Pop Star – the real chapter 1

by Jul 17, 2003Stories

Just after the concert Jamie and Brittany were cooling off and getting ready to go home to there apartment. The dancer and popstar shared the apartment. This was there job while they went to collage. They were bolth nineteen. Brittany was two months older and liked to show it off.
They went out to go take one last bow. Then jamie saw him. It was a legolas look alike. Or at least she thought. She looked at brittany and liped look at that eye candy. *eyecandy=hottie* Every one stood up and the girls lost track of their eye candy. Oh no. They bolth thought at the same time.
After they finished changing into dark blue mudd jeans and light blue belly shirts they walked outside. THen they found themselves looking into the silvery blue colored eyes of the eyecandy, Legolas. “Hello.” Studdered bolth girls at the same time. “I reconize you two.”Said legolas. (Were just going to call him legolas.)
“Let’s walk and talk and you tell us how you reconize us. Also we need to go get us to go make sure that the house keeper didnt steal any thing again.”said brittany sighing and shaking her head sadly.
After they got to the apartment Jamie grabed brittany’s lotr book. She set it on the table with a bunch of food. It looked like a feast with a book in the middle. Suddenly the book started to glow. All three of them reached for it. The book, table, and three people were transported to middle earth.


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