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Hellos to all! This is the mushroom dude, not dudette, and this is my first post. I would like to apologize in advance for all mistakes and misspellings made [some of which I know will be incredibly…stupid]. It has been quite some time since I read the books [I did read them before the movies came out, though,], so I am sure that my spelling and some events will be far off the mark. And please leave a comment on how you felt about my story, hope you enjoy it!

-The Mushroom Dude

A gentle breeze fell upon the elf’s face as he looked out at the last beams of sunlight shining out from under the distant horizan. Legolas grew contemplative; much had happend the past years. Elessar, son of Arathrorn, had passed away, leaving the throne to his son. The Ent Wives had been found not far from mirkwood, bringing a new entish craze to the elves who lived there. Thrandual, his father, had become the new lord of Rivendell after Elrond left to the havens, and Eledon and Elrohir had turned down the offer. Gimli, who took a sudden liking in the ways of the Elves, had also decided to retire to Rivendell. The peaceful toll of old age was creeping into his bones. Legolas’ white bearded friend had left his war-like nature behind and now spent most or his time perusing books and reading ancient literature, mostly elvish [as over half of the library of Rivendell elvish literature]. Within his own heart, Legolas yearned for the sea. He heard in his mind the sound of the cawing gulls singing the melodies of Erasea, a sound which only elves can hear. He had made himself the promise, however, not to leave until all his ties to the land had been severed, for fear of regretting. So he had become a elven nomad, always coming and going, traveling at his own ease.
Legolas had come to the white city to see Arwen, for Elrond had him make a promise that he would watch over her once Aragorn had passed on. She was aging, an anomally for elves. Her skin wrinkled slightly, and her hair had began to whiten. She was as beautiful as ever, but no longer in a youthful way. Arwn of the Evenstar had also inherited her Grandmothers foresight, and quiet joy. She had, in general, began to act much like Galadriel.
Legolas needed fresh air. He himself hadn’t aged a day since the fellowship left Emladras. To see another elf aging was a fearful sight to him. He would stay in Gondor for several weeks more, but would not reside there.
He smiled back on old memories. He would go back to Rivendell after he was done in Gondor, go and visit his old friend, Gimli, he thought. But first, he had to travel back to realm of Everdarkness. He would go back to the East. Go back, to Mordor.


A new shadow had arisen; the sparrow felt it. It wasn’t Mordor, no, farther east. Must go look, I must. Flap wings, harder. Beat sky like water under feathers brown.
The avian flew to the eastern shore. It flew over strange sands and foreign grasses. Then it flew over a great gathering of men…and beasts. The men were men of the East: Easterlings and Haradrim. The Haradrim had crude, bone weapons, and ripped, dirty attire. They had no ranks, no formal proceedures. All they had was a spiritual fury to drive them on, and it had proven to be enough. The Easterlings were organized, divided into ranks and lines. Their armor shone golden, and their halberds glistened brightly. Their swords were sharp, and their arrows deadly. They had a unigorm structure, that firmly controlled the great gathering hundreds of thousands strong.
The beasts odd. Strangely familiar. Possible family? Mayhaps eggmates. Still…
A silent bow let lose a shaft that quieted all suspisions the sparrow might have had. Harobarr, the prime leader, had ordered it to be so. His chief archer, Vise, had carried out the order. He had acuratcy great even among elves. His aim was so deadly, that he could have removed a single primary srom the bird without harming a centimeter more. He was Harobarr’s most trusted.
Harobarr was a man of tall, yet thin stature. He wore his helmet, which covered most of his face; yet even so his most poineint feature was his eyes, which were brghtly sharp. His irises were a mixture of brown, blue, and green. They reflected his person: shrewd, sharp, and calculating. The Easterner had earned the rank of supreme commander among the Easterners and Haradrim nomads, because he showed the highest chance of winning a war. He came from a wealthy family in the complicated Easterling caste system, and served as a captain in the Easterling army during a war with a culture called the Aegypts. His cold mind and stratigel genius had brought him a sudden promotion to the rank of general, and he has shown great leadship since. The Easterlings lost their war against the Aegypts, but Harrobar had prevented them form loosing the strenth of the military and many lives of men. The Easterlings had now made allies of the Aegypts, and gathered in a strong multitude ready to take on the forces of the west.
Harobarr had gained possion of a great asset: great beasts that were neither reptile nor bird, but also both. There were two types: megasaurs and dinosaurs. both were enormous but the megasaurs were the larger, and typically [not always] had smaller heads. Most of both orders gathered were carnivores, as they had usually were feircer than the herbivorus species. The megasaurs were huge monstrosities, scaley and sometimes spikey, natural predators of the mumakil and the mammals relatives. They were to be used as living seige eingines, to break the walls and towers down, and to strike fear in the hearts of both soldier and citizen. The dinosaurs were to be used more as fighting creatures [for the megasaurs were almost too great to attack sufficiently]. The large ones could kill and wound vast multitudes easily and efficiently. The smaller therapods [dinosaur carnivores] could kill quickly and quietly, and even slip through enemy lines.
Normally these monsters were hard to tame, but the Haradrim had a way with animals. But as an extra asset, Harrobar had quested for an object of great power. An object that had took three years of his life to find. It was one of the lost seeing stones. However, this one was different. It spoke to beasts, not men. Whomever commanded it, commanded nature. An animal could refuse a command, but most always the creatures would obey the power of its instincts, the power that the stone controlled.
Harrobar gave Vise the signal. It was time to move. Vise called upon the attention of all the troops, and toold them that at last all the armies had amassed. That at last, all the preparations had been made. That at last they would wait idley no more. That at last, they would launch their asault on the West. A loud cheer broke out among the Easterners. Spurned by the noise, an Acrocanthosaurus atokensis range out a roar not far from were the Eastern leader stood. The roar was rang in a high screech, but also at the same time bellowed deeply and shook the earth. Though it could not deafen the monstrous cheering, it could be heard form all in the multitude. Under his cold metal armor, Harrobar smiled.

Far off on a distant shore, the stoones began to tremble. A war was abrewing, one in which the scales had not been met. At last, the ultimate fate of the East and West would be decided….

So, what’d you think? I don’t yet know if I should write more, but if you convince me you’ll read it, I will.

P. S. I am a dinosaur freak, so if you have any questions about my refferences [or just a question in general] please post a question and I will leave an answer as soon as I can. (:


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