Pippin & Hyacinth – A continued story on Sam’s family

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It was mid-summer in the Shire. The young pair of orioles chirped on the top of their lungs their beautiful duet song. But they knew that whatever happens it wouldn’t wake Pippin up anyway.

Yes, if in any normal day Pippin would never wake up till noon. But today he was up already while the sun was still half-asleep, tidying himself up. Waiting for her…for her to come back from the Brandybucks’.

He brushed his brown Sam-like hair and blinked his Rosie-like eyes. He looked nice; nicer than in ordinary days when his hair was a tangled mass of wire and dirt covered his face, at least his hair now piled neatly upon his head without stirring up a revolution.

Anytime now she will walk up the slopes, he said merrily to himself. And we can wander off the plains and gather up armfuls of lilies, and make a pure white crown out of them and put it on her head. Then we will visit the Mauna the deer. How happy and surprised will she be if she knows Mauna gave birth to a new fawn…that he had named Connell!

He bounced off the stool he was sitting on and smiled confidently. He had a great sense of humour like his brother Frodo, but he was one hundred times less riotic. He knew she would have a wonderful time with him. He decided that he would wait for her on the hill. He would immediately know when she came.

Minutes passed by. The wind seemed to whisper about her coming. The grass bent with laughter at his idiotic expression – standing there like a mere statue of stone. Pippin suddenly gave a wild exclaim. There she was, his dear Hyacinth, Hyna as he called her, fluttered gracefully up the slope just like a Hyacinth. She was dressed in a pure white long dress, and on her head a rose crown. She wore her sleek dark hair in a braid, and there with her…

Pippin’s heart sudden burned with hatred and jealousy. Arm in arm with Hyna was a boy about his age. He was not as fair as Pippin was, but though Pippin did not know it, a far sweeter mouth of a flatterer. He had golden-brown wavy hair, which (in Pippin’s point of view) was the only outstanding feature on his whole body. He had particularly large front teeth, which stuck out as he smiled. Such a loser, Pippin thought, and Hyna liked him?

As he thought about all this Hyacinth had arrived before Pippin, and with a breathtaking smile she waved and said, “Hi Pip!” She smiled again, showing all her pimples. “This is Brendt Oakman. Benny, this is Pippin Gamgee.”

“Hi,” said both boys warily. And they shook their hands tightly in a silent match of strength. Pippin won, and both of them let go.

“Nice to meet you, Brendt,” said Pippin quite electronically; eyeing Brendt with triumph now that he won the match.

“Ya, me too,” replied Brendt, cursing Pippin with all his heart.

Hyna laughed at their conversation. In her innocent heart she did not understand what they were doing. “What shall we do now?” she asked Pippin. “Where can we go?”

“We could visit Mauna in the forest…”Pippin tried to reply, but Brendt pushed him out of the way and said, ” I will make you a crown, Hynie,” he said,” With lilies, I promise.”

Pippin reacted quicker than lightning. “I’ll make you a crown of Hyacinths.”

“Really?” Hyna clapped, her big watery blue eyes widening with surprise. ” But Hyacinths, they grow…”

“In the forbidden forest,” said Pippin grimly. “But I will do everything for you, Hyna. Everything.”

Hyna was touched and she clasped his hand. She was about to say “Don’t go there, it’s ok”, but a sudden desire to prove both boys’ love for her made her remain silent.

“I can make you a even richer crown than Pippin’s ever is; a beautiful crown for the most beautiful elven-like maiden in the whole middle-earth,” said Brendt, “so we shall both sneak up to the forbidden forest and collect our own crown.”

The boys sneaked up to the forbidden forest’s outskirt without anyone noticing. They had bidden Hyacinth to stay at Pippin’s, and had even taught her to tell a lie if ever Pippin’s whereabouts was asked.

*Below the story is divided into two different endings. Choose one to see what happened!
* – Snowlass

Ending 1

“Well, that’s it,” said Brendt to Pippin, “if you want to chicken out you still have time.”

“Stop daydreaming,” retorted Pippin, “I know you are afraid.”

“Let’s not waste any words on this, we’ll know who’s the wimp when we come out!”

Pippin was enraged. This guy is so rude, thought he. I would teach him a lesson…a real one. He walked first into the forest. Brendt followed. They went searching for Hyacinths everywhere, and in complete vain. Then, quite suddenly, Brendt let out a shout,” I’ve found it! It’s here!”

“Where?” Pippin ran over quickly. The next thing he knew was that Brendt grabbed his arms and pushed him violently into a cave hidden by the shadows.

“Ow!” shouted Pippin. He felt hatred throbbing in his temples, and stood up swiftly to catch Brendt and take his revenge. But Brendt didn’t push him into the cave just to annoy him…

Pippin felt four arms jerking him deeper into the cave. They were steel-like arms; though Pippin struggled with all his might he could throw the arms off him. Deeper…deeper. He was dragged deeper and deeper into the cave. Fear overtook him. Now he regretted bitterly for his recklessness in doing this stupid thing.

Then, quite abruptly, he was dropped to the hard solid ground. Two voices near him started arguing; and he realized that they were orcs- Sam had described them to him well enough.

The wild thought of escape ran into his brain. I can run when they are still arguing about how to cook me, he thought. With his inherited hobbit-lightness he stealthily ran to the opening of the cave. His heart tightened again. There were heavy footsteps behind; the orcs had discovered his disappearance. He ran even harder. But then he met a dead end; it was a steep deep cliff. Before he can do anything, the orcs are already behind him. With a last wish of not dying horribly in the hands of an orc he jumped down the cliff.

