elrohir.
“Elrohir!” she cried in her regular voice, but then realized her mistake.
“Lirimaer! What do you think you’re doing here?” he exclaimed. Liri was silent.
“Well?!” he questioned angrily.
“I-I was going with you!” she exclaimed as she started to cry.
“But why?” he asked a little softer. He hadn’t meant to upset her.

A few moments of silence pasted before she spoke.

“Because, I’m out for revenge! Revenge on the horrible orc who killed my parents!” she yelled as the tears flowed freely. He drew her into a kind hug.
“Shh…” he whispered trying to calm her, “This is too dangerous for a fair maiden like yourself. You should be at home, with Arwen.”
“I know, but there’s another reason…I love Elladan. I didn’t want him to get hurt or…,” she broke off.
“I see, sister,” he said. She loved it when he called her his sister. She felt like she belonged even though she was adopted. He held her out at arms length and looked at her.
“You cut your beautiful hair!” he exclaimed, changing the subject.
“I know,” she said shamefully, but then added, “How did you know it was me?”
“It’s obvious to me,” Elrohir said, “No man could have such fair features. And no one has such beautiful, blue eyes.” Liri blushed.
“But,” she asked confused, “Why didn’t Elladan know?”
“Well, lets just say, he’s not quite as bright as I am.”

Liri chuckled and rolled her eyes.

“Now, let us get back to camp. We need all the rest we can get.”
“You won’t tell anyone will you? Especially not Elladan. He’d be very worried and angry if he ever found out,” Liri asked worriedly.
“I won’t tell a soul,” said Elrohir smiling at her.

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