Prisons – Chapter 2

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It was two weeks ago. I left the great hall and was so caught up in my own thoughts I didn’t notice him following me. He cornered me and before I knew it he had shoved his vile, dirty, disgusting, cold lips on mine. After what seemed like an eternity, I was able to get out of the corner but he grabbed me and placed a dagger at the very top of my neck were you wouldn’t be able to see, and cut me. Blood rolled down my neck.

“If anyone hears of this little incident lady I will have their heads on a platter. You know who I’m talking about.”

“You can’t do that.” My voice was shaky no matter how much I wanted to believe my words.

“Lady your voice clearly betrays you. We both know I can so why deny it.”

I wrenched myself from his grasp and stood there looking at him fear and anger in my eyes. Unable to stand him any longer I turned and stormed my way to my room. It took about two hours to stop the bleeding from the cut. It wasn’t incredibly deep but it was a good depth, it would unfortunately leave a scar. It took another hour on top of the two to stop myself from shaking and to calm myself.

Now I stood in my room and looked at myself in the mirror. There indeed was a scar and Grima’s handprint was still fresh on my face. I knew that I would have to control myself much better than I just had, especially when Eomer and Théodred come home. If I told them the first thing, they would do would be to hunt him down and then tear him to shreds even with all my protests to not do anything, and once Grima found out that they knew he certainly would waste no time to carry out his threat. He could do practically anything with uncle the way he is.

I stepped away from the mirror and went to my closet and changed into my nightgown and then crawled into bed hoping that for one night if I could sleep, I could sleep peacefully. I blew out the candle on the table next to my bed and then leant back sinking into my soft pillow.


It was late and I was in my room taking off all my jewelry before getting into my nightgown and crawling into bed. I had no idea why but I felt like the happiest person on earth. I felt so carefree that I could fly. I went to brush my hair when I noticed I forgot to take off my ring and wondered where I had gotten it. I couldn’t remember getting it from anyone. A knock sounded at my door. When I opened the door what I say cut through any feeling happiness and was immediately replaced with dread and fright.

Grima stood in my doorway. The fear I felt was more than I could explain. In the blink of an eye, he shoved me backwards and I tumbled to the ground. He drew a small dagger, the same as before, and lunged at me. I rolled over and tried to climb to my feet but I was so shaken up by his sudden attack that I was much slower than usual allowing him to push me back down and straddled me pinning me down. He placed his knife in the same place he had cut me before. I didn’t care anymore as long as I got away. I struggled and struggled and eventually was able to push him off me though not without feeling the cool blade slice through my skin. I jumped to my feet and ran to the door. He grabbed my left wrist with his right hand and cut my palm.

“That’s a warning Eowyn!”

I had taken all that I could stand of him. Both hands were clenched in tight fists. I could feel the blood on my left palm squeezing through my fingers. Enraged I lifted my right hand still clenched in a tight fist and hit him as hard as I possibly could. There was a crack and blood started oozing from his nose as he staggered backwards releasing me. I smiled to myself in triumph but then he looked back up. He was in pain and angry but didn’t have any intention of letting me get away seeing that even though he seemed to have a broken nose and still wouldn’t give up brought back my fear but this time doubled. I turned and rushed down the hall. It led to the guest quarters. I didn’t know why but I felt I would be safe there and that comforted me a bit though I trembled with fear to think how far he would go until I was trapped. I heard him coming after me. Will he never give up? Tears started to slide down my face as I ran through the halls.


I had finally reached the guest quarters. I flew around the corner and saw a tall figure just coming out into the hall. I could make out most all his features but his head was turned. I prayed to the valor that this man might help me. I ran past a window and there was a slight flicker of light when I ran under the moonlight. That seemed to catch his attention and he looked up at me though his face was shadowed. Through the corner of my eye, I saw Grima coming up closer behind me. I wasn’t within his reach yet but I would be soon. The man then called out to me,
“Eowyn?! What’s wrong?!!”


I sprang up in bed breathing hard as I trembled my body lathered in sweat. I tried to calm myself.

