Princess Zavion part 3 – Adventure and Love story

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Princess Zavion, part 3

The wind whispered in the treetops as our fair princess slept. Gradually the air twirled in her hair, scattering strands across her peaceful face. As you listen to the rustling of leaves on the soft earth; footsteps sound. They seem to come closer; they aren’t quiet, like an elf’s. They were also not heavy, as that of a warrior. As you continue to listen, the footsteps stop right next to your ear. You can still here the chirping of birds, and chattering of squirrels; but there is breathing that is not your own. Then, you wake up out of that mysterious dream, and find out it wasn’t a dream. Our princess fluttered open her eyes, and there stood a figure. Thinking she was still in her dream, she kept looking up, but could not make out the face because of the small light the forest offered. Sitting up, Zavion squinted against the darkness. Then, she saw the figures face. Suddenly, images and myths raced into her mind as her head spinned. All the stories she had heard, the pictures, the warnings. Now, she was standing face-to-face with him. The one that had out-lived any creature’s worst fear. As her eyes swept over the body, her hand frantically groped for her sword. She wasn’t quick enough; one of the hands scooped her up as the other covered her mouth. She felt the strength of the being as it carried her to her horse. The quick movements frightened the poor beast, and it jerked its cranium upwards to pry itself loose from the tree. The hand over her mouth lifted and swiftly caught the reins before the animal could escape. It all happened to quick for Zavion to scream before she was up on the horse; blind folded, and was bouncing around on top of the beast’s back. Then a powerful arm rapped around her waist to keep her from falling out of the saddle. It was too much; the princess fainted into the arms of the person behind her. There she rode. Atop her horse, in the arms of the one nobody thought lived.


“Don’t you think we should set out soon?” Alsimti asked Eldarion. It was the next morning after the princess’s horse had dashed away. The three had pursued her for some time, before stopping and deciding to look for her in the morning, for it had grown dark.

“Yes, and we will. If you would not mind taking to the horses to water so they will be refreshed before we depart.” Eldarion answered.

“I do hope the princess is not fatally hurt. What if we find her too late?” Beredol pondered the thought.

“I think she is fine. She is not a bad rider, and she knows how to take care of herself.” Eldarion reassured his companions, ” Do not worry about her. We shall find her soon.” With that Alsimti walked up with the refreshed horses and they each mounted. They started on their way heading south. No sooner than had they left, than they picked up the tracks set by Zavion’s horse. The didn’t say much as it seemed that the footprints grew closer together as if the horse’s strides grew smaller. Soon it looked as if the beast had slowed to a walk. Eventually the came to the site that Zavion had slept at. Eldarion jumped off his horse and strode over to the fire. It did not look as if it had been put out.

“Looks like she just let the fire die. She knows that is dangerous.” Eldarion pointed out.

“If you haven’t noticed, her bedding is still there, yet she and her horse are gone.” Alsimti walked over to the bedding, “Eldarion look! Her bedding is all messed up. Her bag is gone, yet the bed is still here.”

“Something has happened here. Her fire was not put out. Both she and the horse are gone with her bag. The bedding is left as if she got out of it in a hurry. She would take her sack with her if she were going to a river to bathe. And if I know her well, then she is a very organized person and would have put up her bedding and put out the fire.” Beredol stated the facts.

Eldarion came over to the bedding and studied it. He agreed with the other 2. Although he had convinced him self that Zavion was all right, doubt filled his thoughts. But with the keen sense he got from his mother’s elven blood, the doubt left, and he started figuring out a plan. He studied the earth around the bed, and then walked to where the horse had been tethered. It looked as if the beast had been frightened for the leaves and low branches were cut and scattered. Coming to a conclusion, Eldarion turned to his friends.

“Well, all the evidence is here. She’s been captured.” he looked into each of the other’s eyes, “Looks like we’ve got our work cut out for us. Let us depart.” With that the three mounted their steeds and left the site. Taking with them the bedding and the other things left behind.


