Princess Zavion – Her adventure and her love story

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I am clearly aware that it has taken me an extremely long time to submit part 4. I was occupied with other things. Forgive me. I hope you will find it as interesting as my first three. Thank you!

Zavion 4

Hooves danced as Eldarion’s steed snorted impatiently. They had come to a sheltered clearing where they would make camp for the night. Alsimti dismounted and took the tack off his horse letting into the field to freely graze. Beredol did the same. Eldarion left the bridle on his but took off the saddle and let it go with the others. Going to the woods, he retrieved wood for their fire. When he returned, the other two had set out their sleeping blankets and set rocks in a circle for the wood to go in for the fire. After starting the fire, Eldarion sat down on his bed role.

“Well, how far do you think Zavion’s captor took her?” Beredol asked Eldarion.

“I’m not sure. He was headed somewhere. He wouldn’t just take her to go riding with him…. or it. He couldn’t have wanted her for torture; no one could be that brutal.” Eldarion responded.

“Lets hope not.” Alsimti spoke up.

“Oh now that’s a pleasant thought.” Beredol stated sarcastically.

“Don’t worry about that now. We’ll find her on the morrow. She will be fine. She is strong willed enough that I don’t know how anyone would sand her. I do not know how I have.” Eldarion jested.

It was now late evening and the green room where Princes Zavion napped now occupied another. She had dozed off in her wait for Arsecun. Now he had arrived and she was asleep. Watching her with his eyes narrowed, he motioned for the elf servant to awaken her. As the servant lightly touched Zavion’s shoulder, she spoke to her to awaken. Zavion’s eyes fluttered, then opened. She looked up at the ceiling then at the elf. She was in a trance. Then remembrance came to her.

“Oh, um…. hello. Excuse me for dozing off.” Zavion said the maid. Her eyes watched the elf till the door, that’s when she saw Arsecun. Tall, dark, she couldn’t make out his features for the shadow he was in. Then making eye contact, she raised her head and straitened her back. She looked like the princess she was. Arsecun stepped forward into the light, and bowed.

“Greetings in peace fair princess. Welcome to my home.”

Zavion continued to watch him as he spoke. She could make out his face now. His eyes were a soft brown. They didn’t match his fox like manner. He wore a blue-green cloak over a green shirt and brown pants. As her eyes came back to his face, she smiled. Yes, she had seen a picture of him. Now, he was even more handsome than he was in the picture. She stepped onto the green rug as her lavender dress slid off the bed behind her and fell about he ankles. She stood strait and tall, but she couldn’t come closer than 8 inches from his 6’6 height. She was tall for a woman. Then she noticed his ears. She blinked at the sight. In the picture Arsecun had not had pointed ears! He was an elf. Yes, an elf.

“Greetings.” Was all she could bring herself to say.

“Is that all?” He inquired.

“No,” Zavion gathered her courage, “I want to know why I am here. Why you brought me here, and why you frightened me so.”

“I was waiting for that. You are here as my servant-” He started.

“Your servant?! I think not! Why I NEVER-” she spoke.

“Yes my servant. If you would calm down you would learn the reason, or as much as you need to know.” He spoke above her voice. Zavion was furious.

“How dare you call a princes a servant? You have enough servants! I, Princess Zavion demand you let me go immediately!” She stomped her foot in madness.

Arsecun laughed lightly.

“No, my princess, you are not leaving.” He continued to laugh.

Zavion was extremely overdone. Her head throbbed. His laughing continued in her mind like a tape. She wanted out. She wanted her parents.

Arsecun watched her as she looked all about the room. Then he saw her eyes role back in her head and in one fluent motion he swiftly caught her as she fell to the floor. Lifting her, he laid her body on the bed and put the coverlet over her.

“I’ll tell you more in the morning when you are refreshed. You’ve had a long day.” He said to her closed eyes. With that, Arsecun blew out the lamp and left the room.


Meanwhile, Aragorn and Faramir were hot on the trail of when the four were still together. Coming to the clearing where Zavion’s horse had taken off, they stopped. Aragorn dismounted and examined the ground.

“These hoof prints are about 3 days old.” He told his company, “They must have stopped here for a break because the grass is trampled as if they stopped.”

Faramir also saw the grass. “Perhaps we should camp here for the night sir. It is growing dark.”

“I agree. If they were this far ahead of us, it wouldn’t do much to tire the horses more. We will set up camp here.” Aragorn said as he tethered his horse. The rest of the company followed his lead.


Zavion awoke in the dead of night. Darkness covered the room. Feeling her way to the door, she opened it. A single light flickered above the doorway. Reaching on her tiptoes, she took down the lamp. Holding it before her, she moved along what seemed a walkway. She could hear the steady flow of water. She looked out and saw a light dotting the darkness that covered everything like a blanket. Those must be other rooms. She told herself. As she continued along the path, it seemed that her steps started to ascend as if she were walking up a small hill. As the lantern seemed to portray shrubs, she came to a grove of trees. Looking up, she saw flowers in the branches. A soft wind blew into the trees as one of the pink flowers floated to the ground. Picking it up, she noticed how familiar it looked. She had seen this flower before, many times before. She searched her mind to place it. There! She had seen it! Looking at the flower, her eyes widened. Her eyes wandered to the tree and up it. Yes, it was the same. The flower belonged to the Mallorn tree. Zavion knelt to the ground in reverence of the elven tree. She bent her slender neck and caressed the small flower.

“So you know this tree do you?” a voice interrupted her thoughts.

Zavion gasped and pivoted to find Arsecun.

“I am sorry to frighten you. Why are you out this time of night? If you were in the forest, this would be dangerous.” He spoke softly to her.

“You have a way to sneak up on people, whether it be in the woods, or in… here. I awoke and decided to explore. As for it being dangerous, I am at home in the woods.” She told him, her courage continuing to grow.

“So you can speak sensibly! That is good to know. You may think you are at home in the woods, but you obviously need to be more alert.” He smirked.

Her eyes narrowed at his careless sarcasm, “I may need to learn to be alert, but you need to learn manners around royalty, or woman for that matter.” She retorted.

“Watch your tongue princess.” He snapped back.

Zavion looked straight into his eyes, ” Do not worry about my tongue. At least I know how to use mine.” With that she turned on her heel and went back down the path to her chamber. Arsecun’s eyes followed her till she was in her room. He thought about her as he walked away. She had bravery. Little did either of them know how much this would mean in time to come.


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