`It was just a dream Eowyn, it was just a dream. But it felt so real……’


It had been almost two weeks and I had had the same dream every night and woken up in the same condition, except for the nights when I hadn’t slept. I was on my guard every second but nothing had happened, at least yet. It was practically the only thing ever on my mind no matter how hard I tried to distract myself, or convince myself that it was just a dream.
No one was even staying in the guest quarters. So why was I having it constantly? This question always won the better part of me. So I finally decided that I would stay alert and that I would try and put the puzzle pieces together. Maybe if I knew what was going on I could stop it from happening.

I’d been wondering who the man was why was he in the guest quarters? He was particularly hard to pin a name on because I could never see his face, though I figured he must be someone close because he didn’t address me formally at all. It’s usually hard to find someone who won’t address you formally when they know who you are. It was nice to have someone treat you just like another person, like someone trying to live life, without all the titles.

I’d come up with a few that would match his body and everything but they always used titles. Exhausted and frustrated I finally decided to give up.


Later that day when I was bringing uncle Théoden his lunch the horns sounded signaling one of the company’s return. I set the tray of food on a small table and moved it so he could eat comfortably, then went then went to see who had come home. I reached the end of the hall and the doors opened to reveal my cousin Théodred at the top of the steps walking toward me. A wide grin spread across my face as he hugged me tightly, and I gladly hugged him back.

“I’m so glad your home,” I whispered.

“So am I,” he whispered back.

He pulled back a bit though still holding me and dropped a small kiss on my brow.

“How is father?”

I turned and we started walking towards uncle Théoden.
“He’s eating lunch. He doesn’t seem to have gotten any better.” I could tell he expected the answer he got, but was hoping he would get the opposite. Him and me and Théodred all loved him dearly and to see what grima had done to him and not be able to do anything about it was so hard. I cursed his name. He has brought nothing but grief. Théodred greeted his father and like of late got nothing in return but a small glance and a sort of mumbled grunt, as we went to sit at a table off to the side that gave a little more privacy so we could talk, I thought what a wonderful distraction he would be from Grima and all my dreams.

“Have you seen Eomer?”

“No, I’m sure though he will be fine when he comes home.”

“I know, I know you are both well trained and practiced, but I can’t help myself. If I were to lose one of you… are all I have left besides uncle and he is so ill it’s like he’s not even here anymore just a strange old man who doesn’t know me, and there’s nothing I’ve done that seems to be helping any. I feel so useless. It wouldn’t make a difference if I were dead!”


“Let me go with you when you leave-“


“A least I would be doing something useful and I wouldn’t be so worried-“


“What!…I’m sorry. I know I’m just babbling on.” He moved to sit by me holding me tight in his arms.

“Well first of all it would make a huge difference if you were dead. I don’t ever want to hear anything like that come out of your mouth again and don’t even think it. Two, I know you want to help me and Eomer but you are already doing more than you could with us. Besides someone has to watch out for uncle and what about that slimy little worm, if you weren’t here to keep him in check he could have total control.”

“Come,” Theodred stood and pulled Eowyn to her feet and started walking towards a hall that led to the kitchens. “Let us go snatch something from the kitchens, I’m starved.”

Eowyn gave a little gasp that made Theodred jump a little.
“Oh Theodred, I should have had them send you something you must be starved indeed.”

Theodred started chuckling.

“It’s alright Wyn, don’t fret about it, you worry to much as it is.”

“You are too good to me.”

“Only because you deserve the best.”

He took her hand and dropped another small kiss on her brow and she gave him a big smile as they walked to the kitchens.


Waking up once again from that horrible dream was something that never got any better, especially the laying awake afterwards in my big bed all alone terrified in the dark. However tonight Theodred was home. When I was little he would always let me come clime in bed with him, and still dose because he usually always considers me to be his `Little Wyn’, and I suppose I always will be since I am younger than him. Still in my usual state I climbed out of bed and quietly but very quickly left my room and made my way down a few doors to his room. Once there I pocked my head in through the door.


I heard him move and then give me some sort of a mumbled reply which seemed to be interrupted by a yawn.

“Hmm…Ahhhhhhh, yea?”

I shut the door and crawled into his bed.

“Bad Dream?”


I cuddled up against him and he put a protective arm around me.

“Don’t worry little Wyn, your safe with me.”

He always said some little phrase like that to make me feel better and whatever he said he never failed to tell the truth. I knew I’d be safe.



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