Revenge – Chapter Six ~ The Dream

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Chapter Six – The Dream

The next day, the sun rose bright and new. To the people of Tirhand, it felt like a great shadow had been taken off of their small village. They knew that orcs would most likely come again, but for now they were safe.

The town still needed help for their villagers, though. The elves graciously handed out medicines and cures, new bows and arrows, recipes, and ways to preserve the towns much needed foods. It took the whole day to do this, but in the end as Liri handed out the last of the bows and arrows, she felt like she had just handed out many shields to the people. They now knew how to defend themselves and had the tools to do that. They would be able to take care of and feed each other. Yes, she had truly helped accomplish something. Something big. Something meaningful.


At nightfall, Liri went in to see how Elrohir was healing. As she stepped into the one room shack, she saw him sitting on the edge of his bed, talking to Faya. He turned his head at feeling her presence and smiled.

“Liri!” he exclaimed, standing as she approached him.
“Elrohir! You look much better!” she said as she hugged her foster brother.
“I am. My arm still feels pain, but not much,” he said showing her his bandage, “Now, I hear that my little sister is the one who saved the whole town.”

Liri blushed.

“Well, it wasn’t all me,” she said with a light chuckle, “But it was my idea.”
“Well, it was a good one. You saved many lives yesterday,” he smiled at her proudly, “And men say women should stay at home! Without you, who knows if that battle would have been won!”

Liri laughed at his remark.

“Thanks, Elrohir,” she smiled warmly and hugging him again.
Suddenly Faya piped up, “You’re a girl?!”

Liri and Elrohir exchanged worried glances. ‘Great now she knows!’ the thought screamed at Liri, ‘What if she speaks word of this?’ Liri realized what her mistake had been: she had forgotten when she had started to speak with Elrohir, to disguise her voice.

“Well…yes,” Liri answered Faya uneasily.
“But why would–,” Faya began, but Elrohir cut her off.
“That is not important,” he said sternly, “What is, is that you breath word of this to no one. Do you understand?”
“Yes…I guess,” agreed Faya bewildered.
“I should leave now,” Liri told Elrohir and then turned to Faya, “Please don’t tell anyone. It’s very important.”
“I won’t,” Faya said smiling at Liri, “I promise.”
“Thank you,” Liri said gratefully, smiling back at the girl, and turned to go.

As she was leaving, she almost ran into Elladan, who was entering.

“I’m sorry, Elladan,” she told him and remembered to disguise her voice.
“That’s okay,” he said as he passed her.

He walked over to his brother’s side and then spotted Faya.

“Excuse me, but I would like to talk to my brother privately,” he said.
“That’s fine,” the girl answered, “I was just about to leave. I need to go home anyway. Good night to you both.” Elrohir bid her farewell and turned to his brother.
“What have you come for?” he asked him curiously.
“I need to talk to you about Melcor. Do you ever speak to him?” Elladan asked.
“Yes. Fairly often, why?”
“Well, haven’t you noticed something odd about him?”
“Odd, what ever do you mean?”
“How he looks? Or feels? Yesterday I had to grab his hand to drag him out of one of the shacks to be burnt, and he had incredibly soft hands. For a male, anyway. And those eyes. So blue. I know I’ve seen them somewhere, I just know it. Who has eyes like that, brother?”
“Lots of elves have blue eyes.”
“Yes, but I know there’s only one elf who has eyes like that. I just can’t place them.”
“Stop worrying,” Elrohir said. He didn’t want this conversation to go too far. He knew what could happen.
“But I can’t help it. It bugs me. There’s something wrong about Melcor,” Elladan stated seriously.
“Or there’s something wrong with you!” Elrohir said smiling teasingly.
“No there is not!” Elladan cried frustrated.
“I think you’re just jealous that Melcor’s the hero of the town and you aren’t!”
“I am not!”

And with that Elladan stormed out of the makesfift hospital, leaving his brother laughing.

“My brother! Some help he is!” Elladan scoffed out loud as he made his way back to the shack he was staying in, “But…then again…maybe he’s right…Oh, I hate it when he’s right!”
Elladan laughed out loud at how immature he sounded. “Maybe there is nothing strange about Melcor,” he said.


Elladan found himself sitting by a quiet pool with a peaceful waterfall trickling down. The pool was surrounded by a thicket of tall trees from whence the melodious sounds of birds could be heard. The stars shone down, dimly lighting up the small clearing, as he sat in the darkness of night among the lush, green grass. He realized he was back in Rivendel. Slowly, a small figure emerged from the trees and made her way over to him. Her feet were light on the grass, and she seemed to float on the air. She alone outshone all the stars in the sky. It was Liri. She wore a long, sparkling, silver dress that flowed down to her bare feet. Her dark hair rippled down her back like the very water down the peaceful fall. She seemed to be illuminated by the dim light of the stars.

“Oh, Liri!” he cried and ran to her. He caught her in a hug.
“Elladan!” she cried and flung her arms around his neck, “You’ve come back safely!”
“Yes, and I wanted to tell you that I love you. Ever since I first saw you. You’re beautiful.” Liri looked up at him warmly, her blue eyes reflecting his grey ones. Blue eyes.



Elladan sat bolt right up in his bed; cold sweat clinging to his face. The other elves in his shack were looking at him strangely. He realized he must have screamed her name and woken them up.
“Sorry,” he apologized, “Just a dream.”

He lay back down uneasily. ‘Those eyes,’ he thought, ‘Liri’s eyes look just like Melcor’s. Could this be? I thought no elf but her had such stunningly blue eyes…unless…’

Elladan darted out of his bed, causing the other elves to stare at him again. He raced a few houses over until he reached the makeshift hospital. He rushed in and shook Elrohir awake.

“Elrohir, Elrohir! Wake up!” Elladan yelled.
“W-What’s wrong?” asked Elrohir startled, as he jumped out of his bed.
“I had a dream!” Elladan exclaimed. Elrohir sighed.
“You’re waking me up because you had a nightmare?”
“No! Not a nightmare! I saw Liri in my dream.”
“So?” Elrohir said. He was too tired to really care about his brother’s dream.
“Those are her eyes, Elrohir! Melcor has Liri’s eyes!”
“Why are you telling me this?”
“Because…I know this sounds crazy, but…what if Liri is Melcor?”
“You are crazy!” Elrohir exclaimed, trying to cover for Liri, “Now go back to bed!”
“I am not! And I know that it sounds crazy, but what if it really is Liri? That would be awful! She could be killed!”

Elrohir got back into his bed.

“It was just a dream. Go to sleep, brother,” Elrohir said.

Elladan sighed, frustrated, and left leaving Elrohir with a problem in his own hands.

‘This isn’t good. My brother’s finally starting to think!’ he thought, ‘I’ll have to warn Liri. She needs to avoid contact with Elladan as much as she can.’

Meanwhile, Elladan had his own thoughts bugging him as he slowly made his way back to his shack. He knew it sounded absurd, but what if Liri was actually Melcor? If so, he would be very scared and mad at her for doing something so crazy. But he would of course love her all the more for being so brave. But why in all of Middle Earth would she do it? He had really no idea. Maybe, some how, he would think of a reason. Then again, maybe he was just tired from the battle the day before. Yes, maybe that was it. His weariness was just making him dream up crazy ideas. With that in mind, he trudged back to his bed and slowly drifted back into sleep.

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