Revenge – Chapter Five ~ The Attack on Tirhand

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Chapter Five – The Attack on Tirhand

The following morning Liri awoke with the smell of fire in her nose and the sound of screams ringing in her ears. She dashed out of her small bed, grabbed her weapons, and tried to get dressed as fast as she could. The most of the other men were gone and the rest were doing what she was.

“What’s happened?!” she screamed.
“The town has been attacked!” one yelled back to her as he rushed out of the shack’s small door and into the battle.

Liri followed him out into the street and gasped at the sight that greeted her. Vile, evil orcs were running amongst the town, slaying as they went. Bodies and blood littered the dirt roads. An unbearable stench lingered in the air, thick as smog. Women and children were screaming as houses were set on fire. Some villagers tried in vain to escape, but were cut down. The elves and some of the strong men of the village were holding them off as much as they could, but there were obviously too many orcs.

Elladan was leading the attack by himself. Liri wondered where Elrohir was, but then remembered what had happened to him the day before. Liri knew she had to help. She rushed to Elladan’s side to find he was becoming well overcome with orcs. She pulled out her two daggers and stabbed them into one of the awful creature’s stomach. It’s bloody, stinking body fell onto her and knocked her to the ground. Liri struggled out from under the weight of the giant creature, she covered with it’s blood, and up next to Elladan again. He had managed to hold off some more of the vile beings, but Liri saw some quickly approaching from afar. She readied her bow and sent shot after shot into the orcs’ bodies. Ten fell quickly from her swift arrows.

From behind her, she heard a scream. She turned to see that Faya was about to be stabbed by one of the killers. Faster that you could blink, she had shot it in the back of the neck with an arrow. It fell to the dirt road lifeless. Faya rushed over and hugged Liri.

“Thank you, Melcor,” Faya said hugging Liri. The girl’s tears dripped onto Liri’s blood drenched clothes.
“We have to get you to someplace safe,” Liri told Faya.
“There is no place safe on this earth,” the girl said, her tears continuing to fall.

The realization of this statement struck Liri. Faya was right. Liri’s own parents had been slain right near their home. It did seem there was no safe place in this tormented land.

Liri took Faya into the house Elrohir was staying in, still recovering from his wound. It was the villagers’ makeshift hospital.

“Stay here,” Liri commanded. The girl nodded at her and Liri stepped back into the battle. Right as she crossed the threshold of the house, an axe came down just inches from her face. She turned, stabbed the orc, and pressed on. She spotted Elladan and some others behind a makeshift fort made of an overturned cart. She ran to them, dodging blows along the way.

“Elladan, how are we going to hold all of them off? They easily outnumber us,” she stated as Elladan shot one from behind the cart.
“I don’t know.”

Liri knew they had to do something or all these poor people would die. And so would they. She looked around for anything they could use to stop the dreaded orcs. She spotted an orc setting another little shack on fire. She shot him before he could continue with his evil deed. She looked at the middle of the town. There stood the largest house in the whole village. Around it were three medium size shacks. An idea grew in her mind. She looked out at the orcs. There must have been a hundred or so.

‘They might fit,’ she thought.

She turned to Elladan.

“I have an idea,” she told him.
“Tell me.”
“Okay, see that large house in the middle of the town, with the three small ones around it?”
“Do you think all the orcs could fit in there?”
“I-I guess so, why?”
“If we could somehow get them all in those houses, we could set the houses on fire.”
“It might work,” Elladan said thoughtfully, “But how do we lure them in?”
“We are going to have attract their attention. We could split up into groups and get them to follow us inside. A few men will be standing outside so that when all the orcs are in, they can set the houses on fire and the orcs will be gone,” Liri said.
“It’s crazy,” said Elladan, flashing her one of his wonderful smiles, “But it just might work. It’s risky, though. What if all of us don’t make it out in time?”
“That’s a risk we’re going to have to take,” Liri found herself saying.

‘Wow, I sound pretty brave!’ she thought.

But in the back of her mind it did bother her that one of them might not make it out alive.

Liri’s plan spread throughout the village to all the elves and men fighting to save the town. They all gathered into four groups and ran for the houses, as the stupid and unknowing orcs blindly followed. Liri and Elladan were both in the biggest group that would be leading the orcs into the largest house. Once they entered the big shack, they all ran to the back as the vile creatures raced in behind them, quickly filling the house. Now came the hard part. Getting out before the men set the house on fire. Liri saw two men race out before her. They would be lighting the house. She knew now, they didn’t have much time. They battled the orcs as they trudged and pushed through the sea of blood and death. Because of all the creatures in the shack, it got very hot and Liri started to go slower and sweat. It was harder to do battle and try to reach the door when it was that hot. She spotted Elladan a couple feet from the door. All the others had escaped. All except her. She cried out to Elladan to help her, for she was being attacked and was too weary to fight the beast off herself. He turned around and came back for her. Using his dagger, he pierced the orc’s thick scalp and then grabbed Liri’s hand. They made it out just as the houses were being set on fire.

The elves barred the doors of the houses so there would be no escape for the orcs. The horrid stench of burning bodies and blood filled the air along with the painful screams of Sauron’s minions. The orcs were dead. Everyone had gotten out of the shacks safely. The town was saved.

Elladan was still holding Liri’s hand. They were both caked with blood, dirt, and sweat, but happy. They smiled at each other. This was when he noticed it. Melcor looked very familiar. Too familiar. That smile. Where had he seen this elf before? And why was this males’ hand so soft? And those eyes. So blue. He knew he had seen eyes like that before. He let go of Liri’s hand and stared at her strangely. Liri noticed the look.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.
“Oh…nothing,” he said uneasily. He would ask Elrohir about it. Maybe he knew.

The remaining citizens rushed out of their hiding places and into the street surrounding the company. They danced and sang, cheered and cried. When they found out that it was Melcor’s idea to burn the orcs, they lifted Liri up on their shoulders and paraded through the town singing and rejoicing. She was their hero; thanks to her, the whole town was saved. Elladan was happy and thankful for Melcor’s idea, but there was something nagging at him in the back of his mind, telling him that there was something strange about that elf.

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