Splash! Below was water. But that was even worse news for Pippin; he, like Sam, could not swim. He struggled and kicked to breath. He thrashed until his strength was used up. Then it was blackness…total blackness.

The bell rang twice. The raft was made and ready. The hobbits gathered around to see Pippin off; and there he lay with his black cloth, his arms folded on his chest, and he looked pale but peaceful. Sam and Rosie were thin and worn-looking and their eyes red from crying. Hyna only stared blankly at the hyacinths she had gathered for him, and she sang,

“See him off, my hyacinths
The messager of the wind
Gather for him thy blessings,
Let him depart in peace
Send him to the place
Where folks would suffer not
And bid him wait for me who comes
For we will never part again”

And Hyacinth plunged her knife into her heart, and went with him in peace.

~The End~


They were about to enter the forest when a white figure ran swiftly to them.

“Hyna! What are you doing here,” said Pippin, “I told you to wait for me at home…it isn’t safe here!”

“I am not going anywhere,” she said panting, “I am going with you.”

Pippin sighed. Girls are just so strange. They hate things that are good for them, and they fight for things that are not good for them. There is no way he could keep her at home now. He would have to take her with him.

So the three of them entered the forest together. What he saw made Pippin wary; dark outstretching branches, lurking dark figures following behind trees, and constant voices muttering, cackling…

“You scared?” said Brendt sarcastically. “I am sorry for this to happen.

Hyna turned her star-like brown eyes to Pippin, as if investigating his courage. Though she heard strange sounds and saw the darkness of the forest, she could not see strange shapes following them. In her pure mind she had not feared the darkness of the forest- the boys could protect her from anything, right?

Pippin took his bow from his back. He was a great archer; he had learnt shooting with Elanor, and his aim was the best of all. He was still too young and did not have enough strength to kill at one shoot, but at least he could protect himself…and Hyna.

Still they walked on. Hyna looked around nervously and tugged at both boys’ arms. Suddenly Pippin leaned over to her and said, with complete calmness, “Listen, Hyna. We are surrounded. When I say, “run”, you run back… immediately.”

Hyna gasped in surprise. ” We are surrounded by…what?”

“Beats me,” answered Pippin grimly, “RUN!”

Hyna gave a loud cry and flew off. Brendt followed next; Pippin shot an arrow at the crowd of surrounders to cover a retreat. Then suddenly the woods were filled with movements, and dark shadows grew clear; they were fell creatures that Sam had mentioned of long before; the remnant of orcs after the Dark Lord’s downfall.

The three of them flew like wind. They were gradually throwing the orcs off when suddenly Pippin from behind gave a loud cry; he was shot by an arrow.

Bewildered Hyna looked back; for a moment it seemed that she was going to help Pippin up, but then she beheld the approaching crowd of orcs and turned running without a backward glance.

Pained Pippin struggled up again. He stared at the distant white slender figure, and love and hatred blended in his mind. But seeing the approaching orcs he made another effort to escape. He knew he could not- with the exit so faraway; the pain on his shoulder so intense- but he struggled forward anyway.

Thud, thud. The footsteps were gaining on him; there is no escape now. His will quivered, and he tripped over a tree root. He was just thinking of accepting death when he heard the cries and gasps of the orcs.

Pippin turned over. A sudden ray of sunlight blinded him; An opening in the trees had let the sunlight in, and orcs, afraid of the sunlight, did not dare to go inside the ring of light which covered Pippin. Pippin heaved a relieved sigh. He felt his strength ebbing away, and his mind fogging; then he heard and saw no more.

“Oh, you are finally up!” was the first sound Pippin heard after he woke up again.

“Hyna?” Pippin cried. “I……”

But then the mist before his eyes finally cleared off. It was no Hyacinth; But still a fairer girl with gentle black eyes and black hair. She wore a soft purple dress, in which elegant markings had been sewn. In her white arms she held a wet towel, and was pressing it to his forehead. Pippin fancied he smelt the sweetness of lavender, and feeling relaxed he close his eyes again.

“I found you lying in forbidden forest,” said the girl, “what do you think you are doing there?”

“And what is such a graceful maiden doing in there?” retorted Pippin.

The maiden blushed. “I was with my older brother, with him to find out if orcs are really hiding there.”

And seeing Pippin staring at her she blushed even harder. “I will ask my brother to look after you.”

She stood gracefully up, and Pippin felt a strong odour of lavender seeping into his nostrils.

Her brother Asalbra was as kind and caring as the girl had been; but Pippin felt himself thinking about the maiden all of the time. “What’s your sister name?” he found himself asking in a rush.

“Oh,” replied Asalbra, smiling in a queer sort of way. “Lavender’s pretty, aren’t she?”
Pippin blushed red as a tomato.

A week later Pippin and Lavender was having a walk on the plains. They have visited Mauna, and Connell; Pippin had made a crown of lavenders for his “Lavvie”, and the sun is smiling down at them, blessing them silently. The grass bent with laughter of happiness, and the wind teased Pippin about the new girl.

“Lavvie,” asked Pippin, “can you sing me a song?”

She smiled. “Of course.”

And then she sang,
“There’s things on earth cannot be changed,
As sun amongst the clouds,
But darkness that are bound to you
Is solved with time and will.
And time after the darkness
Is the rainbow after rain.
The lavenders send their love,
O’er the messagers of the wind.

~The End~


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