Red Jewel of the Shire – Chapter 1 – Strange old hobbits

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Ruby’s mother had always been a little sick, but after her husband died she got worse. Later in the spring she died, making Ruby’s life harder. Ruby now had to take care of her little brother and sister, Pogo and Emerald. Her childhood soon sped up, she didn’t have much time to play or read. But Ruby had good friend who helped her however she could. Frodo and Ruby grew closer as they go older, and rumors of them marrying became coming. They both would deny it, because, they said ‘we are still children at heart.’
Ruby, Frodo, Shelia, and Bastian would always go climb trees every chance they got.
Pogo and Emerald, one year, were to go to school, that year was also Ruby and the other’s last. Frodo made it count, and started it out with a bang, literally. Gandalf had left some fireworks one his last visit and Frodo put them to good use.
While Ruby and Shelia were talking to Mistress Grubb, their teacher, Frodo and Bastian passed off and through the fireworks in the fireplace. Ruby and Shelia turned at that point and looked to the fire place.
“Mrs. Grubb!! Mrs. Grubb!! The fireplace!!” Ruby pointed to the fire works about to go off, both Bastian and Frodo tried to look horrified and surprised with the other hobbits. Mrs. Grubb has dashed to the fireplace and bent over it just as a loud band sounded. Ashes poured out, and the class roared with laughter as Mrs. Grubb slowly turned to face them.
Her whole face was covered in gray ash, and her hair was looked like some one had put pepper in it. If it were possible for smoke to come out of one’s ears, it would have been pouring from hers. “Frodo Baggins!!
Ruby Took!!”
“Don’t forget Bastian Knotwiz and Shelia Proudfoot!” Bastian answered in a singsong voice.
“You are all in BIG trouble!” She continued ignoring him and heading straight for the troublemakers. The troublemakers fled laughing and giggling.
Mrs. Grubb and her son, Dimple, were good friends with the Sackville-Bagginses, and Dimple had taken a fancy to Ruby. He always asked her to court him; Ruby’s reply was always a no. But Dimple continued to ask as the Grubbs were horribly vain hobbits, and he hoped to get Ruby away from Frodo, his worst enemy.
Frodo often taunted Dimple with a name Bastian and Frodo had come up for him, ‘Dim’
Every day Ruby, Frodo, Shelia, and Bastian would pull stunts like the firework. And the last day of school, it was Shelia’s idea to put paste on the bottom of her chair so she couldn’t get up. By that time Bilbo’s party was fast approaching, and they all had become very busy. Frodo with helping Bilbo, and the other with small tasks handed to them from time to time.
It was a late at night when Bilbo asked Ruby to get some bread from the bakery, Shelia offered to go with. She had said that she needed to grab some meat from the butcher’s and her pay from the Green Dragon. As they normally would have dawdle, that night they couldn’t, it was growing dark and Ruby had to put Pogo and Emerald in bed.
The girls had gotten to town quickly, grabbed the bread and meat then headed to the Green Dragon. They were talking and laughing totally oblivious to everything around them, when suddenly someone grasped Ruby’s arm, causing her to stop.
Ruby slowly turned around, next to her was a hunched-over elderly hobbit with ragged clothes and blew eyes so intense; they seemed to stare right through her. As he spoke his voice sounded so wheezy and scratchy that Ruby believed him sick, “Ruby Took,” Ruby’s eye went wide at the mention of her name. “Yes, I know your name. ‘The Red Jewel of the Shire they’ll call you. They killed your father; didn’t they? They will try and kill Pogo, Emerald, and you, and that Baggins boy, the Ringbearer.”
Ruby trembled, fear showed in her greenish-brown eyes. Shelia had gone inside the Green Dragon, not noticing that Ruby hadn’t followed. When Ruby didn’t speak the old hobbit continued, “They will do so, because they think you’re the Ringbearer’s daughter; but you’re not. A great ware is coming Ruby Took, a war that will make the Shire suffer. Protect yourself, and help protect the Shire, until word comes that the war is over.” He slowly let go of her arm.
“W-what ware? Ringbearer? What about Frodo?” Ruby inquired, looking over at the door of the Green Dragon for Shelia, then back at the strange of hobbit. But he was gone, leaving her questions unanswered, yet Ruby felt her questions would be answered. How soon they would be answered she didn’t know, but she would not know the name of the old hobbit until many years later.
Ruby fell to her knees as the information came to her, some one would try and kill Pogo, Emerald, her, and worst of all Frodo; they same people who had killed her father. What Ruby really wanted to know was who had killed her father and why. She started to cry, because of the memories of her father. That is how Shelia found her kneeling in a puddle out side the Green Dragon, crying.

This is RubyTook’s story not mine. For those of you who are reading mine, I’m sorry it’s going to take me a little longer to get the next part out, Thanks.


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