Protector – Chapter 2

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<< Aragorn, tis not Merry nor Pippin, but someone else. A half-elf. >>

Legolas yelled over to Aragorn, who was searching the burnt corpses of the Uruk-kai’s. Legolas picked up the thin, and fragile looking body in his arms and carried her over to Aragorn.

<< Can you sense a life force in her? >>

<< Yes, but it is weak, she will not last long. >>

<< You stay here with her, heal her, if you can. Gimili and I will go into the forest and see if we can find any tracks of the two hobbits. >>

Aragorn commanded.

<< If we can’t find any we shall set out for medical aid. >>

Aragorn and Gimili set out into Fangorn forest . The search only ended up in a dead end, for they did find footprints, but they they just stopped infront of a ditch. Gimili stopped and rubbed his face in frustration, when he heard a twig snap. Aragorn and Gimili simutaniously drew their weapons.

<< Saruman! >>

Aragorn suddenly yelled, seeing something the dwarf did not. This sudden outburst alarmed Legolas, for he came sprinting though the woods. All of a sudden a blinding white form jumped infront of the company.

<< You are tracking the footprints of two young hobbits… >>

Said the stranger.

<< Where are they? >>

Aragorn demanded.

<< They passed this way the day before yesterday. They met someone they did not expect. Does this comfort you? >>

<< Who are you? Show yourself >>

Aragorn demanded again. The stranger’s radiance faded.

<< It cannot be. You fell! >>

Aragorn said amazed, when he realized it was Gandalf.

<< Through fire and water. >>

Gandalf told them about his fight with the Balrog and the mountains. Of how he became Gandalf the White.

<< Gandalf >>

Aragorn said once Gandlaf was finished.

<< Gandlaf. Yes, that’s what they used to call me. Gandalf the Grey. That was my name. >>

Gandalf said in a dreamy, wonderous voice.

<< One stage of your journey is over, another begins. War has come to Rohan. We must ride to Edoras with all speed. >>

Gandalf whisted shrilly into the wind, calling a white stallion, that galloped impossibly fast over to the wizard.

<< That is one of the Mearas, unless my eyes are cheated by some spell. >>

Legolas stated, in wonder.

<< Shadowfax. He’s the lord of all horses, and has been my friend through many dangers. >>

Gandalf informed him.

<< Atleast they shall be able to heal that dying she-elf. >>

Gimili pointed out.

<< We should leave immediately. Her condition is in a fragile state, and she could leave us at any second.

<< Aragorn pulled himself up on his horse and had Legolas place the dying she-elf in his arms. Then they were off…


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