Revenge – Chapter Seven ~ A Mysterious Message

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Chapter Seven – A Mysterious Message

Liri was awoken early the next morning by one of her fellow elves. The company was going to get an early start on their trip to the next village: Rohur. As they readied their horses, Elrohir came up to her. She smiled at him.

“Greetings, Elrohir!” she said beaming, “I’m so glad you are feeling better!”
“As am I!” he said, but then took her aside and whispered, “Liri, you must avoid as much contact as you can with Elladan.”
“Why?” Liri asked puzzled.
“Well, last night…he…,” Elrohir couldn’t get the words out. He didn’t want to upset Liri.
“He…he had a thought.”
“A thought?” Liri said more as a statement than a question.
“Yes. He thinks that Melcor might possibly be you,” he said.
“But why!?” Liri burst out, but then quieted herself, “Why?”
“He had a dream. He saw you. And I guess, in his dream, he saw your eyes. He and I both know, no other have the eyes you do,” he said.
“Great,” Liri sighed, “What am I gonna do, Elrohir? What if he finds out for sure?”
“There’s not much you can do, just stay away from him as much as you can,” he said sounding more sure than he really was.
“I’ll try.”

Elrohir walked back and joined his brother and the others, leaving Liri alone.
‘He can’t find out!’ Liri thought frustrated, ‘If he does, he’ll surely send me back to Rivendel. And I just can’t go back! I’m needed.’

Liri hopped onto her horse and trotted up to the back of the company of elves. Elladan and Elrohir were at the front, bidding farewell to the small village. Then they gave the order and rode out of the town. As Liri rode out last, she spotted Faya. The girl smiled up at her. Her eyes shined and seemed to be reassuring and full of hope; as if to say: ‘Your secret’s safe with me!’ Liri smiled back at her and waved goodbye. She hoped that the secret would be safe with herself as well.


At midnight, after their meal, the elves were addressed by Elrohir and Elladan. All eyes turned to the two brothers, as they took their places in front of the company. Liri listened intently as they spoke.

“Friends!” Elrohir cheered, “In the last few days we have accomplished something great!”
“Yes!” Elladan chimed in, “We have saved a village from Sauron’s minions. And we have been able to save many lives and provide food and health to the village of Tirhand.”
“That is something we should all be very proud of,” Elrohir said, a large smile across his face.

The elves nodded and cheered in agreement. Elrohir continued, “There is one elf in particular that I would like to recognize. His planning is what did a great deal to help. Melcor!”

Liri stood up, smiled, and bowed. Pride coursed through her veins. Elrohir motioned for her to come forward. She went up to him, and he gave her a brotherly hug. She stepped over to Elladan. He smiled and took her hand to shake it, but the smiled seemed to fade away and his hand went limp, as he caught sight of her eyes. He had forgotten all about the occurrences of the night before. Upon placing sight of those blue eyes, the images from his dream flashed in his mind.

“Liri,” he whispered. Liri’s heart raced as she heard her name come forth from his lips.
“W-what did you say?” she stuttered.
“Nothing,” he said and tried to hide what had just come over him. He shook her hand and forced a smile. Liri smiled back and then returned to where she had been seated.

‘That was close.’


It was late into the night. Liri felt almost afraid as she remembered what had happened with Elladan. She hoped he really didn’t know, and had a strong feeling in the back of her mind that he didn’t. She thought that if he really knew, he probably would have already confronted her. Maybe…

All of this confused Liri. She couldn’t sleep so she decided to take a walk along the river that was running near their campsite. She waded in up to her ankles and started to walk. She walked along for a good while in the darkness alone, until suddenly, she felt compelled, somehow, to go deeper in to the water. She waded out. It was now up to her knees. Then her waist. Now her stomach. She could feel the strong pull of the icy water tug at her body, but for some reason, it didn’t sweep her away. Now it was up to her chest. Now her neck. She suddenly stopped in her tracks. She couldn’t move. Her feet felt like they were anchored to the river bottom with steel. She swayed in the river as it’s endless current pushed past her. Why wasn’t she moving? As if out of no where, a great light sprung on the horizon. It moved closer and closer, until it finally reached her. Her eyes opened wide with fright; she tried to run, to scream, but she couldn’t do anything. Helplessly, she watched as it approached her and stopped right in front of her stiff form. A soft voice seemed to emanate from the glow:

“Lirimaer, step forward.”
“I can not move,” she said.
“Yes, you can. Come.”

The soft voice seemed comforting and Liri did as it said. She moved her feet and found that she could step forward. She moved closer.

“I have come to you in your hour of need.”

Liri was silent.

“You must be ready for your test.”
“Why? What test?” Liri asked just above a whisper.
“Two weeks from now you will be tested. You will have to choose between two people. Who you are going to save, and who you are to leave to die.”
“Who are these two? What is going to happen?” Liri asked The Voice, afraid.
“That I can not tell you. But when the time comes, you must make the right choice, or your life will be ruined forever.”

Liri opened her mouth to speak, but found that the great light was gone. It was dawn and she was standing in the middle of the river. The water, suddenly seemed to move faster and started to pull at her clothes and hair. She tried to fight it’s dangerous pull, but found she couldn’t.

With a scream, she was pulled down under the rushing current. It held her under and filled her lungs with water. She pushed up to the surface and tried to breath, but it mercilessly pulled her down again; bashing her on the sharp rocks underneath. Over and over it did this, so that she felt herself feeling faint, her vision going dark. She could hardly see and was too weak to pull herself up. She tried to keep hold of her consciousness, but with every second that passed, it shifted away from her like sand in an hourglass. With one last, desperate attempt she pulled herself to the surface of the deadly water, and let out a scream. She was quickly taken by darkness, and did not come back up.

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