Quenta Eluwë – Chapter One: Introductions

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Author’s Note: This is a fanfic I decided to do out of love for Tolkien’s works. No copyright infringement is intended. That said, this story is intended to be done in chapters. This story will ‘explain’ many things in Tolkien’s works so enjoy.

The ancient Elf Lord walked lightly, singing to Varda Elentári, Queen of the Stars as he gazed upon Eärendil, brightest of stars. In the midst of his song, he saw a lone man walking dressed in a familiar raiment.
“Aiya,” he cried out to the Ranger of Minas Tirith, startling him. Then he asked, “Vandë omentaina! Essenya Eluwë. Mana esselya?
During his discourse, the Ranger seemed startled out of a dream and stared at the Elda with hair of living silver. He finally spoke in Westron, “I am Alcarin, a Ranger of the High King in Minas Tirith. Who may you be, Lord Eluwë? You speak the ancient Quenya. There are not many Eldar left in Middle Earth who speak Quenya and so perfectly as well.”
Eluwë laughed in a high clear voice and spoke in the Common Tongue. “I am glad that my Quenya has not deteriorated! I have spent Ages as a wanderer of the wide lands of Arda and have seen many things, but have not spoken many things.”
The Ranger could not hide his sheer wonder at Eluwë. “You speak in riddles, my Lord!”
Eluwë again laughed. “Perhaps I do! Perhaps that can be remedied later. Now, my chief concern is, where may I stay for the night?”
Alcarin replied, “My lord! You are welcome to come to Minas Tirith as a Honored Guest of High King Eldarion. I know he shall be interested in holding converse with you as you speak Quenya so well and he has not had many opportunities in his life to speak with High Elves.
`It is but a short distance from here, Lord Eluwë. Will you kindly come and grace me with your presence?”
Eluwë smiled broadly and assented.

Eluwë and his new companion came to Minas Tirith just as the sun set and the White Tower of Ecthelion shone pink, yellow, and orange spiking up into the sky. When they came to the guarded gate, it took but a look for the doorkeepers to see that the Eluwë was a great Elf Lord and to let him and Alcarin in without any explanations.

The two companions had finished their ascent in the Tower and were now coming to the High King’s Chambers. King Eldarion had already been sent word of the guest and was standing ready at his throne for Eluwë’s entrance.
“Hail, Lord Eluwë! Elen síla lúmenn’ omentielvo,” Eldarion cried.
“Hantanyel! Sailavë quétina,” Eluwë said.
Eldarion laughed heartily. “Yes! Very good! I’m very pleased to meet you, my Lord. It has been
long since I spoke with a High Elf.” With that, the High King descended the steps of his throne
and came to Eluwë.
As Eldarion approached, Eluwë saw Alcarin beside him bow deeply to the King. He did the
same. As the Elf Lord bowed, Eldarion caught his hand and said, “Do not bow, ancient one,
Eluwë stood up straight and bowed again. When he finally stood straight again, he smiled and
said, “My King, you are more than worthy of my allegiance and honor, no matter what my age.
You are descended from the Houses of Ingwë, Finwë, and Elwë with Queen Melian as well as
Bëor of the Edain, Father of Men, and Eärendil, Elros his son, and King Aragorn Elessar.”
Eldarion replied, “Friend, you know much of me and my line. Come and sit, my lord and tell me of who you are.”

When they were seated (Alcarin included at the behest of Eluwë), Eluwë spoke. “I am Eluwë, of the Vanyar, beloved of Manwë Súlimo, who awoke on the shores of Cuiviénen.”

Vandë omentaina- well met
Essenya-my name is
Mana esselya- What is your name
síla lúmenn’ omentielvo- a star shines upon the hour of our meeting
Hantanyel- I thank thee
Sailavë quétina- Well said


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