Rest – Life After Dead

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disclaimer: I, of course, own nothing of LOTR.
I simply am borrowing the characters for a while.
I have nothing but respect for the real story and charactrs!

I was slightly inspired to write this by Gandalf’s speech in ROTK
about death!

As always enjoy and please review!


I was standing on white shores of some distant island with a mainland of deep forest. Gulls flying overhead and a soft breeze in the air. I breathed deeply and smiled sadly.

I knew I was dead.

I remembed clearly the last moments of my life, defending the halflings from the orcs and failing to do so by falling.
I betrayed and failed the entire quest and fellowship. I failed my home, my family and all that I valued.
“If you had failed, then you would not be here”
The sudden voice startled me and I turned to see a woman standing there. She was tall, blonde wearing a long midnight blue dress.
“Do not be alarmed Boromir of Gondor” She said softly “And do not feel guilt. Only those who have led good lives stay at these shores after they have passed, all others become shadows and when they come here they dissapear. The elves come here when they tire of the mortal world and pass into this realm. You were a good man in life, do not doubt this. Do not feel guilt for something that is beyond your own power. If you had not tried to take the Ring from Frodo, then it would have been another member of your company. Frodo needed to continue the quest without the fellowship. What has happened was meant to happen and could not have happened any other way.”
She smiled slightly at me.
“You are free to wander these shores, but you cannot enter the mainland, you must wait. I must leave you now, there are others I must speak to, but I shall return when it is time”
I looked at her alarmed.
I stared around us at the empty shore.
“There is no-one else here” I said to her. She laughed.
“You cannot see them, and they cannot see you. You may see their souls, but that is all. I will leave you now.”
She did not move, but when I blinked, she disappeared.
‘So, this was the land beyond the mortal world’ I thought. ‘ I heard stories of it in my early childhood from my mother………
If I am dead, will I see my mother again?
What am I waiting for?
What is happening in Gondor, has it fallen?’
I could not bear these questions running through my mind.
‘And who is the lady?’
A name came into my mind and I knew, she was Lady Death.

I turned towards the ocean before me. It was all so strange.
I took off my shoes and walked the shore barefoot. It felt so nice, so………free.
I turned west wards, where Middle Earth was, where my home was.
I felt strange suddenly. I could not see the land beyond the sea, but I could “see” what was happening there to my friends and family. The shock of it brought me to the ground.
I could see Merry and Pippin in the care of a strange tree creature, I could see my former companions and the returned Gandalf in Edoras and then Helm’s Deep defending the people of Rohan.
I saw my dear little brother attempting to take Frodo and the Ring to our father. It hurt me to think that he could be tempted as I could.
When he fell to enemies I looked up around me at the shadows of other souls, expecting to see him, but he did not. That meant that he was still alive because he was a better man than I and if he did not come here then The Fates themselves were fools.
The siege upon my city was hard to watch, and witnessing the ounce noble spirit of my father fall to madness was heart breaking. My death had added to grief.
Pippin, dear brave Pippin. His and Merry’s antics on the quest had lifted my heart and then he saved my brother from the fire. He was a true hero in all of this, that could never be doubted.
My father fell, and I could see the shadow of his spirit appear on the shore, but I could not bear to face him. He did not seem to be able to face me either, for when I looked up again he was gone.
Peace came again as Frodo destroyed the Ring and Aragorn came at last to the throne of Gondor.
Gondor had a King, Gondor had needed a King all along. It was a great regret in my heart that I could not serve my King as any other man. I did not wish to admit it at the time, but before we quarreled on the banks of the Anduin I would have gladly called him a friend

So I sat here for what must have been many years, but the time meant nothing to me. I saw many things sitting here. I saw my brother marry, have children and live his life in such happiness that I wept. I saw the poor soul Frodo sail with the elves and Gandalf to these very shores in a grey boat, and I had lowered my gaze again then, out of respect and out of guilt.
I could not exactly say how many years it has been, and I did not think I would want to.
I looked up at the voice and there stood my brother, in the prime of his youth, smiling with outstretched hands.
I ran to him and we embraced
His wife, Eowyn Of Rohan, had been here for some years already patiently stood next to us, waiting patiently because she could tell what this moment meant to Faramir and I. We were very close in life and to be reunited at last was a joy.
Our embrace broke and he turned and kissed his lady.
Lady Death appeared before us then.
“I’m afraid it is not yet time Boromir. The three of you must wait here still for one more, and then you may go on the final path”

For more years yet I have sat with my brother and his wife, talking of old times and laughing and crying for what was.
Many souls passed us into the mainland, and many shadows disappeared forever. Some I had known and many I had not.
And now we see a ship approaching us, a grey one of the elven kind.
Upon it I see Legolas, an aged Gimli and the soul of Aragorn son of Arathorn, looking as he had in the halls of Rivendell around 180 years ago.
I humbly fell to my knees before him.
He places his hands on my shoulders and brings me back up.
“Do not kneel my friend, I am no longer a King”
I smile, and then see Lady Death appear once more.
“It is time now, for all of you. It was decided Boromir that you should wait for your dear brother and then for your former companions and King so that you all may take the last path together. It was also so that you could follow your King in death as you could not in life”
I nod and when I look into the mainland I can see a path that I could not see before.

So it is now that I, Boromir of Gondor, have passed into the realm of the dead with my brother, my companions and my King.

I am free, I am at peace and now I can rest.


the end



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