Princess Ariwen, her adventure, and her love story – A Story

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Author: Kelly Brooks(a.k.a.~Galadriel_Daughter~
Comments: Lots of constructive critisism please!
Story Line: This is about The daughter of Arwen and Aragorn. About her adventure, and the love story in between. Hope you like it!!
Princess Ariwen, her adventure, and her love story.


One brisk fall morning in Minas Tirith, Arwen, the fair elf that became betrothed to the King of the west, walked lightly to her daughter’s room. When she arrived, she was surprised to find that the princess was already up, and singing in front of the mirror. The queen tapped on the mahogany door, and the singing stopped. The door opened and there stood her daughter. Ariwen, the second child of King Elessar and his elven queen, Arwen. Her beautiful hair twirled down around her slender shoulders. She was breath taking. Her mother had seen her this way many times before, but today seemed different. Ariwen, smiling, greeted her mother “Good morning Mother, I trust you slept well?” Arwen smiled back and replied “Yes very dear, you look like you did yourself.”

” I did Mother, how is Father and Eldarion this fine morning?”

“Your father had some business to take care of, he will be back for the morning breakfast though. Your brother went out. I didn’t talk to him.”

“He departed again? Did he take anyone with him?”

“No, I doubt he did.” Arwen said ” But let us not waste time, do you need any help with the remainder of you preparation?”

“I am fine mother, thank you.” Ariwen replied.

“Well then I shall see you at the table.”


That next day, Ariwen saw her brother, 20-year-old Eldarion, riding up. He stopped a few yards away and took no notice of her, but passed through the door. Ariwen followed, wondering where he had been all morning.

When she got to where he was, she heard him speaking to her father.

“I was out Father.” Eldarion said.

“Yes I can see that, but where? You look like you have been through quite a lot.” Aragorn stated.

“Well you see I have. I came across what seemed like a cave the side or a mountain.”

” That is what made your clothes soiled and you face smeared with mud?” Ariwen heard her father ask.

“No, not that Father. You see, I think there is someone, or something living in there. I followed a few trails that seemed like they were leading me through the whole mountainside. I think it used to be a dwarf dwelling of some sort. There are many evenly cut walls.” Eldarion spoke.

Her father seemed interested.

“Yes, and did you find anything?”

“I found foot prints. They had to have been either elven or man. But Father, how could a man be living there?”

“You are right Eldarion. Some one is living there. It comes to mind something that happened about the same time you were born. Please excuse me.” With that her father got up and walked out the door. He stopped when he saw that she was standing at the entrance.

“Ariwen, what are you doing?” He asked.

“Well I was listening.”

“Mayhap next time you will let me talk with out the worry of eavesdropping?”

“Yes Father, I beg forgiveness.”

“Granted. Now go and find your mother and tell her to meet me in the east wing. Understood?”

“Yes father, thank you.”

Ariwen was about to turn to go and get her mother, when Eldarion came out of the room and spotted her.

“Where you eavesdropping?” He spoke rather harshly.

“That is not your concern.”

“Oh it isn’t?” He replied, “When I’m in a conversation with Father, I want privacy. But you are too young to understand.”

“I am NOT to young!” Then checking herself, Ariwen calmed down and quickly thought of a good comeback. “You better be happy I don’t tell Father and Mother about you little `outings’ at night when they are away on business.” She smirked.

“You wouldn’t dare tell!” He retorted.

“Of course not dear brother!” She said sarcastically.

“I am not going to waste my time on a little 18-year-old like yourself.” With that he turned and walked off.

“I’m not through with you.” Ariwen muttered. Then she as well turned the other direction.


Around dusk, Ariwen went to look for something to do. The meeting her parents where in had gone all afternoon. She was getting tired of wanting to know who was living in the cave with the trails. Then she got an idea. She knew she would never be allowed to go there a lone, but if she got one of Eldarion’s friends to go with her, then she would be safe. She thought about which one she would take. There was Valadan, but he would tell on her, he was like her brother. Most of them where. But there was one that never picked on her, actually there were two. Beredol and Alsimti. She liked them. No, not like a crush, but they were nice, and good-looking. But would they go with her? She wasn’t sure. It was like she was sneaking off. She would leave a note. With that she went to get her room. She would find Beredol and Alsimti in the morning.


The next morning, she quietly packed one of her bags with a few small things. Then she realized that she was acting as though she would be sneaking out. The punishment would be extreme if she left with out permission. Ariwen did not want to get into trouble. The lecture had come much to frequently about her age and that she should act like a lady. She understood and all, but being a lady was boring! Sometimes it could be fun, but only when you get to know all about the secret stuff. As in what was going on at the present!

Ariwen told her parents she was going out in the city that morning, which wasn’t a lie. She was told to be courteous and cautious. Like always.

When she turned the corner on her way to Alsimti’s house, she saw him, Eldarion, and Beredol. He heart sunk at the sight of her brother. Now her plan was ruined. While she was thinking these things, Beredol noticed her and called her name.

“Princess Ariwen! Come over here!” With that he bowed low.

Ariwen’s head jerked up. At the name called, her brother’s did the same. He called too.

“What are you doing here?”

“I was um…just taking…. a…um…walk.” She stuttered.

“Oh sure. Why are you here?” He asked.

“Why are you being so put out?” She demanded.

“Because, these are my friends, and we are doing something.”

“Really? What are you doing that is so secret?” She demanded again.

“We are going somewhere that doesn’t concern you.”

“Well then can I go? I know where you’re going.” She said.

“Where are we going then?” He asked.

“Your going back to that cave. I want to go to. I have stuff right here. Wait for me to go get my horse.” She didn’t let him answer before she was around the corner untying her horse. When she came around the corner, she saw that her brother was very upset, and Beredol and Alsimti were smirking.

“Lets go then!” They said. Ariwen smiled and jumped onto her horse. She had wanted to go on adventures just like her father had during the War of the Ring. She had heard the story many times before. She was having her own adventure now. She was going to find who was living in that cave. And she wouldn’t have to stress about her excuse for being gone. She was with her brother! Ariwen then looked at the three guys. They were Eldarion’s age. She felt secure. Alsimti winked back at her, then motioned for her to follow him. Her adventure had started! Princess Ariwen, her adventure, and her love story.


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