People of the Dragonfly – O’Kay, so there’s more to it left than I said.

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“Why didn’t you say anything in the War of the Ring?” Gimli grumbled.

“I was still refining my abilities.” Legolas said. “I still have troubble placing the energy in the place I want it to go. If I were to have used it then, there’d be no telling if it affected us or them. Would you have liked me to kill you and not the orc next to you if I’d sliped?”


“It’s now or never, Legolas.” Astrid whispered in his ear. “They are comming cloce to us.”

“Come, Aragorn.” Legolas said. “I need to hurry through the ranks and fast. They all need to be together, you and Gimli with them.”


“We can’t stop and rest now!” Haldir all but screemed at the Rohirrim and thoes with them. “If your people are not warned fast enough-“

“We still have to have the strength to defend them.” Ta’ Agan tried to reason with him. “You may have the endurence needed to reach the city, but we do not. if you overtax our soldgers they won’t be able to help.”

“They aren’t going to help!” the elf said softly, his voice becoming strained into a clamer tone. “We have more than enough to protect you on our own… If we need you to help defend the people, you will know it.”

“There are manny Rohirrim who can still man the walls.” Eomer barked at them both. “And if I remember correctly, Haldir en’Lorien, you and your people were dead long befor the majority of the Rohirrim soldgers came to the Deep and only the men still lived.”

Haldir scowled at the man, but knew he was right. “That may be, but soldgers were short on my side as it was to begin with, and further more you are unable to see thoes who are comming now. Only the few who came to aid my daughter are able to see them, and only three or so are still able to fight.”


Andon lurched forward into his saddle to avoid a sword thrown at his head from the side. He noted that Eldarion was still struggling with his leg, and, if unhorsed, the prince would not survive the attack. All his thoughts were on his lifelong friend’s plight, but that was his own downfall.

One of the hidden soldgers had pulled him out of the saddle and swung his ax down to meet with his arm. Or, it almost did. Merry, alredy off of his poney, sliced through the attacker’s stomach and took no more notice fo the boy except to point out another oncomer.

Arwen struggled to keep her mind on defending herself as she made her way to protect her children. For some reason she could only think of her father. His voice kept sounding in her mind, calling her name.

She did not wish to let it get to her untill the voice forced her to listen. In her mind, she heard, Arwen, I warned you of the sorrows to come. now you must remember what you were not to know. your sword slips from not having practiced in long years, but remember the spear forbidden to you. Remember having taken it from the wall and fealing the death I caused by it.

“What do you mean, ada?” she asked softly through clenched teeth. “You took it with you!”

Place your sword away and look to your side, daughter! the voice comanded.

Without another word, Arwen did as she was told, only to find that there was nothing resemboling his spear near by untill it nearly hit her horse’s flank on the left, piercing an attacker. She snatched it up as she lept off of her horse to send it running to Andon’s side. “Thank Ilu!” she whispered back as she noted that it was indeed her father’s, but from where…

Arwen didn’t take the time to ponder it. You’re welcome. Now turn around. her father’s voice said in her mind.

Rhiannon wondered at her mother’s sudden dissapearence. She couldn’t see her on the ground, and Andon was on her horse, but a blurred figure, harder to see than thoes attacking them, that resemboled her mother stood her ground, defending herself with a long spear.


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