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I could sense him, it was something I had picked up through the years because he was around me all the time. His name is was grima, though everyone called him wormtoung because of his foul mouth and the things he did with it. I shortened it to worm because he was nothing more than the slimiest thing to ever crawl the earth. I could say nothing more than that I hated him with every living fiber of my body. He use to be my uncle’s councilor but had betrayed us and become a spy for Saruman though when he had done this I didn’t know except that it had been at least the past few years. Within the past two months, he had spent much time poisoning my uncle with the words of his council. The king who was once my beloved uncle had been replaced by an old man who was everything but a stranger to me. His face was wrinkled and his eyes were empty all life drained of them. His hair and beard were turning white and he had lost almost all his strength. I didn’t know him and he didn’t know anyone else except Grima.
I helped my uncle to his room and made sure he was safe in his bed before I blew out the candle and made for the door. I stepped into the hall and was met with the familiar cold chilled voice.
“How fares your uncle my lady?”
“He is still very ill and does not seem to be improving councilor. Perhaps you should be trying harder or at all for that matter, to rid him of the poison you put into his body Grima!” I spit the words as if I were the one trying to rid myself of his poison.
“You should watch your tongue lady.”
That was the sternest voice I had ever heard him use. His eyes blazed with rage. He grabbed my arm so tight I was sure there would be marks, and then started to drag me down the hall. I stopped and yanked my arm back but without success, and then before I knew it he turned around and slapped me so hard I stumbled back wards however still in his grasp.
“That was another warning lady, you have but one left. Use it and you will regret it.”
His last `warning’ flooded my mind as he continued to drag me the rest of the way to my room. It had all happened so fast and unexpectantly that I was stunned into silence.
Once to my room he opened the door and shoved me inside.
“Good night lady.”


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