Revenge – Chapter One ~ Elladan

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Chapter One – Elladan

*205 years after the prologue*

“Liri? Are you in there?” came a voice outside of Liri’s room.
“Yes, Arwen! Come in!” she called cheerfully to her friend.

Liri was sitting in front of a mirror braiding her dark hair as Arwen entered.

“Hello, Liri!” Arwen said, “Are you ready for breakfast yet?”
“Yes, just hold on. I keep messing up this braid.”
“It’s just breakfast! You don’t have to look perfect.”
“I know, but…”
“But what?”
“Because what!?” Arwen cried in frustration. Liri was silent, but her cheeks started to turn red.

“Oh! How could I forget, it’s because Elladan wi–” Arwen started teasingly, but Liri cut her off.
“Be quiet!” she hissed, “Do want everyone to know?”
“Yes!” Arwen cried cheerfully. Liri’s cheeks turned another shade of red as she went back to braiding her hair. Arwen smiled to herself and headed for the door.

“See you down there,” she said as she left. Liri smiled at her friend as she walked out of the room.

“My, that Arwen!” Liri exclaimed out loud, “It’s like she wants all of Middle Earth to know!”
“Know what?” said a voice. Liri spun and looked over at the person who was sticking his head into her open door. It was Elladan.
“Oh, nothing!” Liri said nervously as she stood up, “I was just talking to myself.” Elladan eyed her suspiciously and then smiled. Liri loved his smile.
“Want me to walk you to breakfast?” he asked.
“Oh, that’d be nice!” she exclaimed and walked out of her room with him. They chatted about this and that as they headed down to breakfast in the dining room.

As they entered together, Arwen spotted them and looked at Liri, eyebrows raised and a playful smile on her face. Liri ignored the look and took her seat next to her friend. Arwen couldn’t help herself.

“He’s walking you to breakfast now?” she whispered. Liri gave her a look that said shut your mouth! Arwen rolled her eyes and started eating.

“So, Liri,” said Elladan, “What do you have planned for today?”
“Oh, not much. Arwen and I were going to take care of some of the younger elves while their parents were busy, but that’s about all. Why?”
“I wanted to know if you were free to go riding today. We were supposed to go yesterday, but you never showed up,” Elladan said looking slightly hurt.
“I’m so sorry about that! I meant to, I really did, but Arwen and I were talking and all, and the time just flew by, and I guess I just forgot,” Liri said.
“Do you think you’ll remember today?” he asked. Liri looked at Arwen. She was listening intently, Liri could tell, but wasn’t showing it as she continued eating her breakfast. Liri knew Arwen loved to pick on her about her little crush. Arwen would no doubt make some teasing comment later on that day. Liri knew though, that Arwen had her eyes set on someone too, but never joked about it. She knew that Arwen was giving up her immortality for him. It wasn’t just a simple crush. Liri gave a light sigh.
“I won’t forget,” she said smiling warmly at him. He smiled back and then dug into his breakfast, content.

*That Afternoon*

Liri met Elladan at the stables around two in the afternoon to go riding. When he saw her, he greeted her,
“Hello, mellonamin! You didn’t forget today!”
“No!” she said smiling, “I wouldn’t forget two days in a row!”
“Sure…,” he said sarcastically and rolling his eyes. They walked into the stable and got their two favorite horses; they were each white.

Elladan and Liri took off across a green, rolling field, seeing which of them could go faster. The wind raced past them as they streaked across the land under the beautiful, sunlit sky. After two minutes they slowed their horses so they could talk. The braids in Liri’s hair had come undone from the race and her dark locks fell down her back. Elladan just stared at her and smiled.

“What?” she asked.
“Oh, nothing,” he said shaking his head as if coming out of a trance, “But I have to tell you something.” Liri listened intently.
“I’m going to be leaving tomorrow.”
“Because Sauron’s power has been growing. My father is sending Elrohir, myself, and some other choice men to help some of the villages in despair. One is even very close to Mordor. It shall be dangerous.” Liri had heard everything he had said, but one word stuck out at her. Mordor. That was where the orcs were from. The evil, murderous orcs. The ones that had killed her beloved family. Mordor. Then one picture leaped into her head. It was of that tall, slimy orc that had stabbed her father and shot her mother. That same anger that had overcome her two-hundred and five years ago yet again coursed through her veins. Then it hit her. Eladan was going near that awful place. What if…

“NO!” she cried.
“What?” Elladan asked surprised at how strongly she reacted.
“You can’t go there! You could be killed!”
“I know that. But I must risk my life to help the world I love,” he said and then said slowly as he looked at her, “And the ones I love.”
“What?” she said not understanding why he had said the last statement the way he did. But then as it sunk in, she did understand. He loved her. She was about to respond when someone came riding up to them. It was Elrohir.

“Hello, Liri!” he greeted her. The two had grown close and Elrohir was like a brother to her. She smiled and greeted him,


Then Elrohir turned to Elladan.

“Come. Father wants to speak with us about our journey.”
“Alright, I’m coming,” said Elladan. Before he rode off, he turned to her.
“Namarie,” she said softly.
“Namarie,” he said softly back. Then he did something she wasn’t expecting. He leaned over and planted a light kiss on her cheek. She watched him ride off, a small smile on her face.



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