About the same time that Eldarion and his friends discovered the site, Aragorn had taken leave out of Minis Tirith. He had taken with him 12 men. That morning, the Steward of Gonder had come to talk to the King about a business matter. He had not known of the late troubles that had befallen the King and Queen. The Steward, Faramir son of Denethor, had eaten breakfast with Aragorn and heard the whole story. By the time the King was ready to leave, Faramir had sent word to his wife that he would be going with Aragorn to help in their little down falls all that he could. So, King Aragorn and Steward Faramir had left the city and were currently 5 miles away from it. Their progress was good. For in one hour, they had covered 7 miles and coming upon a river. The water rushed about the legs of the steeds as they stepped into the river. Aragorn sent one of his men to test the water. It wasn’t too deep to cross. They waded over and climbed the bank on the opposite side and continuing their journey.


Around noon this same day, our princess awoke in a room filled with green things. She lay on cloud soft bed with green leave pillows and quilts. The canopy above her was green ivy that draped down to the earth floor. There was a chestnut dresser with a green furnished seat at it. The doorway had hanging grass from the top to the bottom. She looked upon the floor, and saw a small stream flowed through the middle. Her eyes followed it and she saw that a little fountain produced the sweet smelling water. Her mind engulfed the breathtaking sight. It was the most stunning and beautiful chamber she had ever laid eyes on. Then she thought about the many times Legolas and Gimli had visited her father and told her about the fair forest of Lorien. She thought that this had to be it. She thought that she had to be dreaming again. Then her mind cam back, and she remembered how she got here. That thing had captured her, taken her on a long ride through many obstacles. And now she was here. In this wonderful room surrounded in beauty. He brain could not connect to the two happenings. As the thought about these things, a woman’s head popped through the hanging grass at the doorway.

“Ahh, I see you are awake. Wait a moment and I will get you something to eat.” The voice was musical. It reminded Zavion of her mother’s voice. Then she relised that the woman was and elf. As she listened, she could here singing. It was like the music that she sometimes heard Legolas sing when he visited. She concluded that this must be an elf dwelling. Then what about the one that had captured her? Had he brought her here? To all this wonder and beauty? The two did not connect. Before she the elf had left, she had returned with a tray. The aroma filled the room and Zavion relised she was hadn’t eaten since dinner the previous evening. The female elf swiftly brought the tray and set it on the princess’s lap. Zavion looked at the food and was hungry. But she could not eat with these thoughts racing through her mind. She looked at the elf and spoke. The questions spilled out, more than Zavion had wanted.

“Where am I? Why am I here? What happened? Who was the thing that captured me? Why did he want me? And who are you?” Her mind started spinning again.

The elf smiled “You are not to know where you are. The dwelling is secret. As for why you are here I cannot tell you. When he comes to you, he will tell you. I’m sure you can remember what happened up to the point of your fainting. After that he just brought you here. I think you know who captured you. But if not, than I will tell you. He goes by Arsecun. He is the one who braved many things and lived through them all. His family taken by the orcs and tortured till death. His vengeance upon the orcs. His friendship with…well your father. And-” Zavion interrupted the elf there.

“My Father?”

“Yes, you see, Arsecun is, or was a Dunedain. He was very young when he became a Dunedain. Your father had taken Arsecun in like a young brother and they were very close before the War of the Ring. Arsecun was one of the Dunedain that brought aid to your father towards the end of the great battle.” The elf continued.

Zavion thought about all this.

“As for why he wanted you, well he will tell you that. And I am Silnen. Glad to meet you. I must go now.” With that she departed from the room.The princess sat on the soft bed, pondering these answers. Now she was even more confused. She anticipated, yet also feared the meeting of this…Arsecun. She had heard much about him, yet it didn’t seem that she knew him at all. Obviously she had much knowledge to acquire. To that, she looked forward too. The thought had not yet crossed her mind about her safety. She still didn’t know why she was in this place.


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