Protector of the Small – Chapter 1: Laura

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The leaves slowly fell from above as the group of travelers walked through the strange forest. The four little creatures, Hobbits they call themselves, looked around warily. The other short companion with the beard, the dwarf in other words, beckoned for the hobbits to stay close.
“We’ll never get out of here. The Lady will snare us in her trap,” he warned them.
“Stop scaring them,” one of the two men said, chuckling at the dwarf.
The man maneuvered his shield around and walked ahead of them. The other man was a ways ahead of them. Behind the dwarf and hobbits, an elf scanned the area with his good elven vision.
(By now you have guessed the identity of the characters. Gimli is the stubborn dwarf. Frodo, Sam, Pippin, and Merry are the four hobbits. The man with the shield is Boromir and the other man is Aragorn. The watchful elf is Legolas. But, let’s get back to the story. Now, where was I? Oh yeah, they’re on their way to see the Lady of the Woods.)
The two elves guiding the Company suddenly stopped and looked around.
“What is it?” Aragorn asked.
“We heard a maiden scream. It came from that way,” Haldir said, pointing towards a small path.
The elves quickly ran down the path accompanied by the Company. They came into a tiny clearing and saw a young girl, about the age of twelve or thirteen years old. She was dressed in strange outfit. Her shirt sleeves had a small tie at the elbow and didn’t connect anywhere but at the top. The pattern on her shirt was small red flowers. Then she wore blue leggings that fit the very curves of her legs. On her feet were funny looking shoes with laces. Her hair was blond and curly. It reached a little past her shoulders. Her eyes were closed.
“It looks as if someone dropped her here,” Aragorn commented, getting close to the unmoving girl.
“Let’s take her with us,” Haldir ordered. “She will talk when she wakes up.”
“Huh? Where am I?” Laura Green asked, opening her eyes.
Above her loomed the face of a strange man with blond hair and pointy ears.
“Who are you?” she demanded, sitting up.
Laura saw that she was lying on a strange bed and was surrounded by outlandish looking people. Weird enough, she somehow knew these people.
“You’re Legolas,” she said, to the elf in front of her.
“How did you know that?” Legolas pondered.
Aragorn, standing beside the bed, looked over the girl with new interest.
“You’re Aragorn son of Arathorn,” she cried out, noticing him.
“How did you get into Lothlorien?” Haldir asked.
“Maybe she was kidnapped and doesn’t remember,” Legolas suggested.
“I don’t,” she said.
“You don’t what?”
“Remember. I don’t remember where I came from or how I got here.”
“What’s your name?” Aragorn inquired, sitting on the bed.
“Laura. Laura Green.”
Lady Galadriel of Lothlorien looked over Laura with a solemn face. She was looking into the young maiden’s heart and mind.
“She shall go with the Company,” Galadriel said after some time.
Aragorn, the only one with her, nodded and looked over to Laura. Laura fidgeted nervously under the Lady’s eyes.
“But first she must look into my mirror.”
Aragorn bowed and Laura followed suit. Then they followed Galadriel to her mirror. Laura watched Galadriel pour the water into the basin.
“Will you take a look?” she asked.
“Do I have to look?”
“Yes child.”
Laura slowly leaned forward and the mirror became foggy. Aragorn put his hand on her shoulder and looked into the mirror. It suddenly became very foggy and then Laura could see herself, lying on a strange bed with machines around her. An elven face loomed in her vision.
“The poor child, she shall die if she stays here. We shall take her to a place where no one will ever find her.”
Then the scene changed and Laura saw herself standing next to the same elf in the woods of Lothlorien where she was found.
“You have been given a hard road to travel, my child. But, wherever you go, peace shall follow someday.”
Again, the image changed and she saw a young human boy. He was dressed in similar attire to her. He had blond hair and looked very much like Laura. Then the mirror went dark and cleared up, so all Laura could see was her and Aragorn’s reflection.
“You shall set out tomorrow morning. Laura, come with me and I shall find you clothing.”

“You found my bag?” Laura exclaimed, taking the strange looking bag from Galadriel’s hand.
Inside was another a pair of the strange leggings Laura wore, two similar fashioned shirts, socks, and under garments. Galadriel handed Laura a pack and she put her things inside.
“I have brought you more appropriate clothes.”
Laura was shocked to see Galadriel hand her a dress, almost identical to the one she wore, in one hand. In her other hand, was a light pink dress in the same style as the white dress. Laura hugged her and smiled.
“Thank you. How can I ever repay you?”
“Just listen to your heart and do what needs to be done, even if you don’t want to.”
“Yes, Lady Galadriel. I will listen to my heart.”
“Good. Now, come along child. You must set out with the Company.”
“To you Laura, I give this necklace. It will guide you through the dark times to the light,” Galadriel said, handing Laura a necklace with a beautiful flower, wrought in silver, hanging at the end.
Laura curtsied and Legolas helped her climb into the boat she would share with him and Gimli.
“Don’t worry my Lady Laura,” Gimli comforted. “You shall be safe with us.”
The rest of the Fellowship got into their boats and they departed from Lothlorien. Laura held tight to the edges of the boat and soon found herself leaning against Legolas’ chest. [He didn’t seem to mind.]
When night fell, they made camp on the eastern shore. It was cold and Laura could barely see the stars twinkling above her. Legolas came up behind her and gently lay a blanket on her shoulders.
“You’ll catch cold, sitting with no blanket on a cold night,” he joked.
“I’m okay.”
“Come and sit by the fire. You’ll keep warm that way.”
Laura reluctantly got up and sat next to Legolas.
“What kind of name is Laura?” Merry asked. “It’s not a flower name like our girls have.”
“Yeah,” Pippin piped up.
“I don’t know,” Laura whispered. “I remember that someone used to call me Laura the muffin, but I don’t know who it was.”
Suddenly, Laura’s head began to throb and she saw Boromir, fighting a bunch of orcs. He had been pierced by many arrows. Then, as quickly as it came, the vision vanished.
“Are you okay?” Sam asked, concerned for the girl.
“I don’t think so. I just saw Boromir fighting orcs and he was badly hurt.”
“Here, lie down and rest. It was probably just your imagination.”
Laura lay down and Legolas tucked the blanket firmly around her.
“But, it was real,” she protested. “You’ll see.”

This was written by Mari Darling, I take no credit.


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