Princess Zavion, part 2 – Her adventure, and love story

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That night, when the four had set up camp right outside the city premises, Zavion asked her brother a question.

“So Eldarion, why were YOU going to that cave?”

Her older brother looked at her and merely replied, ” I just wanted to see it again.”

She didn’t pursue the question any further. Beredol walked over from his bed and sat next to the young princess. “And why did you want to come along?”

“If you must know, I wanted to see it as well.” She said quietly as she looked about the forest. Her brother noticed her anxiety.

“There is nothing in these forests to be frightened by.” He said as he smirked.

She glared at him. “I’m not afraid.”

“It’s alright,” Alsimti said as he threw a scowl at Eldarion, “We’re here if anything does, which I doubt anything will.”

Eldarion turned around and said a simple “Goodnight.”


That evening, back in Minis Tirith, Arwen went to Aragorn’s desk where he was in thought.

“I suppose you have noticed that our children are gone?” She asked rather hastily.

He looked up from his books, and nodded. “Yes.”

“Well have you sent for them?”

“No I have not. If they are still away by tomorrow afternoon, I myself will go.”

“Well I would like to go also. I have sharper senses anyway.”

“If you remember correctly my queen, I have Elven blood in me. Which came in handy during the War of the Ring.” His face grew clouded as he thought harder on the past.

Arwen walked around the big desk and stood next to her husband.

“Oh Aragorn.” was all she said. Then she took his hand and led him to their bedroom.

“You have been working so hard on your work. Please take some time off. I don’t like seeing you in this state.” She pleaded.

Elessar’s eyes turned to hers and he looked long in them. He was tired, yes. Then looking away, he assured her that he would retrieve their children in the morning. They would be safe until then.


The next morning, the first morning of the four’s journey, was cool and quiet. Zavion did not immediately jump out her sleeping bed. She lay there and looked up into the treetops. It was so peaceful. She loved the forest surrounding Minis Tirith. Then reality called her back when her brother’s head suddenly appeared in front of her’s.

“Time to get out of your bed Zavion. We have along road ahead if we want to get enough in front of Father’s men.” Eldarion told her.

“Father’s men?” She questioned.

“Yes, he’s probably set out for us by now, if not earlier.” Her brother noted.

“Well then we’d best get a move on!” Zavion stated.

“Yes we’d best.” Beredol spoke up. He then started packing up his bedding role and stuffing it into his pack. Alsimti did the same.

“Can we not clean ourselves up first?” Zavion asked.

“You can, but then we would have to leave you behind and let Father find you and you would get the punishment instead of us.” Eldarion smirked “Which wouldn’t be all that bad.”

“Well excuse me for trying to be sanitary.” She snapped.

At around noontime, the four rode into a little clearing. They stopped for a break.

“So um, where exactly are we headed? What realm?” Zavion inquired.

“Well, we are headed to the Crossing of Erul. We should be coming up on Lossarnach soon.” Alsimti told her.

“We have been traveling at a fast pace for quite sometime. I didn’t know we had come that far.” Beredol said.

“I brought a map with me and marked of the places we passed along the way. It does seem like we shouldn’t be this far, but all the better for us!” Eldarion told them.

Zavion was sitting on her gray horse listening to the three talk. She became board with what they had changed the subject to; when she thought she heard something coming from the right. Her horse’s ears pricked forward then back. The beast had noticed it also. She turned around in her saddle to look at the forest they had just come out of. It was still. She told herself it had to be an animal. Then the sound came from the behind her. She jerked her head everywhere to see if she could spot something. Her heart was picking up it’s pace. The horse was backing up a little, and then forward, then back again. Ears pinned to its cranium. As Zavion read the horse’s body language, she knew it was going to bolt at any second. She was right. At that moment, a rush of pigeons flew up right in front of them. Her steed reared. The next thing she knew she was holding on tight to the horse’s mane, and was speeding down the hillside. Her brother’s calls were getting fainter. Opening her eyes, she watched as the scenery swept by her. She was covering a lot of ground. Finally after about five minutes of galloping threw the woods, she gathered her wits, and her reins and pulled with all her might. They horse eventually slowed down to a brisk walk, then a calm one. Zavion wiped her brow, and her hand pulled away with blood on it. A low hanging branch must have cut her. She got a rag out of her sack, and tied it around her head to stop the bleeding. Getting of her horse, she sank to the ground. Her legs were numb. She vigorously rubbed her hands against them. She was soon able to stand up, and tether her horse. Her brother would follow her tracks and get her soon. She looked up into the sky and saw that dusk was coming. She decided to make camp. She would have a fire going when her brother and friends arrived.

After she had eaten her dinner, she rolled out her bed. Then she rebandeged her forehead. Making sure her horse was tied securely; she put out the fire. Listening to the sounds around her, Zavion fell asleep. She was a princess, alone outside the boundaries of home. When would her brother find her?


That morning, back in Minis Tirith, Aragorn prepared for his leave.

“How long do you think you will be gone?” Arwen asked.

“Hopefully no more than 3 to 4 days my dear.” He answered.

“Lets hope not.”

With that he kissed his queen, then leaped onto his horse and rode out of the gate. Little did he know that it would be more than 3 to 4 days.


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